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ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1TJKWE15IS-M/SD: WBZ, Order Data for Inbound Processing
2RSADMINC96Customizing Table General BW
3BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
4/OTX/RM_TELIB24Enterprise Library Server Settings
5UMV_TR1259Obsolete:Val.Driver Tree:Assign.Web Reports to Value Drivers
6FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
7/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
8/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
9FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
10CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OVTG52Tax Definition
7OJDT100Journal Entry
8OPCH386A/P Invoice
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3ORCT154Incoming Payment
4OVPM154Outgoing Payments
5OOCR9Loading Factors
6OIVL77Whse Journal
7OPCH268A/P Invoice
8JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
9OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction
1Business One9.3ADTP501Fixed Assets Depreciation Types - HistoryFinance
SQL:  selectupdate insert create

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SELECT Code, Descr, DprMeth, DprTo, Rounding, InclSalv, SalvPerc, PerAcq, PerSubAcq, PerRet, AcqPRTyp, SubPRTyp, RetPRTyp, PerDpRev, ValidFrom, ValidTo, sCalcMeth, sPercent, dBase, dPercent, dFactor, dAltDprTyp, maDecBase, spMeth, spConcPer, spMaxPerc, spAdDpr, spAlDpr, PoolID, DataSource, UserSign, LogInstanc, CreateDate, UserSign2, UpdateDate, DprPer, PerFactor, spMaxAmnt, spMaxFlag, CalcBase, DeprEndLFY, AccuPriorP, DeltaCoeff, MaxDepr, FactorFFY, SnapshotId, PerTranSou, PerTranTar, TranSPRTyp, TranTPRTyp FROM ADTP


ColumnFieldDescriptionSQL TypeLengthDecimalsRelationDefault ValueConstraintsSQL Create Statement
1CodeCodenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
2DescrDescriptionnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
3DprMethDepreciation Methodnvarchar20NOCF=Accelerated, DB=Declining Balance, MD=Manual Depreciation, ML=Multilevel, NO=No Depreciation, SD=Special Depreciation, SL=Straight Line, SP=Straight Line Period Control, WO=Immediate Write-Off Allow NULL? 
4DprToMinimum Depreciated Valuenum196 Allow NULL? 
5RoundingRound Year End Book Valuechar10YN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
6InclSalvInclude Salvage Value in Depr.char10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
7SalvPercPercentage for Salvage Valuenum196 Allow NULL? 
8PerAcqPeriod Control for Acquisitionnvarchar20PR6M=Half Year, FY=Full Year, HY=First Year Convention, PR=Pro Rata Temporis Allow NULL? 
9PerSubAcqPeriod Control Subacquisitionnvarchar20PRFY=Full Year, PR=Pro Rata Temporis, YR=Half Year Convention Allow NULL? 
10PerRetPeriod Control for Retirementnvarchar20PREL=After End of Useful Life, PR=Pro Rata Temporis, YR=Half Year Convention Allow NULL? 
11AcqPRTypType of PRT for Acquisitionnvarchar30EDBEDB=Exact Daily Base, FCP=First Day of Current Period, FNP=First Day of Next Period Allow NULL? 
12SubPRTypType of PR for Subacquisitionnvarchar30EDBEDB=Exact Daily Base, FCP=First Day of Current Period, FNP=First Day of Next Period Allow NULL? 
13RetPRTypType of PR for Retirementnvarchar30EDBEDB=Exact Daily Base, LCP=Last Day of Current Period, LPP=Last Day of Prior Period Allow NULL? 
14PerDpRevDepreciation to Be Reversed %num196 Allow NULL? 
15ValidFromValid Fromdate8019000101 Allow NULL? 
16ValidToValid Todate8020991231 Allow NULL? 
17sCalcMethCalc. Method for Straight Linenvarchar30APCAPC=Acquisition Value/Total Useful Life, NBV=Net Book Value/Remaining Life, PRC=Percentage of Acquisition Value Allow NULL? 
18sPercentPercentage for Straight Linenum196 Allow NULL? 
19dBaseBase for Declining Balancenvarchar30NBVNBV=Net Book Value Allow NULL? 
20dPercentPercentage for Decl. Balancenum196 Allow NULL? 
21dFactorFactor for Declining Balancenum1961 Allow NULL? 
22dAltDprTypAuto. Change Depreciation Typenvarchar150ODTP Allow NULL? 
23maDecBaseReduce Depreciation Basechar10YN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
24spMethCalc. Method for Special Depr.char10DA=Alternative, D=Additional Allow NULL? 
25spConcPerConcession Period in Yearsint110 Allow NULL? 
26spMaxPercMaximum Percentagenum196 Allow NULL? 
27spAdDprNormal Depreciationnvarchar150ODTP Allow NULL? 
28spAlDprAlternative Depreciationnvarchar150ODTP Allow NULL? 
29PoolIDDepreciation Type Pool IDnvarchar20ODPP Allow NULL? 
30DataSourceData Sourcechar10NA=Doc. Generation Wizard, D=Restore Wizard, I=Interface, M=Import, N=Unknown, O=DI API, P=Partner Implementation, T=Year Transfer, U=Update Allow NULL? 
31UserSignUser Signatureint60OUSR Allow NULL? 
32LogInstancLog Instanceint1100 Allow NULL? 
33CreateDateCreate Datedate80
34UserSign2Updating Userint60OUSR Allow NULL? 
35UpdateDateDate of Updatedate80
36DprPerDepreciation Periodschar10SI=Individual, S=Standard, U=Individual Usage Allow NULL? 
37PerFactorPeriod Factornum1961 Allow NULL? 
38spMaxAmntMaximum Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
39spMaxFlagMax. [PercentageAmount]char10PA=Amount, P=Percentage Allow NULL? 
40CalcBaseCalculation Basechar10YM=Monthly, Y=Yearly Allow NULL? 
41DeprEndLFYDepr. End at Last Full Yearchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
42AccuPriorPAccu. Depr. of Prior Periodschar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
43DeltaCoeffDelta Coefficientint1100 Allow NULL? 
44MaxDeprMaximum Depreciable Valuenum196 Allow NULL? 
45FactorFFYFactor Only Relevant to FFYchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
46SnapshotIdSnapshot IDint1100 Allow NULL? 
47PerTranSouPeriod Control Transfer Sourcenvarchar20PRFY=Full Year, PR=Pro Rata Temporis, YR=Half Year Convention Allow NULL? 
48PerTranTarPeriod Control Transfer Targetnvarchar20PREL=After End of Useful Life, PR=Pro Rata Temporis, YR=Half Year Convention Allow NULL? 
49TranSPRTypType of PR for Transfer Sourcenvarchar30EDBEDB=Exact Daily Base, LCP=Last Day of Current Period, LPP=Last Day of Prior Period Allow NULL? 
50TranTPRTypType of PR for Transfer Targetnvarchar30EDBEDB=Exact Daily Base, FCP=First Day of Current Period, FNP=First Day of Next Period Allow NULL? 


PRIMARYNoYesCode, LogInstanc