SAP Tables - SAP Business One/ERP Table Definition reference

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icon of database logic symbol SAP  TABLESv1Made in Britain - the webs number one JD Edwards Table Definition reference

ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1TJKWE15IS-M/SD: WBZ, Order Data for Inbound Processing
2RSADMINC96Customizing Table General BW
3BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
4/OTX/RM_TELIB24Enterprise Library Server Settings
5UMV_TR1259Obsolete:Val.Driver Tree:Assign.Web Reports to Value Drivers
6FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
7/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
8/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
9FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
10CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7OVTG52Tax Definition
8OPCH386A/P Invoice
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3ORCT154Incoming Payment
4OVPM154Outgoing Payments
5OIVL77Whse Journal
6OOCR9Loading Factors
7JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
8OPCH268A/P Invoice
9OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction
Inventory and Production
1Business One9.3WTR12878Inventory Transfer - RowsInventory and Production
SQL:  selectupdate insert create

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SELECT DocEntry, LineNum, TargetType, TrgetEntry, BaseRef, BaseType, BaseEntry, BaseLine, LineStatus, ItemCode, Dscription, Quantity, ShipDate, OpenQty, Price, Currency, Rate, DiscPrcnt, LineTotal, TotalFrgn, OpenSum, OpenSumFC, VendorNum, SerialNum, WhsCode, SlpCode, Commission, TreeType, AcctCode, TaxStatus, GrossBuyPr, PriceBefDi, DocDate, Flags, OpenCreQty, UseBaseUn, SubCatNum, BaseCard, TotalSumSy, OpenSumSys, InvntSttus, OcrCode, Project, CodeBars, VatPrcnt, VatGroup, PriceAfVAT, Height1, Hght1Unit, Height2, Hght2Unit, Width1, Wdth1Unit, Width2, Wdth2Unit, Length1, Len1Unit, length2, Len2Unit, Volume, VolUnit, Weight1, Wght1Unit, Weight2, Wght2Unit, Factor1, Factor2, Factor3, Factor4, PackQty, UpdInvntry, BaseDocNum, BaseAtCard, SWW, VatSum, VatSumFrgn, VatSumSy, FinncPriod, ObjType, LogInstanc, BlockNum, ImportLog, DedVatSum, DedVatSumF, DedVatSumS, IsAqcuistn, DistribSum, DstrbSumFC, DstrbSumSC, GrssProfit, GrssProfSC, GrssProfFC, VisOrder, INMPrice, PoTrgNum, PoTrgEntry, DropShip, PoLineNum, Address, TaxCode, TaxType, OrigItem, BackOrdr, FreeTxt, PickStatus, PickOty, PickIdNo, TrnsCode, VatAppld, VatAppldFC, VatAppldSC, BaseQty, BaseOpnQty, VatDscntPr, WtLiable, DeferrTax, EquVatPer, EquVatSum, EquVatSumF, EquVatSumS, LineVat, LineVatlF, LineVatS, unitMsr, NumPerMsr, CEECFlag, ToStock, ToDiff, ExciseAmt, TaxPerUnit, TotInclTax, CountryOrg, StckDstSum, ReleasQtty, LineType, TranType, Text, OwnerCode, StockPrice, ConsumeFCT, LstByDsSum, StckINMPr, LstBINMPr, StckDstFc, StckDstSc, LstByDsFc, LstByDsSc, StockSum, StockSumFc, StockSumSc, StckSumApp, StckAppFc, StckAppSc, ShipToCode, ShipToDesc, StckAppD, StckAppDFC, StckAppDSC, BasePrice, GTotal, GTotalFC, GTotalSC, DistribExp, DescOW, DetailsOW, GrossBase, VatWoDpm, VatWoDpmFc, VatWoDpmSc, CFOPCode, CSTCode, Usage, TaxOnly, WtCalced, QtyToShip, DelivrdQty, OrderedQty, CogsOcrCod, CiOppLineN, CogsAcct, ChgAsmBoMW, ActDelDate, OcrCode2, OcrCode3, OcrCode4, OcrCode5, TaxDistSum, TaxDistSFC, TaxDistSSC, PostTax, Excisable, AssblValue, RG23APart1, RG23APart2, RG23CPart1, RG23CPart2, CogsOcrCo2, CogsOcrCo3, CogsOcrCo4, CogsOcrCo5, LnExcised, LocCode, StockValue, GPTtlBasPr, unitMsr2, NumPerMsr2, SpecPrice, CSTfIPI, CSTfPIS, CSTfCOFINS, ExLineNo, isSrvCall, PQTReqQty, PQTReqDate, PcDocType, PcQuantity, LinManClsd, VatGrpSrc, NoInvtryMv, ActBaseEnt, ActBaseLn, ActBaseNum, OpenRtnQty, AgrNo, AgrLnNum, CredOrigin, Surpluses, DefBreak, Shortages, UomEntry, UomEntry2, UomCode, UomCode2, FromWhsCod, NeedQty, PartRetire, RetireQty, RetireAPC, RetirAPCFC, RetirAPCSC, InvQty, OpenInvQty, EnSetCost, RetCost, Incoterms, TransMod, LineVendor, DistribIS, ISDistrb, ISDistrbFC, ISDistrbSC, IsByPrdct, ItemType, PriceEdit, PrntLnNum, LinePoPrss, FreeChrgBP, TaxRelev, LegalText, ThirdParty, LicTradNum, InvQtyOnly, UnencReasn, ShipFromCo, ShipFromDe, FisrtBin, AllocBinC, ExpType, ExpUUID, ExpOpType, DIOTNat, MYFtype, GPBefDisc, ReturnRsn, ReturnAct, StgSeqNum, StgEntry, StgDesc, ItmTaxType, SacEntry, NCMCode, HsnEntry, OriBAbsEnt, OriBLinNum, OriBDocTyp, IsPrscGood, IsCstmAct FROM WTR1


ColumnFieldDescriptionSQL TypeLengthDecimalsRelationDefault ValueConstraintsSQL Create Statement
1DocEntryDocument Internal IDint110OWTR Allow NULL? 
2LineNumRow Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
3TargetTypeTarget Document Typeint110-1-1, 0, 18=A/P Invoice, 204=A/P Down Payment, 20=Goods Receipt Allow NULL? 
4TrgetEntryTarget Document Internal IDint110 Allow NULL? 
5BaseRefBase Document Referencenvarchar160 Allow NULL? 
6BaseTypeBase Document Typeint110-1-1, 0, 1250000001=Inventory Transfer Request, 20=Purchase Delivery Notes, 59=Inventory General Entry, 67=Warehouses Transfers Allow NULL? 
7BaseEntryBase Document Internal IDint110 Allow NULL? 
8BaseLineBase Rowint110 Allow NULL? 
9LineStatusRow Statuschar10OC=Closed, O=Open Allow NULL? 
10ItemCodeItem Codenvarchar500OITM Allow NULL? 
11DscriptionItem/Service Descriptionnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
12QuantityQuantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
13ShipDateRow Delivery Datedate80
14OpenQtyRemaining Open Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
15PricePricenum196 Allow NULL? 
16CurrencyPrice Currencynvarchar30OCRN Allow NULL? 
17RateCurrency Ratenum196 Allow NULL? 
18DiscPrcntDiscount % per Rownum196 Allow NULL? 
19LineTotalRow Totalnum196 Allow NULL? 
20TotalFrgnRow Total in FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
21OpenSumOpen Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
22OpenSumFCOpen Amount in FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
23VendorNumVendor Catalog No.nvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
24SerialNumSerial Numbernvarchar170 Allow NULL? 
25WhsCodeWarehouse Codenvarchar80OWHS Allow NULL? 
26SlpCodeSales Employee Codeint110OSLP-1 Allow NULL? 
27CommissionCommission Percentagenum196 Allow NULL? 
28TreeTypeTree Typechar10NA=Assembly, I=Sales BOM Component, N=Not a BOM, P=Production, S=Sales, T=Template Allow NULL? 
29AcctCodeAccount Codenvarchar150OACT Allow NULL? 
30TaxStatusTax Definitionchar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
31GrossBuyPrBase Price for Gross Profitnum196 Allow NULL? 
32PriceBefDiPrice Before Discountnum196 Allow NULL? 
33DocDatePosting Datedate80
34FlagsFlagsint1100 Allow NULL? 
35OpenCreQtyCredit Memo Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
36UseBaseUnInventory UoMchar10YN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
37SubCatNumCustomer/Vendor Cat. No.nvarchar500OSCN Allow NULL? 
38BaseCardBase Card Codenvarchar150OCRD Allow NULL? 
39TotalSumSyRow Total in FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
40OpenSumSysOpen Amount in System Currencynum196 Allow NULL? 
41InvntSttusWhse Statuschar10OC=Closed, O=Open Allow NULL? 
42OcrCodeCosting Codenvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
43ProjectProject Codenvarchar200OPRJ Allow NULL? 
44CodeBarsBar Codenvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
45VatPrcntTax Percentage per Rownum196 Allow NULL? 
46VatGroupTax Definitionnvarchar80OVTG Allow NULL? 
47PriceAfVATGross Price after Discountnum196 Allow NULL? 
48Height1Height 1num196 Allow NULL? 
49Hght1UnitUnit of Height 1int60 Allow NULL? 
50Height2Height 2num196 Allow NULL? 
51Hght2UnitUnit of Height 2int60 Allow NULL? 
52Width1Width 1num196 Allow NULL? 
53Wdth1UnitUnit of Width 1int60 Allow NULL? 
54Width2Width 2num196 Allow NULL? 
55Wdth2UnitUnit of Width 2int60 Allow NULL? 
56Length1Length 1num196 Allow NULL? 
57Len1UnitUnit of Length 1int60 Allow NULL? 
58length2Length 2num196 Allow NULL? 
59Len2UnitUnit of Length 2int60 Allow NULL? 
60VolumeQuantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
61VolUnitUnit of Measureint60 Allow NULL? 
62Weight1Weight 1num196 Allow NULL? 
63Wght1UnitUnit of Weight 1int60 Allow NULL? 
64Weight2Weight 2num196 Allow NULL? 
65Wght2UnitUnit of Weight 2int60 Allow NULL? 
66Factor1Factor 1num196 Allow NULL? 
67Factor2Factor 2num196 Allow NULL? 
68Factor3Factor 3num196 Allow NULL? 
69Factor4Factor 4num196 Allow NULL? 
70PackQtyPacking Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
71UpdInvntryWhse Updatechar10YN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
72BaseDocNumBase Document No.int110 Allow NULL? 
73BaseAtCardCustomer/Vendor Base Documentnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
74SWWSWWnvarchar160 Allow NULL? 
75VatSumTax Totalnum196 Allow NULL? 
76VatSumFrgnTax Sum (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
77VatSumSyTax Sum (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
78FinncPriodPosting Periodint110OFPR Allow NULL? 
79ObjTypeObject Typenvarchar200ADP167 Allow NULL? 
80LogInstancLog Instanceint1100 Allow NULL? 
81BlockNumBlock Numbernvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
82ImportLogImport Lognvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
83DedVatSumDeductible Tax Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
84DedVatSumFDeductible Tax Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
85DedVatSumSDeductible Tax Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
86IsAqcuistnAcquisition Taxchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
87DistribSumDistributed Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
88DstrbSumFCDistributed Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
89DstrbSumSCDistributed Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
90GrssProfitRow Gross Profitnum196 Allow NULL? 
91GrssProfSCRow Gross Profit (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
92GrssProfFCRow Gross Profit (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
93VisOrderVisual Orderint110 Allow NULL? 
94INMPriceItem's Last Sales Price (OINM)num196 Allow NULL? 
95PoTrgNumPO Target No.int110 Allow NULL? 
96PoTrgEntryPO Target Entrynvarchar110 Allow NULL? 
97DropShipDrop-Shipchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
98PoLineNumPO Target Row No.int110 Allow NULL? 
99AddressAddressnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
100TaxCodeTax Codenvarchar80OSTC Allow NULL? 
101TaxTypeTax Typechar10N=No Tax, U=Use Tax, Y=Regular Tax Allow NULL? 
102OrigItemOriginal Itemnvarchar500OITM Allow NULL? 
103BackOrdrAllow Back Orderchar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
104FreeTxtFree Textnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
105PickStatusPick Statuschar10NN=Not Picked, P=Partially Picked, R=Released for Picking, Y=Picked Allow NULL? 
106PickOtyPick Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
107PickIdNoPick List ID Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
108TrnsCodeShipping Methodint60OSHP-1 Allow NULL? 
109VatAppldVAT Appliednum196 Allow NULL? 
110VatAppldFCVAT Applied FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
111VatAppldSCVAT Applied SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
112BaseQtyBase Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
113BaseOpnQtyBase Open Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
114VatDscntPrVAT Discount Percentnum196 Allow NULL? 
115WtLiableWT Liablechar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
116DeferrTaxDeferredTaxchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
117EquVatPerEqualization Tax Percentagenum196 Allow NULL? 
118EquVatSumEqualization Tax Totalnum196 Allow NULL? 
119EquVatSumFEqualization Tax Total FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
120EquVatSumSEqualization Tax Total SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
121LineVatNet Tax Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
122LineVatlFNet Tax Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
123LineVatSNet Tax Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
124unitMsrUnitnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
125NumPerMsrUoM Valuenum196 Allow NULL? 
126CEECFlagCorrection Invoice Item W/Schar10SS=Should be, W=Was Allow NULL? 
127ToStockCorr Inv. Amount to Stocknum196 Allow NULL? 
128ToDiffCorr Inv. Amount to Diff. Acctnum196 Allow NULL? 
129ExciseAmtExcise Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
130TaxPerUnitTax per Unitnum196 Allow NULL? 
131TotInclTaxTotal (incl. Tax)num196 Allow NULL? 
132CountryOrgCountry of Originnvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
133StckDstSumStock Distribute Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
134ReleasQttyReleased Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
135LineTypeLine Typechar10RR=Regular Allow NULL? 
136TranTypeTransaction Typechar10C=Complete, R=Reject Allow NULL? 
138OwnerCodeDocument Ownerint110 Allow NULL? 
139StockPriceStock Pricenum196 Allow NULL? 
140ConsumeFCTConsumer Sales Forecastchar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
141LstByDsSumLast Buy Distribute Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
142StckINMPrStock Inm Pricenum196 Allow NULL? 
143LstBINMPrLast Buy Inm Pricenum196 Allow NULL? 
144StckDstFcStock Distribute Sum Foreignnum196 Allow NULL? 
145StckDstScStock Distribute Sum Systemnum196 Allow NULL? 
146LstByDsFcLast Buy Distribute Sum FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
147LstByDsScLast Buy Distribute Sum SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
148StockSumStock Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
149StockSumFcStock Sum FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
150StockSumScStock Sum SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
151StckSumAppStock Sum Appliednum196 Allow NULL? 
152StckAppFcStock Sum Applied FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
153StckAppScStock Sum Applied SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
154ShipToCodeShip-to Codenvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
155ShipToDescShip-to Descriptionnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
156StckAppDStock Distribution Applied Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
157StckAppDFCStock Distrib. Applied Sum FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
158StckAppDSCStock Distrib. Applied Sum SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
159BasePricePrice for Total Calculationchar10EE=Exclude Tax, I=Include Tax Allow NULL? 
160GTotalGross Totalnum196 Allow NULL? 
161GTotalFCGross Total FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
162GTotalSCGross Total SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
163DistribExpDistribute Expensechar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
164DescOWDESC_OVERWRITTENchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
165DetailsOWDETAILS_OVERWRITTENchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
166GrossBaseBase Method for Gross Profitint60 Allow NULL? 
167VatWoDpmTax Before DPM Appliednum196 Allow NULL? 
168VatWoDpmFcTax Before DPM Applied FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
169VatWoDpmScTax Before DPM Applied SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
170CFOPCodeCFOP Code for Documentnvarchar60OCFP Allow NULL? 
171CSTCodeCST Code for ICMSnvarchar60 Allow NULL? 
172UsageUsage Code for Documentint110OUSG Allow NULL? 
173TaxOnlyTax Onlychar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
174WtCalcedWTax Calculatedchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
175QtyToShipQuantity to Shipnum196 Allow NULL? 
176DelivrdQtyDelivered Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
177OrderedQtyOrdered Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
178CogsOcrCodCOGS Distribution Rule Codenvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
179CiOppLineNLine Number of Opposite Lineint110-1 Allow NULL? 
180CogsAcctCOGS Account Codenvarchar150OACT Allow NULL? 
181ChgAsmBoMWChange Whs for Asm BoM Childchar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
182ActDelDateActual Delivery Datedate80
183OcrCode2Costing Code 2nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
184OcrCode3Costing Code 3nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
185OcrCode4Costing Code 4nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
186OcrCode5Costing Code 5nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
187TaxDistSumTax Distributed Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
188TaxDistSFCTax Distributed Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
189TaxDistSSCTax Distributed Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
190PostTaxPost Tax in Price to Stockchar10YN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
191ExcisableExcisable [Yes/No]char10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
192AssblValueAssessable Valuenum196 Allow NULL? 
193RG23APart1RG23A Part1 Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
194RG23APart2RG23A Part2 Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
195RG23CPart1RG23C Part1 Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
196RG23CPart2RG23C Part2 Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
197CogsOcrCo2COGS Distribution Rule Code2nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
198CogsOcrCo3COGS Distribution Rule Code3nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
199CogsOcrCo4COGS Distribution Rule Code4nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
200CogsOcrCo5COGS Distribution Rule Code5nvarchar80OOCR Allow NULL? 
201LnExcisedLine Excisedchar10C=Closed, O=Open, P=Copied to OEI Allow NULL? 
202LocCodeLocation Codeint110OLCT Allow NULL? 
203StockValueTotal COGS Valuenum196 Allow NULL? 
204GPTtlBasPrTotal Base Price for Profitnum196 Allow NULL? 
205unitMsr2Pur/Sal UoM if BaseUnitnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
206NumPerMsr2Pur/Sal UoM Value if Base Unitnum196 Allow NULL? 
207SpecPricePrice Source Typechar10N!=Blanket Agreement, 0=Period and Volume Discounts, 1=Period and Volume Discounts, Discount Groups, 2=Active Price List, 5=Inactive Price List, 6=Inactive Price List, Discount Groups, 7=Active Price List, Discount Groups, 9=Special Prices for Business Partner, A=Blanket Agreement, N=Manual, P=Period and Volume Discounts, Q=Period and Volum Allow NULL? 
208CSTfIPICST for IPI Codenvarchar20 Allow NULL? 
209CSTfPISCST for PIS Codenvarchar20 Allow NULL? 
210CSTfCOFINSCST for COFINS Codenvarchar20 Allow NULL? 
211ExLineNoExLineNonvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
212isSrvCallCreated from Service Callchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
213PQTReqQtyPur Quotation: Required Qtynum196 Allow NULL? 
214PQTReqDatePur Quotation: Required Datedate80
215PcDocTypePurchase Confirmation Doc Typeint110-1-1=No Type, 22=Purchase Order, 540000006=Purchase Quotation Allow NULL? 
216PcQuantityPurchase Confirmation Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
217LinManClsdLine Was Closed Manuallychar10NN=No, U=Unknown, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
218VatGrpSrcVAT Group Sourcechar10ND=Determined, M=Manually Entered, N=Not Defined Allow NULL? 
219NoInvtryMvWithout Inventory Movementchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
220ActBaseEntActual Base Document Entryint110 Allow NULL? 
221ActBaseLnActual Base Line Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
222ActBaseNumActual Base Document No.int110 Allow NULL? 
223OpenRtnQtyQuantity Open for Returnnum196 Allow NULL? 
224AgrNoAgreement No.int110 Allow NULL? 
225AgrLnNumAgreement Row Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
226CredOriginCredit Originchar10OBSI Allow NULL? 
227SurplusesSurplusesnum196 Allow NULL? 
228DefBreakDefect and Breakupnum196 Allow NULL? 
229ShortagesShortagesnum196 Allow NULL? 
230UomEntryUoM Entryint110OUOM0 Allow NULL? 
231UomEntry2UoM Entry if Base Unitint110OUOM0 Allow NULL? 
232UomCodeUoM Codenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
233UomCode2UoM Code if Base Unitnvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
234FromWhsCodFrom Warehouse Codenvarchar80OWHS Allow NULL? 
235NeedQtyConsider Quantity of Itemschar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
236PartRetirePartial Retirementchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
237RetireQtyRetirement Quantitynum196 Allow NULL? 
238RetireAPCRetirement APCnum196 Allow NULL? 
239RetirAPCFCRetirement APC FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
240RetirAPCSCRetirement APC SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
241InvQtyQuantity - Inventory UoMnum196 Allow NULL? 
242OpenInvQtyOpen Quantity (Inventory UoM)num196 Allow NULL? 
243EnSetCostEnable Set Item Cost in Returnchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
244RetCostReturn Cost in A/R Returnnum196 Allow NULL? 
245IncotermsIncotermsint110ODCI0 Allow NULL? 
246TransModTransport Modeint110ODCI0 Allow NULL? 
247LineVendorLine Vendor Codenvarchar150OCRD Allow NULL? 
248DistribISDistribute Intrastat Freightchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
249ISDistrbIntrastat Distrib. Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
250ISDistrbFCIntrastat Distrib. Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
251ISDistrbSCIntrastat Distrib. Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
252IsByPrdctItem Is By-Productchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
253ItemTypeItem Typeint11044=Item Allow NULL? 
254PriceEditPrice Was Edited by Userchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
255PrntLnNumParent Line Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
256LinePoPrssLine PO Processchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
257FreeChrgBPFree of Charge (BP)char10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
258TaxRelevTax Relevant Rowchar10YN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
259LegalTextLegal Textnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
260ThirdPartyThird Partychar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
261LicTradNumFederal Tax IDnvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
262InvQtyOnlyChange Qty (Inv. UoM) Onlychar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
263UnencReasnReason for Unencumbered ICMSint110 Allow NULL? 
264ShipFromCoShip-From Codenvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
265ShipFromDeShip-From Descriptionnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
266FisrtBinFirst Bin Locationnvarchar2280 Allow NULL? 
267AllocBinCAllocated Bin Location Countnvarchar110 Allow NULL? 
268ExpTypeExpense Typenvarchar40OEXD Allow NULL? 
269ExpUUIDExpense UUIDnvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
270ExpOpTypeExpense Operation Typechar10, O=Others, P=Professional Services, R=Renting Assets Allow NULL? 
271DIOTNatDIOT Nationalitynvarchar30OCRY Allow NULL? 
272MYFtypeMYF typenvarchar20P1=MYF purchase, P3=Other expense, S1=MYF sales, S2=Retail sales Allow NULL? 
273GPBefDiscGross Pricenum196 Allow NULL? 
274ReturnRsnReturn Reasonint60-1 Allow NULL? 
275ReturnActReturn Actionint60-1 Allow NULL? 
276StgSeqNumStage Sequence Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
277StgEntryStage Entryint110ORST Allow NULL? 
278StgDescStage Descriptionnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
279ItmTaxTypeItem GST Tax Categorynvarchar20GE=GST Exempt, GN=GST Nil Rated, GR=GST Regular, NE=Excisable, NN=Non-GST Non-Excisable Allow NULL? 
280SacEntrySAC Entryint110OSAC Allow NULL? 
281NCMCodeNCM Codeint110ONCM-1 Allow NULL? 
282HsnEntryHSN Entryint110 Allow NULL? 
283OriBAbsEntOriginal Base Document Internal IDint110 Allow NULL? 
284OriBLinNumOriginal Base Document Line Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
285OriBDocTypOriginal Base Document Typeint110 Allow NULL? 
286IsPrscGoodIs Prescribed Goodschar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
287IsCstmActApply Customer Accounting Tax Rulechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 


PRIMARYNoYesDocEntry, LineNum
BASE_ENTRYNoNoBaseEntry, BaseType, BaseLine
VIS_ORDERNoNoDocEntry, VisOrder
ITM_WHS_OQNoNoItemCode, WhsCode, OpenQty