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ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1TJKWE15IS-M/SD: WBZ, Order Data for Inbound Processing
2RSADMINC96Customizing Table General BW
3BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
4/OTX/RM_TELIB24Enterprise Library Server Settings
5UMV_TR1259Obsolete:Val.Driver Tree:Assign.Web Reports to Value Drivers
6FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
7/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
8/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
9FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
10CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7OPCH386A/P Invoice
8OVTG52Tax Definition
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2ORCT154Incoming Payment
3OINV268A/R Invoice
4OVPM154Outgoing Payments
5OIVL77Whse Journal
6OOCR9Loading Factors
7OPCH268A/P Invoice
8JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
9OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction

2345 tablesERP 6.0 

Without Description
1ERP EHP76.0BDS_CONN1863BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassesWithout Description
2ERP EHP76.0BDS_CONN2063BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassesWithout Description
3ERP EHP76.0RSALLOWEDCHAR21Additional characters in BW allowed by customersWithout Description
4ERP EHP76.0RSAPPL132Application components directoryWithout Description
5ERP EHP76.0RSAPPLT62Application components textsWithout Description
6ERP EHP76.0RSDDCVERREPHIER21Aggregates that should be refilled after correctionWithout Description
7ERP EHP76.0RSDDCVERTESTS101Checking InfoCubes: Description of the testsWithout Description
8ERP EHP76.0RSFOLDER31Hierarchies: Nodes which cannot be posted toWithout Description
9ERP EHP76.0RSFOLDERT71Name for nodes which cannot be posted toWithout Description
10ERP EHP76.0RSHIENODES171Hierarchy Node(s)Without Description
11ERP EHP76.0RSNODETYP21Node typesWithout Description
12ERP EHP76.0RSNSPACE51Namespace and Namespace Assignments for BW ObjectsWithout Description
13ERP EHP76.0RSNSPACETEMPL51Templates for BW ApplicationsWithout Description
14ERP EHP76.0RSSMSLEEPDEBUG41Control table for rssm_sleep_debugWithout Description
15ERP EHP76.0RSSOURSYSIDT31Text of Source System IDWithout Description
16ERP EHP76.0RSSOURSYSTEM71BW: Souce system IDs tableWithout Description
17ERP EHP76.0RSSTRUC11Enqueue for CL_RS_STRUCWithout Description
18ERP EHP76.0RSTT_ERROR422Error ArchiveWithout Description
19ERP EHP76.0RSTT_ERROR_T51Text Table for ErrorsWithout Description
20ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOCK_TD41Lock Table for Test Data ProcessingWithout Description
21ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOGRUN367Archive for Test RunsWithout Description
22ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOGUNTS91BW ATR - Special Test ParametersWithout Description
23ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TDATA101Test Data ArchiveWithout Description
24ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TDATAB101Block-by-Block Data Packages of the Test Data ArchiveWithout Description
25ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TDATAL172Data Transfer LogsWithout Description
26ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TDMAP115Name Transformations for Test ObjectsWithout Description
27ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TEST292Store of Existing Test SequencesWithout Description
28ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TREQ261Archive for Test RequestsWithout Description
29ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TREQSTA301Status Buffer for Test RequestsWithout Description
30ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TREQ_T61Texts for Test RequestsWithout Description
Without Description :: Expanded Infrastructure
32ERP EHP76.0RSDDG_POOL81Proposed Values for Characteristics for Demo Data GenerationExpanded Infrastructure
33ERP EHP76.0RSDDG_POOL_MAP41Assignment Between Proposal Pool and InfoObjectsExpanded Infrastructure
34ERP EHP76.0RSDDG_P_IDT41Texts for IdentifierExpanded Infrastructure
35ERP EHP76.0RSDDG_P_STYPET41Texts of Characteristic TypesExpanded Infrastructure
36ERP EHP76.0RSDDG_P_TYPET41Texts of Proposal TypesExpanded Infrastructure
Without Description :: Planning
37ERP EHP76.0RSISAPPL11Services: ApplicationPlanning
38ERP EHP76.0RSISAPPLT41Services: Texts for ApplicationPlanning
39ERP EHP76.0RSISCP141Call Package: CatalogPlanning
40ERP EHP76.0RSISCPC31Call Package: DefinitionPlanning
41ERP EHP76.0RSISCPLOC31Local Properties of a Call Package (ISCP Object)Planning
42ERP EHP76.0RSISCPT51Call Package: TextPlanning
43ERP EHP76.0RSISIST41Obsolete: Services: Container for Temporary TypesPlanning
44ERP EHP76.0RSISISV91Services: CatalogPlanning
45ERP EHP76.0RSISISVA31Services: Assignment to ApplicationsPlanning
46ERP EHP76.0RSISISVC_C61Services: Assignment of Classes (Customer)Planning
47ERP EHP76.0RSISISVC_S61Services: Assignment of Classes (SAP)Planning
48ERP EHP76.0RSISISVD31Services: Service DefinitionPlanning
49ERP EHP76.0RSISISVFA41Service Free AttributesPlanning
50ERP EHP76.0RSISISVIT71Services: Texts for Subobjects of the ServicesPlanning
51ERP EHP76.0RSISISVT51Services: Texts for ServicesPlanning
52ERP EHP76.0RSISSRVTYPE11Services: Service TypesPlanning
53ERP EHP76.0RSISSRVTYPET41Services: Texts for Service TypesPlanning
54ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_FDIR11Function Modules in FormulasPlanning
55ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRV121Planning ServicePlanning
56ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRVT41Text Table for Planning ServicePlanning
57ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRVTYPE171Definition of Planning Service TypePlanning
58ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRVTYPET41Text Table for Definition of Planning Service TypePlanning
59ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRVTYPE_D51Dialog InformationPlanning
60ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRVTYPE_P151Parameter Definition for Planning Service TypePlanning
61ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRVTYPE_PT51Text Table for Parameter DefinitionPlanning
62ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRV_COND201Rule Condition in Planning ServicePlanning
63ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRV_CU51Characteristic UsagePlanning
64ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRV_P71Parameter Value (Elementary Type)Planning
65ERP EHP76.0RSPLF_SRV_PS221Parameter Value (Selection Type)Planning
66ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_ADD_SET21Indicators in PPMPlanning
67ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_LOCKT31Text Table for Characteristic 0RSPL_LOCKPlanning
68ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_MAILTT_C51Additional Text Table for RSLPPM_MAILTYPPlanning
69ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_MAILTYP21Status of Master Data Table in Planning Process ManagementPlanning
71ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_MAILT_C21Additional Attribute Table for RSPLPPM_MAILTYPPlanning
72ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_OPTTAB11Master Data Table PPM Selection OptionPlanning
74ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_SET_CUST21Table with Customer-Specific System Settings PPMPlanning
75ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_SET_STD21Table with Standard System Settings PPMPlanning
76ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_SIGNTAB11Master Data Table PPM Selection SignPlanning
78ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_SSE21Master Data Table Status Change EventPlanning
79ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_SSET51Text Table for RSPLPPM_SSEPlanning
80ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_SSET_C51Additional Text Table for RSPLPPM_SSEPlanning
81ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_STATTAB21Status of Master Data Table in Planning Process ManagementPlanning
83ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_STATT_C51Additional Text Table for RSPLPPM_STATTABPlanning
84ERP EHP76.0RSPLPPM_SYSSET21System Settings for PPMPlanning
86ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_ALVL341Planning: Primary Table for Aggregation LevelsPlanning
87ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_ALVLT51Planning: Text Table for Aggregation LevelsPlanning
88ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_ALVL_IOBJ51Planning: Aggregation Levels for InfoObjectsPlanning
89ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_AUDIT51In-Memory Planning - License CheckPlanning
90ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_CHAS_LOCK21Planning: Lock-Relevant Characteristics per InfoProviderPlanning
91ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_CR_HEAD101Characteristic Relationships: Header TablePlanning
92ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_CR_PROP101Characteristic Relationships: SettingsPlanning
93ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_CR_RANGE201Char.Relationship: Range (for example, for DataStore Object)Planning
94ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_CR_ROLE51Characteristic Relationships: Roles of the CharacteristicsPlanning
95ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_CR_STEPS221Relationships Between Characteristics in Basic InfoProviderPlanning
96ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_DS81Data SlicesPlanning
97ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_DST61Text Table: Data SlicesPlanning
98ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_DS_FIELD71Data Slices: InfoObejcts with RestrictionsPlanning
99ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_DS_HEAD101Data Slices: Header TablePlanning
100ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_DS_RANGE201Data Slices: SelectionPlanning
101ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_ENQ_MASTER51Table of Master LocksPlanning
102ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_HDB_ACT21BW-IP: Activation of Deep HANA IntegrationPlanning
103ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_HDB_ACT_IP21BW-IP: Activation of Deep HANA Integration for ProvidersPlanning
104ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_J2EE_URL41Planning: J2EE Installation for the ModelerPlanning
105ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_LOCK_METHS111Active Lock MethodsPlanning
106ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_LOG_REQ31Mapping save ID and InfoCube to corresponding requestPlanning
107ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_PM_LOG71Planning Modeler: LogPlanning
108ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_PM_PARAMS41Planning Modeler: ParametersPlanning
109ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_RECOVERY101BW-IP Blobs for RecoveryPlanning
110ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_REPCAT81Directory of Generated ReportsPlanning
111ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_SEQUENCE111Planning SequencePlanning
112ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_SEQUENCET41Texts for Planning SequencesPlanning
113ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_SEQUENCE_S81Planning StepsPlanning
114ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_SQLOG_HEAD91Parallel Execution: Log Table Header - Sequence ExecutionPlanning
115ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_SQLOG_STEP51Parallel Execution: Log Table - Step OverviewPlanning
116ERP EHP76.0RSPLS_TST_COPY61Test Table for TREX_EXT_PE_COPYPlanning
118ERP EHP76.0RSPLW_IP11Temp. Table - Will Be Deleted LaterPlanning
Without Description :: Without Description
119ERP EHP76.0CCMSBIAVAILDOWNT151Individual Non-Availability SettingsWithout Description
120ERP EHP76.0CCMSBIAVLREPCF201Individual Reporting Settings: SLA LimitsWithout Description
121ERP EHP76.0CCMSBICFGSTEPS51CCMSBI Setup: Configuration StepsWithout Description
122ERP EHP76.0CCMSBICONF111Repository for Configuration DataWithout Description
123ERP EHP76.0CCMSBICONFTYPES51Configuration TypesWithout Description
124ERP EHP76.0CCMSBIPROT71CCMSBISETUP Status and Log TableWithout Description
125ERP EHP76.0CCMSBI_CPH_GUIDS73GUIDs for Long MTE NameWithout Description
126ERP EHP76.0CCMSBI_CPH_REORG71Repository for Data that Is Copied to the CPH Reorg. ODSWithout Description
127ERP EHP76.0CCMSBI_GUIDS_CPH154GUIDs for Long MTE Names (Extended)Without Description
128ERP EHP76.0CCMSCFGDESCR41CCMSBI Setup: Configuration DescriptionsWithout Description
129ERP EHP76.0CCMSSTEPTYPES81Configuration Step TypesWithout Description
130ERP EHP76.0IRTEST_URL21Variable Replacement CRWithout Description
131ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_OBJ171Object: Element, SampleWithout Description
132ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_OBJ_KYB51Details on Attribute/Key Figure BlocksWithout Description
133ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_OBJ_QUE71Query DetailsWithout Description
134ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_OBJ_TXT41Texts for ObjectsWithout Description
135ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_SHT51Sample SheetsWithout Description
136ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_SHT_DET71Sheet DetailsWithout Description
137ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_SHT_TXT51Sheet TextsWithout Description
138ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_TEXTS51Texts for Language-Dependent User GuideWithout Description
139ERP EHP76.0KAP_PSR_USR41User-specific settingsWithout Description
140ERP EHP76.0RSACTION2EVID22Mapping of Action types to Event IDsWithout Description
141ERP EHP76.0RSBAIPROV121Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider DataWithout Description
142ERP EHP76.0RSBALDEPENDT31BW: Text for Fixed InfoObject 0BAL_DEPENDWithout Description
143ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBCONTRELT31Content Release TextsWithout Description
144ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBHIENM11Content Broswer Hierarchy Technical NamesWithout Description
145ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBHIENMT51Content Browser Hierarchy TextsWithout Description
146ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBIPTT41InfoProvider Type TextsWithout Description
147ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBOBJVERT31Object Version TextsWithout Description
148ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBROLEMAP21Content Browser: Role NumbersWithout Description
149ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBVQTT31View/Query Type TextsWithout Description
150ERP EHP76.0RSBCTCBWTTT31Workbook/Template Type TextsWithout Description
151ERP EHP76.0RSCRMOLDBDSKEY41Query View: Links Old BDS Key with New View IDWithout Description
152ERP EHP76.0RSCR_PUBLISH21Parameter for Publishing on Crystal EnterpriseWithout Description
153ERP EHP76.0RSCR_TEXTS111CR: Table of Report TextsWithout Description
154ERP EHP76.0RSCR_URLS41CR: Table of URLs / LanguagesWithout Description
155ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTAT522Statistics data BW for aggregate selection and accountingWithout Description
156ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_IS11DB: InfoSourceWithout Description
157ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_KEYS31DB: Key FiguresWithout Description
158ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_KYFS81DB: Key FiguresWithout Description
159ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_KYFT51DB: Key Figure TextsWithout Description
160ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_MODELS81DB: ModelsWithout Description
161ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_MODELT41DB: Model TextsWithout Description
162ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_PARAM91DB: Runtime ParametersWithout Description
163ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_PSCORE131DB: Partial ScoresWithout Description
164ERP EHP76.0RSDMA_DBT_WEIGHT41DB: WeightsWithout Description
165ERP EHP76.0RSDMDACTIVATE31Activate Master DataWithout Description
166ERP EHP76.0RSDMESCGENERATED41Generated Objects for Scoring ModelsWithout Description
167ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_AGGR_IND41Aggregated Data: IndexesWithout Description
168ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_AGGR_VAL51Aggregated Data: Values for IndexesWithout Description
169ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_NET_AXIS41Score Grid: Axis ValuesWithout Description
170ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_NET_DIMS41Score Grid: Indexes for NodesWithout Description
171ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_NET_SCOR31Score Grid: Scores for Node IndexesWithout Description
172ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_WST_SCOR41Weighted Score Tables: Scores in the Individual DimensionsWithout Description
173ERP EHP76.0RSDMSC_MOD_PRED41Generated Tables for ModelsWithout Description
174ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_ASSRULES71Association discovery rules tableWithout Description
175ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_CONDS_VAR91Filter conditions for association rulesWithout Description
176ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_DEPN_DET31Depending items detail tableWithout Description
177ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_DPITM_VAR21Depending items in filter condition (variant )Without Description
178ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_ENUM_INFO32LIS table InformationWithout Description
179ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_LDITM_VAR21Leading items in filter condition (variant )Without Description
180ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_LEAD_DET31Leading items detail tableWithout Description
181ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_LIS41Large Itemsets tableWithout Description
182ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_LIST_INFO31Large Itemests informationWithout Description
183ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_LIS_DET31LIS detail tableWithout Description
184ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_TG_MAP21Item mapping tableWithout Description
185ERP EHP76.0RSDMTU_AWB_MON111Monitoring AWBWithout Description
186ERP EHP76.0RSDMTU_CUSMON31User-Specific Tree Display MonitorWithout Description
187ERP EHP76.0RSDUCONVOBJ51Lock Entries for RepartitioningWithout Description
188ERP EHP76.0RSDVENQUEUE11Table for Lock Management of RSDVWithout Description
189ERP EHP76.0RSENQMDCHAVL41Lock table for master data uploadWithout Description
190ERP EHP76.0RSENQMDREQU51Lock table for master data uploadWithout Description
191ERP EHP76.0RSENQSM21PROT201Log Table for Enqueue TracesWithout Description
192ERP EHP76.0RSENQSTACK91Log Table for Caller Stack for Enqueue TraceWithout Description
193ERP EHP76.0RSENQ_PROT71Header-table log for lock managerWithout Description
194ERP EHP76.0RSENQ_PROT_DATA91Table log for lock manager (info table)Without Description
195ERP EHP76.0RSENQ_PROT_ENQ51Lock-table for generic lock moduleWithout Description
196ERP EHP76.0RSINPCONFIG51Data Entry Configuration StoreWithout Description
197ERP EHP76.0RSKS111Communication structureWithout Description
198ERP EHP76.0RSKSFIELD152Fields of the communication structureWithout Description
199ERP EHP76.0RSMASD11Lock Table for Master Data DeletionWithout Description
200ERP EHP76.0RSMDATASTATE221Status of the data in the InfocubesWithout Description
201ERP EHP76.0RSQACCMODE21ACC ModeWithout Description
202ERP EHP76.0RSQDIM51Dimensions in the InfoSetWithout Description
203ERP EHP76.0RSQDIMT81Texts for Dimensions in the InfoSetWithout Description
204ERP EHP76.0RSQFOBJT62Texts for Field Objects in the InfoSetWithout Description
205ERP EHP76.0RSQIMPACT131Log for Impact-AnalysisWithout Description
206ERP EHP76.0RSQISETLOC31Local Properties InfoSetsWithout Description
207ERP EHP76.0RSQISETX101Directory of all InfoSets (Technical Enhancements)Without Description
208ERP EHP76.0RSQONCOND31ON Condition in InfoSetWithout Description
209ERP EHP76.0RSQRDB51SAP Query: Runtime Objects for Query ReportsWithout Description
210ERP EHP76.0RSQTOBJT62Texts for Table Objects in the InfoSetWithout Description
211ERP EHP76.0RSQWCOND31Standard WHERE Conditions in the InfoSetWithout Description
212ERP EHP76.0RSRBATR171Attribute table for print settingsWithout Description
213ERP EHP76.0RSRBATRT71Attribute table for print settingsWithout Description
214ERP EHP76.0RSRBDIM281Dimension table including the print settingsWithout Description
215ERP EHP76.0RSRBDIMT61Dimension table including the print settingsWithout Description
216ERP EHP76.0RSRBMEM161Attribute table for print settingsWithout Description
217ERP EHP76.0RSRBMEMT71Attribute table for print settingsWithout Description
218ERP EHP76.0RSRBPRINTPROP291Global print settings for printingWithout Description
219ERP EHP76.0RSRBPRINTPROPT41Global print settings for printing (texts)Without Description
220ERP EHP76.0RSROLEHIENM11List of available role hierarchiesWithout Description
221ERP EHP76.0RSROLEHIENMT51Texts for available role hierarchiesWithout Description
222ERP EHP76.0RSROLEHIERARCHY71Role hierarchyWithout Description
223ERP EHP76.0RSROLENODES21Nodes for role hierarchyWithout Description
224ERP EHP76.0RSROLENODEST61node texts for role hierarchyWithout Description
225ERP EHP76.0RSRPRVARGROUP352Variant groups for batch printingWithout Description
226ERP EHP76.0RSRPRVARGROUPT41Text for the variant group (batch printing)Without Description
227ERP EHP76.0RSRPRVARGR_VAR31Assignment of variant group to variants for start in batchWithout Description
228ERP EHP76.0RSRPRVARIANTS92Variants to variant groups (batch printing)Without Description
229ERP EHP76.0RSRVAPPLLOGIX71Cluster Table for Detail Data from RSRV Application LogWithout Description
230ERP EHP76.0RSRVCHECKLOG51Cross Table Check name/Log handleWithout Description
231ERP EHP76.0RSRVPACKAGE101Directory of Contents of Test Packages of Test/Repair ToolWithout Description
232ERP EHP76.0RSRVPACKAGEMEM91Components of a Test Package of Check and Repair ToolWithout Description
233ERP EHP76.0RSRVPACKAGE_TEXT41Text Table for RSRVPACKAGEWithout Description
234ERP EHP76.0RSRVPARAMETERSET61Parameter of Elementary Tests in Transaction RSRVWithout Description
235ERP EHP76.0RSRVSETTING41Settings for Analysis and Repair ToolsWithout Description
236ERP EHP76.0RSRVTESTHIER81Hierarchical Storage for Tests of RSRVWithout Description
237ERP EHP76.0RSRVTESTHIERT41Text Table for RSRVTESTWithout Description
238ERP EHP76.0RSSBAUTHTRACE151Authorization Trace BW ReportingWithout Description
239ERP EHP76.0RSSBAUTHTRUSER11Authorization Check BW: Trace Active for UserWithout Description
240ERP EHP76.0RSSUBSTEP2EVID32Mapping of DTP Command, Sub-step to Event IDsWithout Description
241ERP EHP76.0RSTCDATACONFIG21report data availability definition/configurationWithout Description
242ERP EHP76.0RSTCIMPDIR31Database table for storing importancesWithout Description
243ERP EHP76.0RSTCMASTERLOAD51Master data: Time of Last LoadWithout Description
244ERP EHP76.0RSTCTEXTRACT21Customizing table for Step CategoryWithout Description
245ERP EHP76.0RSTC_CALL_BIAC61URL to call the BI Adminstration CockpitWithout Description
246ERP EHP76.0RSTTIX81BW: Cluster table info. systemWithout Description
247ERP EHP76.0RSTT_CALLSTACK171Trace Tool: Call Stack Table of TraceWithout Description
248ERP EHP76.0RSTT_CATTTRACE191Trace Tool: CATT Trace Specific PropertiesWithout Description
249ERP EHP76.0RSTT_CHECKSEL91Trace Tool: Check Select TableWithout Description
250ERP EHP76.0RSTT_CHECKSTACK151Trace Tool: Table of Checkable Program ObjectsWithout Description
251ERP EHP76.0RSTT_CMNT91Comment ArchiveWithout Description
252ERP EHP76.0RSTT_DLTA61Delta Entry of Released Report DataWithout Description
253ERP EHP76.0RSTT_DLTAE71Delta Entry of Released Report Data ElementsWithout Description
254ERP EHP76.0RSTT_ERR152Attributes for Defects Found with BI ATRWithout Description
255ERP EHP76.0RSTT_ERRSTAT51Error StatusWithout Description
256ERP EHP76.0RSTT_FREE_INDIZE21RSTT: Table for Indexes That Are Now FreeWithout Description
257ERP EHP76.0RSTT_FUNCOV31Functional Cover of Test UnitsWithout Description
258ERP EHP76.0RSTT_FUNCSEL31Trace Tool: Selection of Functionality to Be TestedWithout Description
259ERP EHP76.0RSTT_INST71Store for Special Traceable Object InstancesWithout Description
260ERP EHP76.0RSTT_INSTK61Instance IdentityWithout Description
261ERP EHP76.0RSTT_INSTP71Instance Parameter of the Recorded CallsWithout Description
262ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOCK_ID31Table for Locking Trace Objects Using IDWithout Description
263ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOCK_TBEX41Lock Table for Parallel Execution of BW_BEX - TracesWithout Description
264ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOCK_TBEX261Lock Table: Active Trace incl. Your Test ObjectsWithout Description
265ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOCK_TRACE21RSTT: Table for Locking Traces, Packages and JobsWithout Description
266ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOGDLTA42Extraction Logs of Test ResultsWithout Description
267ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOGSEQ151Archive for Results of Test SequencesWithout Description
268ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOGTEMP61Temporary Store for Test ResultsWithout Description
269ERP EHP76.0RSTT_LOGUNIT173Archive for Results of Test UnitsWithout Description
270ERP EHP76.0RSTT_MSGARC91Message ArchiveWithout Description
271ERP EHP76.0RSTT_OBJHIST61Trace Tool: History for Trace ObjectsWithout Description
272ERP EHP76.0RSTT_OBJRESP81Responsibility for Test ObjectsWithout Description
273ERP EHP76.0RSTT_OBJTEXT61Trace Tool:General Text Table for Standard Object AttributesWithout Description
274ERP EHP76.0RSTT_OBJTMP31Temporary Trace Object StorageWithout Description
275ERP EHP76.0RSTT_OLAPTRACE71Header Information for OLAP TraceWithout Description
276ERP EHP76.0RSTT_PARAM21Store for Global ParametersWithout Description
277ERP EHP76.0RSTT_REFDATA51Trace Tool: Table of Reference Data for CATT TraceWithout Description
278ERP EHP76.0RSTT_REFVAR41Trace Tool: Variant Table of Reference DataWithout Description
279ERP EHP76.0RSTT_REP71Table of Existing BI Reports for RSTT ReportingWithout Description
280ERP EHP76.0RSTT_REP_T41Table of Existing BI Reports for RSTT ReportingWithout Description
281ERP EHP76.0RSTT_RESULT161Test Results from the CATT Trace ChecksWithout Description
282ERP EHP76.0RSTT_SEQDESCR51Trace Tool: Description of Trace SequenceWithout Description
283ERP EHP76.0RSTT_SRCH51Search Table for Attributes of RSTT ObjectsWithout Description
284ERP EHP76.0RSTT_SY_TEXTS101Trace Tool:Mapping Table for Text-Relevant Object AttributesWithout Description
285ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TJOB212Trace Tool: Trace Job/Test Job TableWithout Description
286ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TJOB_T41Trace-Tool: Text for Trace JobsWithout Description
287ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TOBJ41Test Objects of TracesWithout Description
288ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TOBJREP81Test Object ReplacementsWithout Description
289ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TPACKAGE162Trace Tool: Basis Info About Trace PackagesWithout Description
290ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TPACKAGE_T41Trace Tool: Texts for Trace PackagesWithout Description
291ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TPAT113Store for Test Result PatternsWithout Description
292ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TPATV61Versions of Test Result PatternsWithout Description
293ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TRACE193Trace Tool: Table Trace AttributeWithout Description
294ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TRACE_T41Trace Tool: Table Trace DescriptionsWithout Description
295ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TRANS82Header Data of Object TransformationsWithout Description
296ERP EHP76.0RSTT_TXT53Texts for Test-Related ObjectsWithout Description
297ERP EHP76.0RSTT_USER81Trace Tool: Table for User Activation SettingsWithout Description
298ERP EHP76.0RSTT_USERAREA61Trace Tool: Test Area Assignment to User in Trace ToolWithout Description
299ERP EHP76.0RSTT_VARIANT91Trace Tool: Variants TableWithout Description
300ERP EHP76.0RSTT_VARIANT271Trace Tool: Variants TableWithout Description
301ERP EHP76.0RSTT_VARIANT_T71Trace Tool: Variants Text TableWithout Description
302ERP EHP76.0RSTT_VARIANT_T251Trace Tool: Variants Text TableWithout Description
Without Description :: Expanded Infrastructure :: Analysis Process Designer
303ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_CID41Factory - Class IDsAnalysis Process Designer
304ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_CIDA31Factory - Class IDs - Attributes to Be SerializedAnalysis Process Designer
305ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_CIDN41Factory - Class IDs - Node AttributeAnalysis Process Designer
306ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_CIDT31Factory - Repository for Class IDs - TextsAnalysis Process Designer
307ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_TOOG21Factory - Toolbar GroupsAnalysis Process Designer
308ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_TOOGT41Factory - Toolbar Groups - TextsAnalysis Process Designer
309ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_TOOL71Factory - Toolbar ToolsAnalysis Process Designer
310ERP EHP76.0RSANT_FCT_TOOLT41Factory - Toolbar Tools - TextsAnalysis Process Designer
311ERP EHP76.0RSANT_MDL_AGGR21Aggregation Behavior for Analysis ProcessAnalysis Process Designer
312ERP EHP76.0RSANT_MDL_HIAGGR21Aggregation Behavior for Analysis ProcessAnalysis Process Designer
313ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PROCESS131Repository for Process DefinitionsAnalysis Process Designer
314ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PROCESSI52Analysis Process TLOGO Index (Associated TLOGO Objects)Analysis Process Designer
315ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PROCESSR134Analysis RunAnalysis Process Designer
316ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PROCESSRP41Analysis Run - Output ParametersAnalysis Process Designer
317ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PROCESST51Text Table for Process DefinitionAnalysis Process Designer
318ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PROCESS_ID51Text Elements for Analysis ProcessAnalysis Process Designer
319ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PRP_PROVF41APD Provider Runtime - InfoProvider FieldsAnalysis Process Designer
320ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PRP_TREX31APD Provider Runtime - TREX Object TimestampAnalysis Process Designer
321ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PRP_TREXC91APD Provider Runtime - TREX Component DescriptionsAnalysis Process Designer
322ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PRP_TREXF91APD Provider Runtime - TREX Static FiltersAnalysis Process Designer
323ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PRR_MONU31User Settings for Analysis Run MonitorAnalysis Process Designer
324ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PR_APPL61Application Hierarchy for Processes in Table RSANT_PROCESSAnalysis Process Designer
325ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PR_APPLC91Application Folders (User-Defined)Analysis Process Designer
326ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PR_APPLCT31Texts in Application Components (User-Defined)Analysis Process Designer
327ERP EHP76.0RSANT_PR_APPLT31Text Table for Table RSANT_APPLHIERAnalysis Process Designer
328ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLT101Management Table for Interim ResultsAnalysis Process Designer
329ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLTD22Interim Results - Reference to Database TableAnalysis Process Designer
330ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLTDF51Interim Results - DB Table Field InfoAnalysis Process Designer
331ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLTF33Interim Results - Reference to FileAnalysis Process Designer
332ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLTR72Management Table for Interim Results - User (Ref.)Analysis Process Designer
333ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLTT22Interim Results - Reference to TREX IndexAnalysis Process Designer
334ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLTTF61Interim Results - TREX Index Field InfoAnalysis Process Designer
335ERP EHP76.0RSANT_UT_RSLTX21Interim Results - XML DataAnalysis Process Designer
336ERP EHP76.0RSANT_WB_TYPE11Application Types for Analysis Process ModelingAnalysis Process Designer
337ERP EHP76.0RSANT_WB_TYPEC31Application Types for Analysis Process ModelingAnalysis Process Designer
338ERP EHP76.0RSAN_VI_T_CTYPE21Content type of data: Discrete or continuousAnalysis Process Designer
Without Description :: Expanded Infrastructure :: Data Mining
339ERP EHP76.0RSDMABC_CLASSRES141ABC Analysis: Analysis Result Summarized to ClassesData Mining
340ERP EHP76.0RSDMABC_IOBJ_MAP31ABC Analysis, BW Extractor: Change Delivered InfoObject NameData Mining
341ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_ABC_CUM121Cumulated Distribution for ABC AnalysisData Mining
342ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_ABC_H51Settings for Filling ABC IndicatorData Mining
343ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_ABC_MAP41Mapping for Filling ABC IndicatorData Mining
344ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_ABC_SEL71Threshold Values for Filling ABC IndicatorData Mining
345ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_ABC_STAT171Administration Data for ABC AnalysisData Mining
346ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_ABC_TXT31Description for ABC AnalysisData Mining
347ERP EHP76.0RSDMESC_ABC_VAR81Variable Values for ABC AnalysisData Mining
348ERP EHP76.0RSDMTABC_GROUPS41Datamining- ABC - Grouping attribute detailsData Mining
349ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_IM_MD_NEU81Available Mining ModelsData Mining
350ERP EHP76.0RSDMTA_IM_MODELS71Available Mining ModelsData Mining
351ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_ATTR_DTL91Attribute DetailData Mining
352ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_ATTR_HEAD121Attribute HeaderData Mining
353ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_CLID_TEXT41Mean HeaderData Mining
354ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_DISTRIBUT111Distribution of Attribute Values among a ClusterData Mining
355ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_MEAN_DTL81Mean DetailData Mining
356ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_MEAN_HEAD71Mean HeaderData Mining
357ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_MOD_INFO21Model Info (Header Level) for ClusteringData Mining
358ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_MOD_PRED41Model Prediction InfoData Mining
359ERP EHP76.0RSDMTC_PMML51Table for Storing Model PMMLs in String FormatData Mining
360ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_ATTRFREQ61Class Frequency of Learnt DataData Mining
361ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_ATTRVAL81Attribute Value ListData Mining
362ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_CLASSFREQ71Class Frequency of Learnt DataData Mining
363ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_CONF_MTRX81Model Prediction InfoData Mining
364ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_DTREE_SYS21Decision Tree DefaultsData Mining
365ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_MOD_PRED71Model Prediction InfoData Mining
366ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_NODE_DIST61Node Class DistributionData Mining
367ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_PMML51Table for Storing Model PMMLs in String FormatData Mining
368ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_RULES71Rules HeaderData Mining
369ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_RULESDTL111Rules DetailsData Mining
370ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_TREEHDR71Tree HeaderData Mining
371ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_TREESTRUC181Node StructureData Mining
372ERP EHP76.0RSDMTD_TREE_MAP51Tree ID mapping to Mining Source MappingData Mining
373ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_COL_PARA161Parameters for the Model ColumnsData Mining
374ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_COL_VAL201Model Column ValuesData Mining
375ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_CONN_FAC31Connection factories for DataMining ConnectionsData Mining
376ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_CONN_PAR41Datamining Connection Parameters - Name - ValueData Mining
377ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_ENGINES151List of all the analytical servicesData Mining
378ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_MODEL161Analytical Models using the services availableData Mining
379ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_MOD_COL221Columns that make the analytical modelData Mining
380ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_MOD_DSC101Description in Different LanguageData Mining
381ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_MOD_PARA151Parameters for the ModelData Mining
382ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_MOD_XML41Model Metadata in XML formatData Mining
383ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_OBJ_XML31XML table for Data MIning Object TypesData Mining
384ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_PARA_DSC41Description of Service and parameters - Different LanguageData Mining
385ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_RFC_CONN21RFC Destinations for Data Mining VendorsData Mining
386ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_SRV_PAR121Parameters required for the servicesData Mining
387ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_VENDOR81DataMining Vendor DetailsData Mining
388ERP EHP76.0RSDMTPN_VEND_DSC41Description of Service and parameters - Different LanguageData Mining
389ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_BATCH141Details for batch job and monitoringData Mining
390ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_BATCH_BW71Details for batch job and monitoringData Mining
391ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_BAT_BWHDR61Header Batch Table for Generic BW UploadData Mining
392ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_BAT_CRDTL21List of Cluster IDs / Decision Tree Nodes for CRM TGT GroupData Mining
393ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_BAT_CRHDR91CRM Target Group Creation - Details Target GroupData Mining
394ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_BAT_HRDTL71Hierarchy Upload - Compound Infoobjects InformationData Mining
395ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_BAT_HRHDR151BW Hierarchy Creation - Hierarchy Header DetailsData Mining
396ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_COL_MAP151Mapping Model column to Data SourceData Mining
397ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_COL_PARAM171Parameters for the Model ColumnsData Mining
398ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_COL_VAL181Model Column ValuesData Mining
399ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_DATA_SRC211Data source for Training or PredictionData Mining
400ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_DSRC_BWD191Mining Source to Datasource RelationData Mining
401ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_DS_PARAM101Runtime parameters for Data SourceData Mining
402ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_MODEL161Analytical Models using the services availableData Mining
403ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_MOD_COL211Columns that make the analytical modelData Mining
404ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_MOD_DSC111Description in Different LanguageData Mining
405ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_MOD_PARAM161Parameters for the ModelData Mining
406ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_PARAM_DSC41Description of Service and parameters - Different LanguageData Mining
407ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SERVICES111List of all the analytical servicesData Mining
408ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SETTINGS21Default informationData Mining
409ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SRVTY_DSC31Description of service typeData Mining
410ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SRV_CTYPE31Content Types supported by serviceData Mining
411ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SRV_DSC31Description of Service and parameters - Different LanguageData Mining
412ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SRV_DTYPE21Distribution Types supported by serviceData Mining
413ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SRV_PARAM101Parameters required for the servicesData Mining
414ERP EHP76.0RSDMTP_SRV_TYPES31Analytical Service TypesData Mining
415ERP EHP76.0RSDMTX_DSRC_KEYS72Model keys to Datasource relationData Mining
Without Description :: Planning :: Business Planning and Simulation
416ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKF1251BDS: File Name at Last CheckoutBusiness Planning and Simulation
417ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKF3151BDS: File Name for Last Check-OutBusiness Planning and Simulation
418ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKO12101BDS: Checkout Data for a Physical Information ObjectBusiness Planning and Simulation
419ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKO31101BDS: Check out Data for a Physical Information ObjectBusiness Planning and Simulation
420ERP EHP76.0BDSCONT1271BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)Business Planning and Simulation
421ERP EHP76.0BDSCONT3171BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)Business Planning and Simulation
422ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIO12181BDS: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
423ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIO31181BDS: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
424ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIOT1251BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
425ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIOT3151BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
426ERP EHP76.0BDSLOPR1272BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
427ERP EHP76.0BDSLOPR3172BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
428ERP EHP76.0BDSLORE12113BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
429ERP EHP76.0BDSLORE31113BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
430ERP EHP76.0BDSLORI12113BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
431ERP EHP76.0BDSLORI31113BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
432ERP EHP76.0BDSPHF12101BDS: Files of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
433ERP EHP76.0BDSPHF31101BDS: Files of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
434ERP EHP76.0BDSPHHR12123BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
435ERP EHP76.0BDSPHHR31123BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
436ERP EHP76.0BDSPHIO12252BDS: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
437ERP EHP76.0BDSPHIO31252BDS: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
438ERP EHP76.0BDSPHNM12123BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
439ERP EHP76.0BDSPHNM31123BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
440ERP EHP76.0BDSPHPR1272BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
441ERP EHP76.0BDSPHPR3172BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
442ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRE12113BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
443ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRE31113BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
444ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRI12113BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
445ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRI31113BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
446ERP EHP76.0BDSRE12113BDS: Relationship InstancesBusiness Planning and Simulation
447ERP EHP76.0BDSRE31113BDS: Relationship InstancesBusiness Planning and Simulation
448ERP EHP76.0BDSREPR1272BDS: Relationship AttributesBusiness Planning and Simulation
449ERP EHP76.0BDSREPR3172BDS: Relationship AttributesBusiness Planning and Simulation
450ERP EHP76.0BDS_CONN2273BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassesBusiness Planning and Simulation
451ERP EHP76.0BDS_CONN3173BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassesBusiness Planning and Simulation
452ERP EHP76.0UPB_AREA_ATR81Balance Sheet Planning: Attributes of Application on AreaBusiness Planning and Simulation
453ERP EHP76.0UPB_IA_SUBCL21Planning Applications: SubclassBusiness Planning and Simulation
454ERP EHP76.0UPB_IA_SUBCLT41Planning Applications: Subclass - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
455ERP EHP76.0UPB_MAIN_PROFILE41Planning Profiles of Planning ApplicationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
456ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_APPLC21Application-Specific Attributes in Planning FoldersBusiness Planning and Simulation
457ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_DETAIL61Technical Detail Settings of FolderBusiness Planning and Simulation
458ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_EXE_TYPES21Planning Folder VariantsBusiness Planning and Simulation
459ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_EXE_TYPET31Planning Folder Variants, TextsBusiness Planning and Simulation
460ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_GRAPH101Graphic Settings for POBs of a Planning FolderBusiness Planning and Simulation
461ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_GRAPH_TYP11Display Possibilities of Graphical OutputBusiness Planning and Simulation
462ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_GRAPH_TYT31Text Table for Graphical Display TypesBusiness Planning and Simulation
463ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_LEGENDE41Planning Folders: LegendBusiness Planning and Simulation
464ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_LEGENDET41Planning Folders: LegendBusiness Planning and Simulation
465ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_POFO_PROP91Customizing of Portfolio GraphicsBusiness Planning and Simulation
466ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_POFO_XML71Customizing of Portfolio GraphicsBusiness Planning and Simulation
467ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_SETTINGS31Planning Folders: Technical Settings of All FoldersBusiness Planning and Simulation
468ERP EHP76.0UPB_PM_VARIABLE61Variables of Planning FoldersBusiness Planning and Simulation
469ERP EHP76.0UPB_PS_DESIGN71Structure of Planning InterfacesBusiness Planning and Simulation
470ERP EHP76.0UPB_PS_DESIGN_T71Text Table of Planning ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
471ERP EHP76.0UPB_PS_NAME101Balance Sheet Planning InterfacesBusiness Planning and Simulation
472ERP EHP76.0UPB_PS_NAME_T51Text Table of Planning BooksBusiness Planning and Simulation
473ERP EHP76.0UPB_PS_PROP111Attributes of Planning ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
474ERP EHP76.0UPB_SPFIE51Balance Sheet Planning: Fields with Special SemanticsBusiness Planning and Simulation
475ERP EHP76.0UPC_APPL351Applications in SEM-BPSBusiness Planning and Simulation
476ERP EHP76.0UPC_APPLT31Applications: NameBusiness Planning and Simulation
477ERP EHP76.0UPC_AREA81Planning AreasBusiness Planning and Simulation
478ERP EHP76.0UPC_AREAM31Multi-Planning AreasBusiness Planning and Simulation
479ERP EHP76.0UPC_AREAT41Planning Areas - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
480ERP EHP76.0UPC_AREA_DISP21Dispatcher of Sub-applications from Planning AreaBusiness Planning and Simulation
481ERP EHP76.0UPC_AREA_GENSTAT31Generation Status of a Planning AreaBusiness Planning and Simulation
482ERP EHP76.0UPC_AREA_MD31Key Date for Master DataBusiness Planning and Simulation
483ERP EHP76.0UPC_BW_AREA61Planning Areas of the BW ApplicationBusiness Planning and Simulation
484ERP EHP76.0UPC_BW_TIMEREF21Assignment Time Characteristic - Time ReferenceBusiness Planning and Simulation
485ERP EHP76.0UPC_CHACMP51Properties of a CharacteristicBusiness Planning and Simulation
486ERP EHP76.0UPC_CHADEP61Compoundend ValuesBusiness Planning and Simulation
487ERP EHP76.0UPC_CHAPRO101Properties of a CharacteristicBusiness Planning and Simulation
488ERP EHP76.0UPC_CONVERSION21Technical Table for ConversionBusiness Planning and Simulation
489ERP EHP76.0UPC_DARK21Control for Hidden FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
490ERP EHP76.0UPC_DARK231Control for Hidden FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
491ERP EHP76.0UPC_DATASLICE51Data SlicesBusiness Planning and Simulation
492ERP EHP76.0UPC_DATASLICET51Data SlicesBusiness Planning and Simulation
493ERP EHP76.0UPC_DISPATCHER141Dispatcher in SEM-BPSBusiness Planning and Simulation
494ERP EHP76.0UPC_DISPATCHERN41Dispatcher in SEM-BPSBusiness Planning and Simulation
495ERP EHP76.0UPC_DISPATCHERT51Dispatcher in SEM-BPS - Text Table for FcodesBusiness Planning and Simulation
496ERP EHP76.0UPC_FIXED_METHOD41Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
497ERP EHP76.0UPC_FLDDS51Fields for Relations between CharacteristicsBusiness Planning and Simulation
498ERP EHP76.0UPC_FORML41Planning Functions: FormulasBusiness Planning and Simulation
499ERP EHP76.0UPC_GREPCAT101Directory of Generated Reports (Plan. Func. & Plan. ProcessBusiness Planning and Simulation
500ERP EHP76.0UPC_GREPOBS61Directory of Obsolete Generated Reports for Plan. Func./ProcBusiness Planning and Simulation
501ERP EHP76.0UPC_KYFPRO131Properties of a CharacteristicBusiness Planning and Simulation
502ERP EHP76.0UPC_MULTIAREA31Multi-Planning AreasBusiness Planning and Simulation
503ERP EHP76.0UPC_NEVAL81Planning Functions: New ValuesBusiness Planning and Simulation
504ERP EHP76.0UPC_NODES101Hierarchy NodeBusiness Planning and Simulation
505ERP EHP76.0UPC_OPTIOS121Planning: Conditions for FieldsBusiness Planning and Simulation
506ERP EHP76.0UPC_PACKAGE91Planning PackagesBusiness Planning and Simulation
507ERP EHP76.0UPC_PACKAGET61Planning Packages - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
508ERP EHP76.0UPC_PLEVEL81Planning LevelsBusiness Planning and Simulation
509ERP EHP76.0UPC_PLEVELT51Planning Levels - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
510ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE61Planning ProfilesBusiness Planning and Simulation
511ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILET41Planning Profiles - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
512ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE_AR41Planning Profiles - AreasBusiness Planning and Simulation
513ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE_BU31Planning Profiles - Planning SequencesBusiness Planning and Simulation
514ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE_ME61Planning Profiles - FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
515ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE_PA61Planning Profiles - PackagesBusiness Planning and Simulation
516ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE_PL51Planning Profiles - Planning LevelsBusiness Planning and Simulation
517ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE_PS71Planning Profiles - Parameter SettingsBusiness Planning and Simulation
518ERP EHP76.0UPC_PROFILE_VAR41Planning Profiles - VariablesBusiness Planning and Simulation
519ERP EHP76.0UPC_STATISTIC21Statistic for Executing Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
520ERP EHP76.0UPC_STATISTIC261SEM-BPS Statistics with Hierarchical StorageBusiness Planning and Simulation
521ERP EHP76.0UPC_STATISTIC3281Statistic for Executing Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
522ERP EHP76.0UPC_STEPS171Relations between Characteristics of a Planning AreaBusiness Planning and Simulation
523ERP EHP76.0UPC_TRACE_DATA61Trace DataBusiness Planning and Simulation
524ERP EHP76.0UPC_TRACE_LOG51Trace LogBusiness Planning and Simulation
525ERP EHP76.0UPC_TRACE_LOG141Trace Log: Function Module CallsBusiness Planning and Simulation
526ERP EHP76.0UPC_TRACE_USER41User with Activated TraceBusiness Planning and Simulation
527ERP EHP76.0UPC_TYPET31Text Tables with Texts for the Types of Planning ObjectsBusiness Planning and Simulation
528ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR121VariablesBusiness Planning and Simulation
529ERP EHP76.0UPC_VARIABLE111Variables - Old Version of Database (New is UPC_VAR)Business Planning and Simulation
530ERP EHP76.0UPC_VARIABLET51Variables - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
531ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_ATTR41Variables - AttributesBusiness Planning and Simulation
532ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_CHA41Variables - CharacteristicsBusiness Planning and Simulation
533ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_CHADEP72Variables - Selections using HierarchiesBusiness Planning and Simulation
534ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_CHADEPA71Variables - Selections using HierarchiesBusiness Planning and Simulation
535ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_CHA_ACT101Variables - Restricted ValuesBusiness Planning and Simulation
536ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_CHA_SEL101Variables - SelectionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
537ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_EXIT41VariablesBusiness Planning and Simulation
538ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_HIE71Variables - HierarchiesBusiness Planning and Simulation
539ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_HIE_SEL121Variables - Selections using HierarchiesBusiness Planning and Simulation
540ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_HIE_SELA121Variables - Selections using Hierarchies (Active Values)Business Planning and Simulation
541ERP EHP76.0UPC_VAR_NUM_SEL61Variables - Numeric SelectionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
542ERP EHP76.0UPF_BSTEPS101Bundle Steps: Parameter GroupsBusiness Planning and Simulation
543ERP EHP76.0UPF_BUNDLE81Bundle of Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
544ERP EHP76.0UPF_BUNDLET61Bundle of Parameter Groups - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
545ERP EHP76.0UPF_EXITP81Planning: Data Elements - ExitsBusiness Planning and Simulation
546ERP EHP76.0UPF_GRP_PLNTP21Types of Planning Functions - Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
547ERP EHP76.0UPF_PARAM121Planning Functions: ParameterizationBusiness Planning and Simulation
548ERP EHP76.0UPF_PARAMT71Planning Functions: ParameterizationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
549ERP EHP76.0UPF_PARGD61Parameterization - GUIDsBusiness Planning and Simulation
550ERP EHP76.0UPF_PFLDS61Planning: Planning Functions - FieldsBusiness Planning and Simulation
551ERP EHP76.0UPF_PLANF131Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
552ERP EHP76.0UPF_PLANFT61Planning Functions: SignificanceBusiness Planning and Simulation
553ERP EHP76.0UPF_PLNTP91Planning Functions: TypesBusiness Planning and Simulation
554ERP EHP76.0UPF_PLNTPT31Planning Functions: Text TextsBusiness Planning and Simulation
555ERP EHP76.0UPF_TPGRP11Types of Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
556ERP EHP76.0UPF_TPGRPT31Types of Planning FunctionsBusiness Planning and Simulation
557ERP EHP76.0UPP_ATR71Planning: Attributes in Lead ColumnsBusiness Planning and Simulation
558ERP EHP76.0UPP_CHAR111Planning: CharacteristicsBusiness Planning and Simulation
559ERP EHP76.0UPP_DOC321Planning: Layout Builder Info about DocumentBusiness Planning and Simulation
560ERP EHP76.0UPP_ELEM161Planning: Column ElementsBusiness Planning and Simulation
561ERP EHP76.0UPP_ELEMT81Planning: Column Elements TextsBusiness Planning and Simulation
562ERP EHP76.0UPP_PARAM91Planning: Parameterization (Layouts)Business Planning and Simulation
563ERP EHP76.0UPP_PARAMT71Planning: Parameter Group TextsBusiness Planning and Simulation
564ERP EHP76.0UPP_SPREADS141Planning: Spreadsheet CustomizingBusiness Planning and Simulation
565ERP EHP76.0UPS_ATTRIBUT131Attributes for Planning SessionBusiness Planning and Simulation
566ERP EHP76.0UPS_CHANGELOG91Change Log for StatusBusiness Planning and Simulation
567ERP EHP76.0UPS_CUSTTEXT31Customer-Defined Mail TextsBusiness Planning and Simulation
568ERP EHP76.0UPS_EVENTS91Table for Event Coupling in Planning SessionBusiness Planning and Simulation
569ERP EHP76.0UPS_HASH41Connection Hierarchy Key/HashBusiness Planning and Simulation
570ERP EHP76.0UPS_HEADER91Header Selections for STSBusiness Planning and Simulation
571ERP EHP76.0UPS_LINKS121Links to Org. ValuesBusiness Planning and Simulation
572ERP EHP76.0UPS_LOCKS81Lock Table for Status and Tracking SystemBusiness Planning and Simulation
573ERP EHP76.0UPS_NAME_RESOLVE11Table of Permitted Applications for Name ResolveBusiness Planning and Simulation
574ERP EHP76.0UPS_NAME_RES_T31Text Table for Name ResolveBusiness Planning and Simulation
575ERP EHP76.0UPS_REALIGN71Logging of Hierarchy Conversions as of 3.5Business Planning and Simulation
576ERP EHP76.0UPS_STATUS11Master Data Table StatusBusiness Planning and Simulation
577ERP EHP76.0UPS_STATUS_T31Text Table on UPS_STATUSBusiness Planning and Simulation
578ERP EHP76.0UPS_SUBSTITUTE41Table for Substitute ConceptBusiness Planning and Simulation
579ERP EHP76.0UPS_TEILPLAN21Subplan for Status and Tracking SystemBusiness Planning and Simulation
580ERP EHP76.0UPS_TEILPLAN_T41Text Table for UPS_TEILPLANBusiness Planning and Simulation
581ERP EHP76.0UPS_TP_AREA31Connection Subplan-AreaBusiness Planning and Simulation
582ERP EHP76.0UPS_TP_HIERARCHY131Connection Subplan-HierarchyBusiness Planning and Simulation
583ERP EHP76.0UPS_VERSION21Versions/Session for Status TrackingBusiness Planning and Simulation
584ERP EHP76.0UPS_VERSION_T41Text Table for UPS_VERSIONBusiness Planning and Simulation
585ERP EHP76.0UPWB_CLASSES61Table of Class DescriptorsBusiness Planning and Simulation
586ERP EHP76.0UPWB_CLASSEST41Table of Class DescriptorsBusiness Planning and Simulation
587ERP EHP76.0UPWB_CLASS_ICONS31Table of Class IconsBusiness Planning and Simulation
588ERP EHP76.0UPWB_DATA41Data in XML Format of BSP ApplicationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
589ERP EHP76.0UPWB_DEBUG_LOG61Log DB for Debugging at RuntimeBusiness Planning and Simulation
590ERP EHP76.0UPWB_DEBUG_USER21Users, that have debugging enabledBusiness Planning and Simulation
591ERP EHP76.0UPWB_HIERARCHY41Table of Class HierarchyBusiness Planning and Simulation
592ERP EHP76.0UPWB_MDATA121Master Data Web InterfaceBusiness Planning and Simulation
593ERP EHP76.0UPWB_MDATAT31Text Table for UPWB_MDATABusiness Planning and Simulation
594ERP EHP76.0UPWB_PROFILE41User-Specific Settings / Not TransportedBusiness Planning and Simulation
595ERP EHP76.0UPWB_PROPINFO41Assignment of Info Texts to PropertiesBusiness Planning and Simulation
596ERP EHP76.0UPWB_TEMPLATES41Templates to Genererate BSP ApplicationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
597ERP EHP76.0UPWB_TEMPLATES251Templates to Genererate BSP ApplicationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
598ERP EHP76.0UPWB_THEMES_MAP41Templates to Genererate BSP ApplicationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
599ERP EHP76.0UPWB_TRACE_LOG61Trace logBusiness Planning and Simulation
600ERP EHP76.0UPWB_TRACE_LOG171Trace Log: Function Module CallsBusiness Planning and Simulation
601ERP EHP76.0UPWB_TRACE_USER51User with Activated TraceBusiness Planning and Simulation
602ERP EHP76.0UPWB_WEBAPPS31Current Web ApplicationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
603ERP EHP76.0UPWB_WEBAPPST41Text Table for UPWB_WEBAPPSBusiness Planning and Simulation
604ERP EHP76.0UPX_CHANMGROUP41UPX: Characteristic Groups - HeaderBusiness Planning and Simulation
605ERP EHP76.0UPX_CHANMGROUPI51UPX: Characteristic Groups - ItemsBusiness Planning and Simulation
606ERP EHP76.0UPX_CHGROUP_GEN61Generation of Characteristic SequenceBusiness Planning and Simulation
607ERP EHP76.0UPX_CLUSTER91Cluster Table for Sales PlanningBusiness Planning and Simulation
608ERP EHP76.0UPX_CUST_APP31Customizing Framework: ApplicationsBusiness Planning and Simulation
609ERP EHP76.0UPX_CUST_APP_T31Customizing Framework: Applications - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
610ERP EHP76.0UPX_CUST_CONSTR41Customizing Components ConstraintsBusiness Planning and Simulation
611ERP EHP76.0UPX_CUST_FCTRY61Customizing Framework: FactoriesBusiness Planning and Simulation
612ERP EHP76.0UPX_CUST_FCTRY_T51Customizing Framework: Factories - Text TablesBusiness Planning and Simulation
613ERP EHP76.0UPX_CUST_STEP41Customizing Framework: StepsBusiness Planning and Simulation
614ERP EHP76.0UPX_CUST_STEP_T41Customizing Framework: Steps - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
615ERP EHP76.0UPX_DSRC_CHANM41UPX: Data Sources - HeaderBusiness Planning and Simulation
616ERP EHP76.0UPX_DSRC_HEAD81UPX: Data Sources - HeaderBusiness Planning and Simulation
617ERP EHP76.0UPX_EVAL_BPS71KPI Valuation for AlertBusiness Planning and Simulation
618ERP EHP76.0UPX_EXEC_GWHOST21Valuate GWHost DefaultBusiness Planning and Simulation
619ERP EHP76.0UPX_GENERAL121UPX: Settings Specific to Sales PlanningBusiness Planning and Simulation
620ERP EHP76.0UPX_GUIDTEXT41UPX: Text Table for All GUIDsBusiness Planning and Simulation
621ERP EHP76.0UPX_HEAD51Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: General FieldsBusiness Planning and Simulation
622ERP EHP76.0UPX_HEAD_TEXT51Texts for Key Figure SchemesBusiness Planning and Simulation
623ERP EHP76.0UPX_KFS_CKF121Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: Calculated Key FigsBusiness Planning and Simulation
624ERP EHP76.0UPX_KFS_COMMON121Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: General FieldsBusiness Planning and Simulation
625ERP EHP76.0UPX_KFS_LKF81Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: Layout Key FiguresBusiness Planning and Simulation
626ERP EHP76.0UPX_KFS_PARAM51Function ParametersBusiness Planning and Simulation
627ERP EHP76.0UPX_KFS_SHIFT81Key Figure Schemes for Planning Layouts: Relative AddressesBusiness Planning and Simulation
628ERP EHP76.0UPX_KFS_TEXT51Texts for Key Figure SchemesBusiness Planning and Simulation
629ERP EHP76.0UPX_KPI_APP21UPX_KPI_APPBusiness Planning and Simulation
630ERP EHP76.0UPX_KPI_EVALBUF51KPI Valuation for Alert: Result BufferBusiness Planning and Simulation
631ERP EHP76.0UPX_LAYOUT71Enhanced Planning Layouts: Main TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
632ERP EHP76.0UPX_LAYOUT_OFF61BDOC: Offline Versions of the LayoutsBusiness Planning and Simulation
633ERP EHP76.0UPX_PLTASK41Settings for Planning TaskBusiness Planning and Simulation
634ERP EHP76.0UPX_RESP_SRC_VAR41UPX: Data Sources - HeaderBusiness Planning and Simulation
635ERP EHP76.0UPX_SLC_MAIN81Configuration of Lead ColumnsBusiness Planning and Simulation
636ERP EHP76.0UPX_SLC_SPREAD111Lead Columns: Distribution TechniquesBusiness Planning and Simulation
637ERP EHP76.0UPX_SLC_TEXT51Configuration of Lead Columns: Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
638ERP EHP76.0UPX_SLC_TIME71Time CharacteristicsBusiness Planning and Simulation
639ERP EHP76.0UPX_STATUS31UPX: Permitted StatusesBusiness Planning and Simulation
640ERP EHP76.0UPX_STATUST31UPX: Permitted Statuses - Text TableBusiness Planning and Simulation
641ERP EHP76.0UPX_STATUS_DATA31UPX: Status of the LaunchPad ItemBusiness Planning and Simulation
642ERP EHP76.0UPX_UNITS41Unit AssignmentBusiness Planning and Simulation
643ERP EHP76.0UPX_VARIABLE31UPX: Variable Assignment to Sales PlanningBusiness Planning and Simulation
644ERP EHP76.0UPX_VERSION111UPX: Settings Specific to Sales Planning for 0VERSIONBusiness Planning and Simulation
Without Description :: Without Description :: BI Content Analyzer
645ERP EHP76.0RSBCTTOOLS_TMP151Temporary tableBI Content Analyzer
646ERP EHP76.0RSBCTTOOL_PARAM81Transfer Table for RFC ParametersBI Content Analyzer
647ERP EHP76.0RSCONTACT131Status Overview of All BW TLOGO Content ObjectsBI Content Analyzer
648ERP EHP76.0RSCONTACT_COL61Mapping of Objects to Source Systems for Content ActivatorBI Content Analyzer
649ERP EHP76.0RSCONTACT_CUBE41Status Overview for All Objects That Belong to a CubeBI Content Analyzer
650ERP EHP76.0RSCONTACT_M81Message Table for RSCONTACTBI Content Analyzer
651ERP EHP76.0RSCONTACT_SIZE61Determination of Package Size for ActivationBI Content Analyzer
652ERP EHP76.0RSCONTACT_SOURCE51Source System Assgnmnt. for Transfer Rules Content ActivatorBI Content Analyzer
653ERP EHP76.0RSCONTACT_SOUR_251Source System Assignment from RSCONTACT_SOURCE +Active RulesBI Content Analyzer
654ERP EHP76.0RSCONTCHECKCROSS142Status Tables of Cross System Checks for Content ObjectsBI Content Analyzer
655ERP EHP76.0RSCONTCHECKPROP101BI Content Checks PropertiesBI Content Analyzer
656ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK253Status Tables of Consistence Checks for Content ObjectsBI Content Analyzer
657ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECKMM91Mapping Technical Error Messages to Help MessageBI Content Analyzer
658ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK_A62Archiving Table for Object StatusBI Content Analyzer
659ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK_C151Customizing for ContentchecksBI Content Analyzer
660ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK_E91Exceptions Table for Content ChecksBI Content Analyzer
661ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK_M182Messages from the Content CheckmanBI Content Analyzer
662ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK_P41Prioritization of Errors from the BI CONTENT ANALYZERBI Content Analyzer
663ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK_S51Relevant Systems for Content CheckmanBI Content Analyzer
664ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTCHECK_T41Text Table for Check CategoryBI Content Analyzer
665ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTPACKAGE31Packages used for BI Content ChecksBI Content Analyzer
666ERP EHP76.0RSCONTENTPROP141Global System Properties for BIContent ChecksBI Content Analyzer
667ERP EHP76.0RSCONTIOBCHECK324Reference table check incompatible changes of InfoObjectsBI Content Analyzer
668ERP EHP76.0RSCONTIOBCHECKAT81Reference table for check incompatible changes AttributesBI Content Analyzer
669ERP EHP76.0RSCONTIOBCHECKCM81Reference table for check incompatible changes CompoundingBI Content Analyzer
670ERP EHP76.0RSCONTIOBJTMSP21Initial Timestamp for check of incompatible changesBI Content Analyzer
671ERP EHP76.0RSCONT_T_SYSSET51System SettingsBI Content Analyzer
672ERP EHP76.0RSIOCHECKRELEASE21Release and date for which IOBJ should NOT be checkedBI Content Analyzer
Without Description :: Without Description :: Data Basis
673ERP EHP76.0MDM_CS_FIELD_TAB151MDM: Field Table of SAP SystemData Basis
674ERP EHP76.0RRBANRIV71Client-independent number range intervalsData Basis
675ERP EHP76.0RSAPOADM101Management Table for Transactional RequestsData Basis
676ERP EHP76.0RSAPOREQUEST21Table for Defining Lock ObjectData Basis
677ERP EHP76.0RSBDATAPID71Open Hub: Data Package Log for a RequestData Basis
678ERP EHP76.0RSBDATAPIDMESS142Open Hub: Log for a RequestData Basis
679ERP EHP76.0RSBDBTAB61Open Hub Destinations: DB TablesData Basis
680ERP EHP76.0RSBDBTABMAP41Mapping of Fields of an InfoSpoke on a DB TableData Basis
681ERP EHP76.0RSBFILE171Open Hub Destinations: FilesData Basis
682ERP EHP76.0RSBFILEMAP51Mapping of Fields of an InfoSpoke on a DB TableData Basis
684ERP EHP76.0RSBLOGSYS11Logical System for Open HubData Basis
685ERP EHP76.0RSBLOGSYST41Texts for Logical Destinations for Open HubData Basis
686ERP EHP76.0RSBMON71Monitor Variants for Open Hub MonitorData Basis
687ERP EHP76.0RSBODSLOG21Requests in ODS ChangelogData Basis
688ERP EHP76.0RSBODSLOGSTATE71Changelog Status for ODS ObjectData Basis
689ERP EHP76.0RSBOHDEST261Directory of Open Hub DestinationsData Basis
690ERP EHP76.0RSBOHDESTT51Directory of Open Hub DestinationsData Basis
691ERP EHP76.0RSBOHDESTVAR51Directory of Parameters of Open Hub DestinationsData Basis
692ERP EHP76.0RSBOHDIF21Table for Interface IF_RSB_OHD_ENHData Basis
693ERP EHP76.0RSBOHFIELDS181Fields of the Open Hub DestinationData Basis
694ERP EHP76.0RSBOHFIELDST61Text Table for Fields of the Open Hub DestinationData Basis
695ERP EHP76.0RSBOHIPAK31InfoPackage for DestinationData Basis
696ERP EHP76.0RSBOHSERVICETP31Open Hub: Service TypesData Basis
697ERP EHP76.0RSBOHSERVICETPT31Open Hub: Service TypesData Basis
698ERP EHP76.0RSBPGMGEN111Generated routines for data extraction for data marts.Data Basis
699ERP EHP76.0RSBREQUESTDELTA21Open Hub: Cross Reference Outbound/Inbound RequestsData Basis
700ERP EHP76.0RSBREQUESTMESS131Open Hub: Log for a RequestData Basis
701ERP EHP76.0RSBREQUID261Open Hub: RequestsData Basis
702ERP EHP76.0RSBREQUID3RD31Open Hub: Status of 3rd Party RequestsData Basis
703ERP EHP76.0RSBREQUIDFIELDS21Fields of a RequestData Basis
704ERP EHP76.0RSBREQUIDRUN81Open Hub: Table with Status for a Request RunData Basis
705ERP EHP76.0RSBREQUIDSELSET71Selection Options of a RequestData Basis
706ERP EHP76.0RSBSERVERPROP41Server Types for the Data Transfer Process: Source ObjectsData Basis
707ERP EHP76.0RSBSERVERPROPT41Texts on Source Object Types for Data Transfer ProcessData Basis
708ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKE231InfoSpokes DirectoryData Basis
709ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKEDELTA71Requests for Delta Recording of an InfoSpokeData Basis
710ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKEFIELDS81Fields Directory of an InfoSpokeData Basis
711ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKESELSET81InfoSpokes DirectoryData Basis
712ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKESTAT81Status of Delta Recording of a SpokeData Basis
713ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKET51InfoSpokes DirectoryData Basis
714ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKEV231InfoSpoke Directory: VersionsData Basis
715ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKEVFIELDS81Fields Directory of an InfoSpokeData Basis
716ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKEVSELSET81InfoSpokes DirectoryData Basis
717ERP EHP76.0RSBSPOKEVT51Directory for InfoSpoke Texts (Version-Dependent)Data Basis
718ERP EHP76.0RSBSTEPIDLOG91Open Hub: Data Package Log for a RequestData Basis
719ERP EHP76.0RSBSTEPIDMESS152Open Hub: Log for a RequestData Basis
720ERP EHP76.0RSBSTRUCTURE11Open Hub: Generated Structures and TablesData Basis
721ERP EHP76.0RSBTRANSFIELD71Target Structure InfoObjects for Open Hub TransformationData Basis
722ERP EHP76.0RSCNVACTDATA61Copy of the INDX for Converting ODS ObjectsData Basis
723ERP EHP76.0RSCNVCG201Conversion GroupsData Basis
724ERP EHP76.0RSCNVCGHEADER111Remodeling Rule headerData Basis
725ERP EHP76.0RSCNVCGT51Remodeling Rule TextsData Basis
726ERP EHP76.0RSCNVMON301Table to store the general data for MonitorData Basis
727ERP EHP76.0RSCNVMONSTEPS151Steps of any operation on a BW ObjectData Basis
728ERP EHP76.0RSCNVOPTYPES31Operation type to class name mappingData Basis
729ERP EHP76.0RSCNVREQ81Conversion RequestsData Basis
730ERP EHP76.0RSCNVSTEPOPS41Operations relevant for each stepData Basis
731ERP EHP76.0RSCNVSTEPS41Conversion Request StepsData Basis
732ERP EHP76.0RSCNVTST41Remodeling TestData Basis
733ERP EHP76.0RSCNVTSTDATA51Remodeling test dataData Basis
734ERP EHP76.0RSDCHABASDEL271artefact of the first concept of new MD del. no longer usedData Basis
735ERP EHP76.0RSDCHABASDELCV31artefact of the first concept of new MD del. no longer usedData Basis
736ERP EHP76.0RSDCHABASDELLOG61artefact of the first concept of new MD dele. nolonger usedData Basis
737ERP EHP76.0RSDCHABASDELMSG91likely artefactData Basis
738ERP EHP76.0RSDCUBE1281Directory of InfoCubes / InfoProviderData Basis
739ERP EHP76.0RSDCUBEIOBJ42Objects per InfoCube (where-used list)Data Basis
740ERP EHP76.0RSDCUBELOC51Local Characteristics: InfoCubes (InfoProvider)Data Basis
741ERP EHP76.0RSDCUBEMULTI61InfoCubes concerned with MultiCubeData Basis
742ERP EHP76.0RSDCUBET52Texts for the InfoCubesData Basis
743ERP EHP76.0RSDDIME112Dimensions directoryData Basis
744ERP EHP76.0RSDDIMEIOBJ51InfoObjects per dimension (where-used list)Data Basis
745ERP EHP76.0RSDDIMELOC41Dimensions system-local properties (not transport.)Data Basis
746ERP EHP76.0RSDDIMET62Dimension TextsData Basis
747ERP EHP76.0RSDD_DELTA_PKG81Delta Package Management for InfoCube Delta WriteData Basis
748ERP EHP76.0RSDD_MIGRAT_PART41Table with Partitioning Information for the BW MigrationData Basis
749ERP EHP76.0RSDD_PKG_ID21Unique Delta Package ID for Each InfoCubeData Basis
750ERP EHP76.0RSDICHAPRO151InfoCube-specific characteristic propertiesData Basis
751ERP EHP76.0RSDICMULTIIOBJ51MultiProvider: Selection/Identification of InfoObjectsData Basis
752ERP EHP76.0RSDICVALIOBJ41InfoObjects in NC-value validity table for the InfoCubeData Basis
753ERP EHP76.0RSDIKYFPRO91InfoCube-specific key figure propertiesData Basis
754ERP EHP76.0RSDIPROHIER31InfoProvider: Hierarchies (InfoObjects)Data Basis
755ERP EHP76.0RSDIPROHNODE91InfoProvider: Hierarchy NodesData Basis
756ERP EHP76.0RSDIPROHNODEIOBJ61InfoProvider: InfoObjects in Hierarchy NodesData Basis
757ERP EHP76.0RSDIPROHNODET62InfoProvider: Hierarchy Nodes, DescriptionsData Basis
758ERP EHP76.0RSDIPROIOBJRANGE81Partitioning Areas: InfoProviderData Basis
759ERP EHP76.0RSDIPROIOBJT62Texts for InfoObjects in InfoProviderData Basis
760ERP EHP76.0RSDMCHGRQ41Data Mart Delta Management: Critical RequestsData Basis
761ERP EHP76.0RSDMDATSYS21artefactData Basis
762ERP EHP76.0RSDMDATTRDATE21Relation: Char. and Key Dates of Time-Dependent AttributeData Basis
763ERP EHP76.0RSDMDDTSTMP31Master Data Deletion TimestampData Basis
764ERP EHP76.0RSDMDELTA51Data Mart Delta ManagementData Basis
765ERP EHP76.0RSDMDENQ61Locking of master data tables / text tablesData Basis
766ERP EHP76.0RSDMDIMTAB21Model table: Dimensions tableData Basis
767ERP EHP76.0RSDMDLTGLO11Data Mart Delta Management: Delta Active/InactiveData Basis
768ERP EHP76.0RSDMDRSRV21Communication with RSRV JobsData Basis
769ERP EHP76.0RSDMDRSRVMSG181Messages Generated by RSRV JobsData Basis
770ERP EHP76.0RSDMFACTAB21Model table: Fact tableData Basis
771ERP EHP76.0RSDMODSTAB21Model Table: ODS Table Active RecordsData Basis
772ERP EHP76.0RSDMODSTAB_IMACT51Model Table for DSO: In-Memory ActivationData Basis
773ERP EHP76.0RSDMODSTAB_MPP41Model Table for DataStore Object: Table for MPPData Basis
774ERP EHP76.0RSDMODSTAB_UPDOP21Model Table for DSO: Modification Rules for FieldsData Basis
775ERP EHP76.0RSDMODSTAB_UR31Model Table for ODS Update and RollbackData Basis
776ERP EHP76.0RSDMSTAT81Datamart Status TableData Basis
777ERP EHP76.0RSDMVALTAB41Model table: Validity tableData Basis
778ERP EHP76.0RSDODSO701Directory of all DataStoresData Basis
779ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOATRNAV42Navigation Attributes in DataStoreData Basis
780ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOINDX41Indexes for DataStoresData Basis
781ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOIOBJ62InfoObject in DataStoreData Basis
782ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOIOBJIND61InfoObjects in DS IndexesData Basis
783ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOIOBJPRO151InfoObject Properties within the DataStoreData Basis
784ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOLOC41Local Properties of DataStoresData Basis
785ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOT51Texts of DataStoresData Basis
786ERP EHP76.0RSDODSOTABL31Directory of all DataStore TablesData Basis
787ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_DS_TC121Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)Data Basis
788ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_DS_TC_BACK121Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)Data Basis
789ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_DS_TC_LOG121Test Data RSDRIData Basis
790ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_HDB_CNV71Status Table for InfoCube ConversionData Basis
791ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_HDB_CNVDSO51Control Table for DataStore ConversionData Basis
792ERP EHP76.0RSDUPARTTC51Test Data for Automatic TestsData Basis
793ERP EHP76.0RSEHIERNODE51Master Data: Hierarchy Nodes that Cannot Be Posted ToData Basis
794ERP EHP76.0RSEURO121Conversion Table for Euro ConversionData Basis
795ERP EHP76.0RSHIEDIR352Hierarchy CatalogData Basis
796ERP EHP76.0RSHIEDIRT62Hierarchy directory textsData Basis
797ERP EHP76.0RSHIELVT71Levels Table for Hierarchies in BWData Basis
798ERP EHP76.0RSICRESET31Reset Cube AdministrationData Basis
799ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_ASSIGN51Assignment of of infoojects per Work Package and TablefieldData Basis
800ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_CALLBACK41Callback destinationsData Basis
801ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_DIRTRANS11Infoobjects for direct transferData Basis
802ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_IPROV51Directory of the infoprovides of a Work PackageData Basis
803ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_KEY41Document Keys for ArchivLink accessData Basis
804ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_OBJECT31Objects for ArchivLink accessData Basis
805ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_PARA31Application ParametersData Basis
806ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_TABASS31Tables included in an extended virtual providerData Basis
807ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_VPROV_ASS31Assignment of the Virtual Providers to database tablesData Basis
808ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_VPROV_DEF51Definition ot the Virtual ProvidersData Basis
809ERP EHP76.0RSIWP_WP_ASS41assignment of a work package to a userData Basis
810ERP EHP76.0RSLPO141Logical Partitioning: Directory of LPOsData Basis
811ERP EHP76.0RSLPOCOMP81Logical Partitioning: Components of a LPOData Basis
812ERP EHP76.0RSLPOCOMPTEXT61Logichal Partitioning: Texts for Components of LPOData Basis
813ERP EHP76.0RSLPODBPART81Semantic Partitioning: Criteria for DB PartitioningData Basis
814ERP EHP76.0RSLPOPARAM21LPO ParameterData Basis
815ERP EHP76.0RSLPOPART71Logical Partitioning: Partitions of a LPOData Basis
816ERP EHP76.0RSLPOPARTRANGE91Logical Partitioning: Partitioning CriteriaData Basis
817ERP EHP76.0RSLPOSCHED291Logical Partitioning: Scheduling Options for BTC JobsData Basis
818ERP EHP76.0RSLPOT51Logical Partitioning: Texts for LPOsData Basis
819ERP EHP76.0RSLPO_DFG_DTPFOL31Table for Managing Folders for DTP TemplatesData Basis
820ERP EHP76.0RSLPO_DFG_DTPGEN371Table of Generated DTPsData Basis
821ERP EHP76.0RSLPO_DFG_DTPTPL301Table of DTP TemplatesData Basis
822ERP EHP76.0RSLPO_DFG_GENTGT31Pseudo Table for Lock Requests at Target TLOGOData Basis
823ERP EHP76.0RSLPO_LOCKS81Persistent LocksData Basis
824ERP EHP76.0RSLPO_PC_THREAD102Process Chain Generation - ThreadsData Basis
825ERP EHP76.0RSMASLE11Lock Table for Master Data DeletionData Basis
826ERP EHP76.0RSMAXHIETAB131Hierarchy Node Table with Maximum Possible StructureData Basis
827ERP EHP76.0RSMDDELTAEX41Table of Active Master Data ExtractorsData Basis
828ERP EHP76.0RSMDHIERATTR31Attribute Table Metadata HierarchiesData Basis
829ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKAGGR61UT Aggregates: Identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
830ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKATTR51UT Attributes: Identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
831ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKCMP41UT Compound Cha: Identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
832ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKCUBE51UT InfoCube: identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
833ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKDOC21UT Documents: Identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
834ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKHIER81UT Hierarchy: Identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
835ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKMETA51UT MetaData: identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
836ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKNLS51UT Nearline Infoproviders: identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
837ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUKODSO51UT DataStore Objects: identifying attributes for MUKsData Basis
838ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUT61Metadata of Master Data Usage Type (for Usage Check)Data Basis
839ERP EHP76.0RSMDUCMUTT31Text for Metadata of Master Data Usage Type(for Usage Check)Data Basis
840ERP EHP76.0RSMDUC_DTEMPLATE31Template table for 'D' Temprary table (MD Where-Used Check)Data Basis
841ERP EHP76.0RSMDUC_TEMPTABNM51Names of Temporary tables used in MD Where-Used CheckData Basis
842ERP EHP76.0RSMDUC_TTEMPLATE11Template table for 'T' Temprary table (MD Where-Used Check)Data Basis
843ERP EHP76.0RSMHIERNODE31Master data: Hierarchy nodes that cannot be posted toData Basis
844ERP EHP76.0RSMIGROBJ61Lock Entries for Object MigrationData Basis
845ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTDATA61Copy of INDX for ODS ActivationData Basis
846ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTREQMPP81Activation table of M-requests to change-log requestsData Basis
847ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTSETTING31Settings for Activating RequestsData Basis
848ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTSIDTYPE51SID Status of Fields at Time of UpdateData Basis
849ERP EHP76.0RSODSMPPSQLLOG71Copy of INDX for ODS ActivationData Basis
850ERP EHP76.0RSODSMPPVERIFY251Log for Data VerificationData Basis
851ERP EHP76.0RSODSODELFS31Requests (in Faststores) that are regarded as deletedData Basis
852ERP EHP76.0RSODSOIMOSETTING71Configuration of Runtime Behavior for SAP HANA-Optim. DSOData Basis
853ERP EHP76.0RSODSOMPPSWTCH51Activation of DataStore Objects on MPP PlatformsData Basis
854ERP EHP76.0RSODSOSIDSTATETS41Status of SID Scan (Access Method: Full Table Scan)Data Basis
855ERP EHP76.0RSODSOUSECASE21Specification of Application Type for DataStore ObjectsData Basis
856ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_BRKPNT71Breakpoint Maintenance for DataStore ObjectsData Basis
857ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_CONTEXT81Control of Runtime MeasurementsData Basis
858ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_GENPRG31Management of Generated Programs from DataStore ObjectsData Basis
859ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_IMOACT_T31DSO: In-Memory-Optimized Activation (Template Table)Data Basis
860ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_IMOLOG81Monitor Information for IMO DataStore ActivationData Basis
861ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_IMOMSG111Monitor Information for IMO DataStore ActivationData Basis
862ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_LOGGUID41Management of LOG-GUIDS that Belong to Request GUIDSData Basis
863ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_REQUCPY31Assigning Requests to Template Copies (DataStore Relevant)Data Basis
864ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_ROLLBACK61Table for Temporary Storage of Data during RollbackData Basis
865ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_RUNTIME141Results of Runtime MeasurementData Basis
866ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_SETTING61Configuration for Runtime Behavior of the DataStore ObjectData Basis
867ERP EHP76.0RSODSO_TMPLCPY51Management of Valid Template Copies for DataStore ObjectsData Basis
868ERP EHP76.0RSODSREQTSTMP21Sorting of ODS RequestsData Basis
869ERP EHP76.0RSREQUESTSTEP31Open Hub: Substep for a RequestData Basis
870ERP EHP76.0RSR_PE_COPY61Test Table for TREX_EXT_PE_COPYData Basis
871ERP EHP76.0RSR_PE_LOG111Log for Planning EngineData Basis
872ERP EHP76.0RSR_PE_LOG_CS71Log for Planning Engine (Extract of Call Stack)Data Basis
873ERP EHP76.0RSR_PE_LOOKUP21Test Table for TREX_EXT_PE_LOOKUPData Basis
874ERP EHP76.0RSR_REL_STATUS41Status of Generation of Time RelationsData Basis
875ERP EHP76.0RSR_REL_TIME181Time Relations for PlanningData Basis
876ERP EHP76.0RSR_REL_TIME_FIS111Time Relations for PlanningData Basis
877ERP EHP76.0RSSEM100031Generated Classes by InfoCubeData Basis
878ERP EHP76.0RSSEM100121Generated Classes by CharacteristicData Basis
879ERP EHP76.0RSSEM_REQUESTCOP21InfoCube AssignmentData Basis
880ERP EHP76.0RSSEM_RFCPACK121Temporary Storage of Selected InfoProvider DataData Basis
881ERP EHP76.0RSSEM_RFC_MDF11Callback Destination to Dependent MDF/SEM-BCS/BA ClientsData Basis
882ERP EHP76.0RSSEM_UCR0_IPD51SEM BCS Destination Registration For an InfoProviderData Basis
883ERP EHP76.0RSSZTDIR52Directory of the customer master data tableData Basis
884ERP EHP76.0RSTHIERNODE72Texts of Non-Postable Hierarchy NodesData Basis
Without Description :: Without Description :: Data Staging
885ERP EHP76.0AUNIT_PSA_MD_CP81Communication of Parallel Processes in TestData Staging
886ERP EHP76.0AUNIT_PSA_MD_ST11Table for Locking to Avoid Parallel TestsData Staging
887ERP EHP76.0MCH_SELECT61Interface: Generalized Selection CriteriaData Staging
888ERP EHP76.0MCH_SELFIELDS41Selection fieldsData Staging
889ERP EHP76.0RS2NDPROCPROT103Events LogData Staging
890ERP EHP76.0RS3DREL51Possible 3rd Party Source System Types and ReleasesData Staging
891ERP EHP76.0RS3DRELT41Text Table for Permitted 3rd Party Source System ReleasesData Staging
892ERP EHP76.0RS3RDFLD71Variable fields of the 3rd party source systemData Staging
893ERP EHP76.0RS3RDFLDNEW91Variable Fields of Third Party Source System - NewData Staging
894ERP EHP76.0RS3RDFLDNEWT51Text Table for Var. Fields of Third Party Source Sys.- NewData Staging
895ERP EHP76.0RS3RDFLDT41Text table for variable fields of the 3rd party source sys.Data Staging
896ERP EHP76.0RSAABAP41ABAP routine - source codeData Staging
897ERP EHP76.0RSAABAPINV41ABAP Routine - Source Code for Inverse RoutinesData Staging
898ERP EHP76.0RSADMINDAT21Data element assignment for table RSADMINData Staging
899ERP EHP76.0RSAFORM121BW Formulas - Check TableData Staging
900ERP EHP76.0RSAFORMMAP41Mapping Formula External/Internal GUIDData Staging
901ERP EHP76.0RSAFORMT41BW Formulas - Text TableData Staging
902ERP EHP76.0RSAGUIDMAP41Mapping GUID M/A Version for Update RulesData Staging
903ERP EHP76.0RSAPPLSH81Shadow table: Directory of the application componentsData Staging
904ERP EHP76.0RSAPPLTSH61Shadow table: Texts of the application componentsData Staging
905ERP EHP76.0RSARCHIPRO221BW Archiving: General Archiving PropertiesData Staging
906ERP EHP76.0RSARCHIPROIOBJ71BW Archiving: General Archiving PropertiesData Staging
907ERP EHP76.0RSARCHIPROLOC61BW ARchiving: General Local PropertiesData Staging
908ERP EHP76.0RSARCHIPROLOCSEL81BW Archiving: Archived Data AreaData Staging
909ERP EHP76.0RSARCHIPROPID42BW Archiving: Program References of InfoProviderData Staging
910ERP EHP76.0RSARCHREQ133BW Archiving: Archiving RequestData Staging
911ERP EHP76.0RSARCHREQFILES72BW Archiving: Verfified Archive FilesData Staging
912ERP EHP76.0RSARCHREQSEL92BW Archiving: Request-SelectionsData Staging
913ERP EHP76.0RSAREACUBE21Cube InfoAreasData Staging
914ERP EHP76.0RSARFIELDS31ABAP Routine - Check TableData Staging
915ERP EHP76.0RSAROUT121ABAP routine - check tableData Staging
916ERP EHP76.0RSAROUTT42ABAP routine - text tableData Staging
917ERP EHP76.0RSAR_BUFFER51Generic Buffer for Error Stack RecordsData Staging
918ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHADM31Administration Settings for Batch ManangerData Staging
919ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHCTRL173BW Batch Management - Control TableData Staging
920ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHCTRL_PAR182BW Batch Management - Control TableData Staging
921ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHDATA84Copy of INDX for Batch and Enqueue Runtime DataData Staging
922ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHDEBUG111Debugging of Batch Processes for the Batch ManagerData Staging
923ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHDEBUGTYPE71Process Types for which Batch and Debug Manager is ActiveData Staging
924ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHDEBUGVAL71Debugging of Batch Processes - Variable ListData Staging
925ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHDEBUGWAIT131Waiting Processes for Batch Manager to Be CaughtData Staging
926ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHDELDATA61Scheduled Deletions for Automatic Deletion of Messages....Data Staging
927ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHENQ61Pure Enqueue Table for the Batch ManagerData Staging
928ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHHEADER254BW Batch Management - Header Table for the Start ProcessData Staging
929ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHLOGSTAT51Store Statistics for Analyze Table on rsbatchdataData Staging
930ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHLOGWRITE31Store Log Handle for slg1 Write in BatchData Staging
931ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHPARALLEL61Control Parallel Batch ProcessesData Staging
932ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHPROT71BW Batch Management - Log TableData Staging
933ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHSERVER51Server Selection for Parallel Batch ProcessesData Staging
934ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHSTACK92BW Batch Management - Caller Stack of Start ProcessData Staging
935ERP EHP76.0RSBATCHWAITVAL61Debugging of Batch Processes - Variable ListData Staging
936ERP EHP76.0RSBERRORCHANGED81Log of Changed RecordsData Staging
937ERP EHP76.0RSBERRORCROSS81Cross Reference Record NumbersData Staging
938ERP EHP76.0RSBERRORCROSSREQ82Cross References, Record Numbers, Requests and PackagesData Staging
939ERP EHP76.0RSBERRORLOG163Logs for Incorrect RecordsData Staging
940ERP EHP76.0RSBKADMIN21DTP: System-Specific AttributesData Staging
941ERP EHP76.0RSBKBP21BreakpointsData Staging
942ERP EHP76.0RSBKCMD81DTP Command Template in XML FormatData Staging
943ERP EHP76.0RSBKCMDH81DTP Command Template in XML FormatData Staging
944ERP EHP76.0RSBKCMDPROP151Data Transfer Process: CommandsData Staging
945ERP EHP76.0RSBKCMDPROPT41Data Transfer Process: Texts for CommandsData Staging
946ERP EHP76.0RSBKDATA71Copy of INDX for DTP: Runtime BufferData Staging
947ERP EHP76.0RSBKDATAINFO82Information on DTP Runtime BuffersData Staging
948ERP EHP76.0RSBKDATAPAKID121DTP: Status Table for Data PackagesData Staging
949ERP EHP76.0RSBKDATAPAKSEL81DTP: Data Package SelectionsData Staging
950ERP EHP76.0RSBKDTP354BW: Data Transfer Process Header DataData Staging
951ERP EHP76.0RSBKDTPH353DTP: Historic VersionsData Staging
952ERP EHP76.0RSBKDTPSTAT101Status Information on Data Transfer ProcessData Staging
953ERP EHP76.0RSBKDTPT41Texts on Data Transfer ProcessesData Staging
954ERP EHP76.0RSBKDTPTH42Texts on Data Transfer ProcessesData Staging
955ERP EHP76.0RSBKPATH51Properties PathData Staging
956ERP EHP76.0RSBKREQUEST319DTP RequestData Staging
957ERP EHP76.0RSBKREQUESTRUN41DTP RequestsData Staging
958ERP EHP76.0RSBKSELECT81Selections for DTP Request (Summary)Data Staging
959ERP EHP76.0RSBKSUBSTEP31Properties of Substeps in a DTPData Staging
960ERP EHP76.0RSBKSUBSTEPT51Texts for DTP SubstepsData Staging
961ERP EHP76.0RSBMLOG21Hierarchical Log: HeaderData Staging
962ERP EHP76.0RSBMLOGPAR71Hierarchical Log: Field/Value PairData Staging
963ERP EHP76.0RSBMLOGPAR_DTP91DTP Log: Field/Value PairsData Staging
964ERP EHP76.0RSBMNODES122Hierarchical Log: NodesData Staging
965ERP EHP76.0RSBMNODETYPES21Hierarchical Log: Node TypesData Staging
966ERP EHP76.0RSBMONMESS133Hierarchical Log: Table with MessagesData Staging
967ERP EHP76.0RSBMONMESS_DTP141DTP Log: Table With MessagesData Staging
968ERP EHP76.0RSBMREQ_DTP101DTP Log: Status of Header TableData Staging
969ERP EHP76.0RSBOBJDS_FLOWS41Created Data Flows (Change Log)Data Staging
970ERP EHP76.0RSBOBJDS_LOGSYS51Source System for Business Objects Data ServicesData Staging
971ERP EHP76.0RSBOOK111Processing of IDocs in the batchData Staging
972ERP EHP76.0RSBSOURCEPROP51Server Types for the Data Transfer Process: Source ObjectsData Staging
973ERP EHP76.0RSBSOURCEPROPT41Texts on Source Object Types for Data Transfer ProcessData Staging
974ERP EHP76.0RSBTARGETPROP61Server Types for Data Transfer Process: Target ObjectsData Staging
975ERP EHP76.0RSBTARGETPROPT41Texts on Target Object Types for Data Transfer ProcessData Staging
976ERP EHP76.0RSCOMPTLOGO51Grouping Components for TLOGO ObjectsData Staging
977ERP EHP76.0RSCOMPTLOGOT42Grouping Components for TLOGO ObjectsData Staging
978ERP EHP76.0RSCOPY_FLD91Mapping Between Original Fields and Target FieldsData Staging
979ERP EHP76.0RSCOPY_MAP101Mapping between original and copyData Staging
980ERP EHP76.0RSCOPY_OBJ42Start Objects for a Copy ProcessData Staging
981ERP EHP76.0RSCOPY_RPL41Replacements in object name for 1:N copyData Staging
982ERP EHP76.0RSCOPY_RUN131Copy Process (Run for Copy Tool)Data Staging
983ERP EHP76.0RSCRTDONE151CRT Packages Enhancements for ApolloData Staging
984ERP EHP76.0RSCRTMONDATA51Copy of INDX for CRT Runtime DataData Staging
985ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_CONFIRM71TIDs for CRT DaemonData Staging
986ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_CTRL221Control Information for Active (Near)-Real-Time InfoPackagesData Staging
987ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_CTRL_CL101CL Write for RDAData Staging
988ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_DEMONS91Daemons for (Near)-Real-Time Data Transfer into BWData Staging
989ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_DEMON_LOG131Log Table for DaemonData Staging
990ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_DEMON_TRAC172Storage for Performance/Trace Data for Real-Time Data Acqui.Data Staging
991ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_DTA_DS_LG31Lock Table for Near Real-Time in 3.X BW (Obsolete from 4.X)Data Staging
992ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_ON_OFF61Activate/Deactivate Schedule (Near)-Real-Time InfoPackageData Staging
993ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_ASSIGN51Assigned Daemons for RDAData Staging
994ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_DEMON172Daemons with Characterics and IPak Settings (_demons, _ctrl)Data Staging
995ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_DEMOND181Deleted Entries: Daemons with Characteristic and IPak Sett.Data Staging
996ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_ERROR241Error in Real-Time Data AcquisitionData Staging
997ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_FUPC21Subsequent Processes When Closing RDA RequestsData Staging
998ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_IBC51Information Broadcasting Triggered by RDAData Staging
999ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_LOG101Effective Utilization of RDA DaemonsData Staging
1000ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_MONDAT51Copy of INDX for CRT Runtime DataData Staging
1001ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_REPAIR21Repair Process Chain for a DTP for RDAData Staging
1002ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_REQ222Requests and Data Packages with CharacteristicsData Staging
1003ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_TID81Real-time: TIDs from the UploadData Staging
1004ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_TRAC171Store Performance Trace Data for Real-Time Data AcquisitionData Staging
1005ERP EHP76.0RSCRT_RDA_TRACE173ObsoleteData Staging
1006ERP EHP76.0RSCSTRU381Help table for structure changeData Staging
1007ERP EHP76.0RSCSTRU211Help table for structure changeData Staging
1008ERP EHP76.0RSDAARCHREQ173BW Archiving: Archiving RequestData Staging
1009ERP EHP76.0RSDAARCHREQCREF53Assignment of Archiving Request to Source RequestData Staging
1010ERP EHP76.0RSDAARCHREQSEL71BW Archiving: Absolute Selections of the Archive RequestData Staging
1011ERP EHP76.0RSDAARCHREQSPO43BW Archiving: Assignment of Reload Request for PartProviderData Staging
1012ERP EHP76.0RSDAARESREQ43BW Archiving: Archiving RequestData Staging
1013ERP EHP76.0RSDADAP333BW: Data Archiving Process Header DataData Staging
1014ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPDOK42BW Archiving: Data Object KeyData Staging
1015ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPIDX61BW Archiving: Archive IndexData Staging
1016ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPIDXOBJ61BW Archiving: Further Index CharacteristicsData Staging
1017ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPLOC53BW Archiving: Data Archiving Process (Local Properties)Data Staging
1018ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPPART51BW Archiving: Data Archiving Process (Local Properties)Data Staging
1019ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPPID42BW Archiving: Program IDData Staging
1020ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPSEL53BW Archiving: Selection ParametersData Staging
1021ERP EHP76.0RSDADAPT51BW: Data Archiving Process Header DataData Staging
1022ERP EHP76.0RSDANLCON71BW Archiving: Connection to a Nearline StorageData Staging
1023ERP EHP76.0RSDANLOBJ71BW Archiving: Nearline ObjectData Staging
1024ERP EHP76.0RSDANLREFTABL31BW Nearline Interface: Template Table for Nearline TableData Staging
1025ERP EHP76.0RSDANLREQ83BW Archiving: Nearline ObjectData Staging
1026ERP EHP76.0RSDANLREQDPAKSEG81BW Archiving: Segment in Nearline Request Data PackageData Staging
1027ERP EHP76.0RSDANLSEG91BW Archiving: Segment of a Nearline ObjectData Staging
1028ERP EHP76.0RSDANLSEGI51BW Archiving: Fields of a Segment IndexData Staging
1029ERP EHP76.0RSDANLSEGIF71BW Archiving: Segment Index of a Nearline ObjectData Staging
1030ERP EHP76.0RSDANLSEGV102BW Archiving: Errors for a Segment VersionData Staging
1031ERP EHP76.0RSDANLSEGVF122BW Archiving: Segment Version of a Nearline ObjectData Staging
1032ERP EHP76.0RSDANLSEGVI41BW Archiving: Errors for a Segment VersionData Staging
1033ERP EHP76.0RSDANLTABLES42BW Nearline Interface: Transl. of Structure Name -> DB NameData Staging
1034ERP EHP76.0RSDAREFTAB191Reference Table for Nearline StorageData Staging
1035ERP EHP76.0RSDAREFTABSDB_ON41BW Archiving: Template for Request Management TableData Staging
1036ERP EHP76.0RSDAREFTABSDB_OR81BW Archiving: Template for Nearline Table for MaxDBData Staging
1037ERP EHP76.0RSDAREQ102BW Archiving: Archiving RequestData Staging
1038ERP EHP76.0RSDAREQDPAK91BW Archiving: Archiving RequestData Staging
1039ERP EHP76.0RSDAREQSTATHIST52BW Archiving: Log of Request Status TransitionsData Staging
1040ERP EHP76.0RSDBSESPAR41LOCAL Database Parameters for BW thatData Staging
1041ERP EHP76.0RSDDICDTEL41Generated structures for function mod. RSAR_POPUP_GET_VALUESData Staging
1042ERP EHP76.0RSDDICSTRUCT61Generated structures for function mod. RSAR_POPUP_GET_VALUESData Staging
1043ERP EHP76.0RSDELDONE281BW: Selection Table for Deletion with Full Update SchedulerData Staging
1044ERP EHP76.0RSDELPART332Aggregation management of the IC for the MonitorData Staging
1045ERP EHP76.0RSDLTABLES81Database Table Selected for DB Link in BWData Staging
1046ERP EHP76.0RSDS547DataSource in BWData Staging
1047ERP EHP76.0RSDSACCESSACTLOG51Activation Time Methods with ExitData Staging
1048ERP EHP76.0RSDSACCESSATTR61DataSource - Attribute Access MethodData Staging
1049ERP EHP76.0RSDSACCESSATTRSH61DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Attribute Access MethodData Staging
1050ERP EHP76.0RSDSACCESSTYPES171Data Access Methods DataSourceData Staging
1051ERP EHP76.0RSDSACCESSTYPEST31Text Table Data Access Methods DataSourceData Staging
1052ERP EHP76.0RSDSESRMAP51Mapping DataSource ESR (serialized object)Data Staging
1053ERP EHP76.0RSDSEXPORT51DataSource Metadata (Migration)Data Staging
1054ERP EHP76.0RSDSGENDELTA61Last Delta StateData Staging
1055ERP EHP76.0RSDSGENDELTADP51Last Delta State by Data Package (for Numeric Pointer)Data Staging
1056ERP EHP76.0RSDSRTCOUNT41DataSource: Object ID CounterData Staging
1057ERP EHP76.0RSDSRTSEGCOUNT61DataSource: Data Package ID Counter, RecordData Staging
1058ERP EHP76.0RSDSRUNTIMETRACE41Runtime Measurement for DataSourceData Staging
1059ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEG111DataSource - SegmentsData Staging
1060ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEGFD262DataSource - Segment FieldsData Staging
1061ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEGFDSH251DataSource in BW - Shadow Table FieldsData Staging
1062ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEGFDT102DataSource - Texts for Segment FieldsData Staging
1063ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEGFDTSH102DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Field TextsData Staging
1064ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEGSH101DataSource in BW - Shadow Table SegmentsData Staging
1065ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEGT72DataSource - Segment TextsData Staging
1066ERP EHP76.0RSDSSEGTSH72DataSource in BW - Shadow Table Segment TextsData Staging
1067ERP EHP76.0RSDSSH421DataSource in BW - Shadow TableData Staging
1068ERP EHP76.0RSDST76DataSource - TextsData Staging
1069ERP EHP76.0RSDSTRANSTRU41DataSource: Transfer StructuresData Staging
1070ERP EHP76.0RSDSTSH72DataSource in BW - Shadow Table TextsData Staging
1071ERP EHP76.0RSDS_QUEUE_DATA41DataSource Queue: Data (Binary)Data Staging
1072ERP EHP76.0RSDS_QUEUE_HEAD41DataSource Queue; Header Table of Active Delta ProcessesData Staging
1073ERP EHP76.0RSDTA_PERF_ADM41Performance Improvement for PSA Load, etc.Data Staging
1074ERP EHP76.0RSDTPREQDEL82Fast deletion of DTP requestsData Staging
1075ERP EHP76.0RSERRORHEAD93Incorrect Records (Header Table)Data Staging
1076ERP EHP76.0RSERRORLOC62Location of CheckData Staging
1077ERP EHP76.0RSERRORLOG122Logs for Incorrect Records (Header RSERRORHEAD)Data Staging
1078ERP EHP76.0RSEVENTCHAIN72Event Chain Processing Event TableData Staging
1079ERP EHP76.0RSEVENTHEAD173Header for the event chainData Staging
1080ERP EHP76.0RSEVENTHEADT41Header for the event chainData Staging
1081ERP EHP76.0RSEVENTPCPROT82Scratch Table for Event ProcessingData Staging
1082ERP EHP76.0RSEVENTSCRATCH61Scratch Table for Event ProcessingData Staging
1083ERP EHP76.0RSFILENAMEDONE21File Names Calculated in RoutineData Staging
1084ERP EHP76.0RSFOBUEV00061BW - FoBuEv: Header Data of a FormulaData Staging
1085ERP EHP76.0RSFOBUEV001101BW - FoBuEv: Line (Token) of a FormulaData Staging
1086ERP EHP76.0RSGENEXIT31Create Exit Management for Generating Applications for IOBJData Staging
1087ERP EHP76.0RSGENFIELDMAP41IOBJ Field Mapping for Generating ApplicationsData Staging
1088ERP EHP76.0RSGENISOSMAP61Header Mapping for Generating ApplicationsData Staging
1089ERP EHP76.0RSHASHCTRL51Control Table Before Hash Key for rs*done TablesData Staging
1090ERP EHP76.0RSHASHDATA61Data for Hash EncryptionData Staging
1091ERP EHP76.0RSHASHMAP72Mapping Hash Keys to InfoPackage IDData Staging
1092ERP EHP76.0RSHASHTYP31Types of Hash KeyData Staging
1093ERP EHP76.0RSHIEDONE151Selection table for Fields SchedulerData Staging
1094ERP EHP76.0RSHIEFOLTTMP71Help Table for Packaged Loading of HierarchiesData Staging
1095ERP EHP76.0RSHIEINTVLTMP41Help Table for Packaged Loading of HierarchiesData Staging
1096ERP EHP76.0RSHIENODETMP121Help Table for Packaged Loading of HierarchiesData Staging
1097ERP EHP76.0RSHIETXTTMP51Help Table for Loading Packaged HierarchiesData Staging
1098ERP EHP76.0RSICAGGR342Aggregation management of the IC for the MonitorData Staging
1099ERP EHP76.0RSICAGGR2113Aggregation administration for aggregates from ICs (sgle pr)Data Staging
1100ERP EHP76.0RSICCOMP61Compression management of the IC for the MonitorData Staging
1101ERP EHP76.0RSICCOMPPLAN341Scheduling InfoCube compressionData Staging
1102ERP EHP76.0RSICCONT74Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per requestData Staging
1103ERP EHP76.0RSICCONTDEL51Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per requestData Staging
1104ERP EHP76.0RSICCONT_SAVE71Requests Deleted from Administration Stored HereData Staging
1105ERP EHP76.0RSICCONT_SAVE273Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per requestData Staging
1106ERP EHP76.0RSICENQ11Enqueue table for InfoCubesData Staging
1107ERP EHP76.0RSICNEW321Aggregation management of the IC for the MonitorData Staging
1108ERP EHP76.0RSICNEWREQ31Requests for the reconstruction of an ICData Staging
1109ERP EHP76.0RSICODS_SAVE134Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per requestData Staging
1110ERP EHP76.0RSICPROT233Logs for Processed JobsData Staging
1111ERP EHP76.0RSICSDELSTAT82Statistics on Records in Requests After Selective DeletionData Staging
1112ERP EHP76.0RSICSDELSTATCTRL121Control Table for RSICSDELSTAT for Selective DeletionData Staging
1113ERP EHP76.0RSICSETTINGS451Settings for an InfoCubeData Staging
1114ERP EHP76.0RSICSTAT341InfoCube settings for aggregating from the monitorData Staging
1115ERP EHP76.0RSIDOCSAVE111IDoc table of the monitor for requestsData Staging
1116ERP EHP76.0RSINSP114Inspection PlanData Staging
1117ERP EHP76.0RSINSPCHECK92Checks in Inspection PlanData Staging
1118ERP EHP76.0RSINSPCHECKT52Checks for Inspection Plan - TextsData Staging
1119ERP EHP76.0RSINSPSRC52Source Objects of Inspection PlanData Staging
1120ERP EHP76.0RSINSPT42Inspection Plan - TextsData Staging
1121ERP EHP76.0RSIS121InfoSource (transaction data)Data Staging
1122ERP EHP76.0RSISFIELD31InfoSource fields (provider structure of all systems)Data Staging
1123ERP EHP76.0RSISFIELDSH151Shadow table: InfoSource fieldsData Staging
1124ERP EHP76.0RSISIPTVERS31Cross-Reference Table for InfoPackage Names at ImportData Staging
1125ERP EHP76.0RSISN141InfoSource - Header TableData Staging
1126ERP EHP76.0RSISNFIELD41InfoSource - Field TableData Staging
1127ERP EHP76.0RSISNT61InfoSource - TextsData Staging
1128ERP EHP76.0RSISODS61ODSData Staging
1129ERP EHP76.0RSISOFIELD171InfoSource fields (provider structure of a source system)Data Staging
1130ERP EHP76.0RSISOLTP191InfoSources (tranascation data) in source systemData Staging
1131ERP EHP76.0RSISOSELFD51InfoSource selection fields of a source systemData Staging
1132ERP EHP76.0RSISOSIBUSH41The OLTPSource is suited for which IBUs?Data Staging
1133ERP EHP76.0RSISOSMAP137Mapping Between InfoSources and OLTP SourcesData Staging
1134ERP EHP76.0RSISOSMAPSH81Shadow Table: Mapping between InfoSources and OLTPSourceData Staging
1135ERP EHP76.0RSISOSNDPSH41The OLTPSource is suited to which NDP?Data Staging
1136ERP EHP76.0RSISSELFDSH41Shadow table: InfoSource fieldsData Staging
1137ERP EHP76.0RSISSH161Shadow table: InfoSourceData Staging
1138ERP EHP76.0RSIST61InfoSource textsData Staging
1139ERP EHP76.0RSISTSH71Shadow table: InfoSource textsData Staging
1140ERP EHP76.0RSKSFIELDNEW181Fields for New InfoSourceData Staging
1141ERP EHP76.0RSKSFIELDSH131Shadow table: Communication structure fieldsData Staging
1142ERP EHP76.0RSKSNEW131New InfoSource - TLOGO: TRCSData Staging
1143ERP EHP76.0RSKSNEWT41New InfoSource TextsData Staging
1144ERP EHP76.0RSKSSEGTXT51Texts for SegmentsData Staging
1145ERP EHP76.0RSKSSH41Shadow table: Communication structure fieldsData Staging
1146ERP EHP76.0RSLDPACCESS51Access Methods for New DataSourceData Staging
1147ERP EHP76.0RSLDPACCESSSH41Access Methods for New DataSource (Shadow Table)Data Staging
1148ERP EHP76.0RSLDPCRT161CRT Enhancement ApolloData Staging
1149ERP EHP76.0RSLDPCRTCOPY161ObsoleteData Staging
1150ERP EHP76.0RSLDPCRTCP161Real-Time Sett. Ipack; Copy for Fields Maintained in MonitorData Staging
1151ERP EHP76.0RSLDPCRTSH151CRT Enhancement ApolloData Staging
1152ERP EHP76.0RSLDPDEL261BW: Selection Table for Deleting with Full Update SchedulerData Staging
1153ERP EHP76.0RSLDPDELSH241BW: Selection Table for Deletion with Full Update SchedulerData Staging
1154ERP packet: No.Data Staging
1155ERP packet: No.Data Staging
1156ERP EHP76.0RSLDPIOT53Texts about variants logdpidData Staging
1157ERP EHP76.0RSLDPIOTSH41Texts about variants logdpidData Staging
1158ERP EHP76.0RSLDPRULE61ABAP Code for Scheduler SelectionsData Staging
1159ERP EHP76.0RSLDPRULESH51ABAP Code for Scheduler SelectionsData Staging
1160ERP EHP76.0RSLDPSEL891Selection table for fields schedulerData Staging
1161ERP EHP76.0RSLDPSELCOPY51ObsoleteData Staging
1162ERP EHP76.0RSLDPSELCP81Selection Tab. Ipack; Copy for Fields Maintained in MonitorData Staging
1163ERP EHP76.0RSLDPSELHIST871Selection Table for Fields of Scheduler - Changes/HistoryData Staging
1164ERP EHP76.0RSLDPSELSH851Selection table for fields schedulerData Staging
1165ERP EHP76.0RSLDPSTACK91Log Table for Caller Stack for InfoPackage ChangesData Staging
1166ERP EHP76.0RSLDPUSEDHIST231Change History Use of InfoPackageData Staging
1167ERP EHP76.0RSLDTDONE83Texts on the requested InfoPackages and groupsData Staging
1168ERP EHP76.0RSLGRHIE142Hierarchy of the InfoPackage groups of the SchedulerData Staging
1169ERP EHP76.0RSLGRHIESH81Hierarchy of the InfoPackage groups of the SchedulerData Staging
1170ERP EHP76.0RSLGRHIET52Texts about the logical data groupsData Staging
1171ERP EHP76.0RSLGRHIETSH61Texts about the logical data groupsData Staging
1172ERP EHP76.0RSLGRPAK62InfoPackage assignment to group in hierarchy SchedulerData Staging
1173ERP EHP76.0RSLGRPAKSH71InfoPackage assignment to group in hierarchy SchedulerData Staging
1174ERP EHP76.0RSLISTDEF61User-dependent list output monitor startData Staging
1175ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSCOMP31Assigned 3rd Party Source System ReleasesData Staging
1176ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSCONTENT11Source Systems Irrelevant for Content ("Practice Systems")Data Staging
1177ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSDB61Extras for RSBASIDOC with DB Connect Source SystemsData Staging
1178ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSDEST21Destination for Logical System (Note: Comp. EDIPOA ! )Data Staging
1179ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSMAP31Mapping of logical systems fir transport of InfoSourcesData Staging
1180ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSODP51Source System Parameter for ODPData Staging
1181ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSTAB21Source System Information for Source Systems TransportData Staging
1182ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSUDC21UDC-Connector for Source SystemData Staging
1183ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSVIRT21Virtual Source SystemsData Staging
1184ERP EHP76.0RSLOGSYSWS31Source System Parameter: Web Service Source SystemData Staging
1185ERP EHP76.0RSMAILMON41Mail Addresses for Monitor AssistantData Staging
1186ERP EHP76.0RSMDATASTATELOGS41Status of the Data in the InfocubesData Staging
1187ERP EHP76.0RSMDATASTATE_DMI161Last delta requests loaded in data target (per source)Data Staging
1188ERP EHP76.0RSMDATASTATE_DMO181Last delta requests loaded from data source (per target)Data Staging
1189ERP EHP76.0RSMDATASTATE_EXT341Additional Summation Status of Data in Data TargetsData Staging
1190ERP EHP76.0RSMDATASTATE_PSA61PSA Status ManagementData Staging
1191ERP EHP76.0RSMIGRATEPR61Migration: ProjectData Staging
1192ERP EHP76.0RSMIGRATEPRCTO41Migration: Objects to be transportedData Staging
1193ERP EHP76.0RSMIGRATEPREX81Migration: ExecuteData Staging
1194ERP EHP76.0RSMIGRATEPREXM171Migration: Execution - result with messagesData Staging
1195ERP EHP76.0RSMIGRATEPRITM51Migration: Original Objects in ProjectData Staging
1196ERP EHP76.0RSMIGRATEPRSTA81Migration: Edited ObjectsData Staging
1197ERP EHP76.0RSMIGRATEPRXML51Migration: Exported ObjectsData Staging
1198ERP EHP76.0RSMIME31Table with mime data (pictures)Data Staging
1199ERP EHP76.0RSMIMEATTR31Attributes of Files in RSMIMEData Staging
1200ERP EHP76.0RSMIOBJSTATE31Load timestamp for data of InfoObjectsData Staging
1201ERP EHP76.0RSMOCALLER71Caller master dataData Staging
1202ERP EHP76.0RSMONENQ71Enqueue table for schedulerData Staging
1203ERP EHP76.0RSMONEXT51Service Table for Extractor for Selection Cube (for Delta)Data Staging
1204ERP EHP76.0RSMONFACT192Fact table monitorData Staging
1205ERP EHP76.0RSMONICDP175Monitor Request Data Packet TableData Staging
1206ERP EHP76.0RSMONICDP_SAVE171Requests Deleted from Administration Stored HereData Staging
1207ERP EHP76.0RSMONICDP_SAVE2173Monitor Request Data Packet TableData Staging
1208ERP EHP76.0RSMONICTAB143Monitor IC tableData Staging
1209ERP EHP76.0RSMONIPTAB92InfoPackage for the monitorData Staging
1210ERP EHP76.0RSMONJUDGE151Monitor: Evaluating a RequestData Staging
1211ERP EHP76.0RSMONMESS196Messages for the monitorData Staging
1212ERP EHP76.0RSMONNEWPROT43Log Requests for Reconstruction and Cancellation RequestData Staging
1213ERP EHP76.0RSMONPC51Load-Monitor Connection of Process RunsData Staging
1214ERP EHP76.0RSMONPROCESS41Processes that have worked with requestsData Staging
1215ERP EHP76.0RSMONRQTAB71Monitor table for request IDocsData Staging
1216ERP EHP76.0RSMONSTACK51Call Stack Monitor with Error MessagesData Staging
1217ERP EHP76.0RSMPROREQMAP132Map Source Request to MPRO RequestData Staging
1218ERP EHP76.0RSMREALTIMESTATE41Current Real-Time RequestData Staging
1219ERP EHP76.0RSOACUBE41BW OLTP Direct Access: List of Virtual InfoCubesData Staging
1220ERP EHP76.0RSOACUBE_DSOURCE31BW OLTP Direct Access: Not Assigned DataSourcesData Staging
1221ERP EHP76.0RSOACUBE_DTP61BW: OLTP Direct Access: Directory of Assigned Remote DTPsData Staging
1222ERP EHP76.0RSOACUBE_LOGSYS21BW OLTP Direct Access: List of Assigned Source SystemsData Staging
1223ERP EHP76.0RSOACUBE_SSYST21BW OLTP Direct Access: List of Assigned Source SystemsData Staging
1224ERP EHP76.0RSOAPPL91Application Components ofData Staging
1225ERP EHP76.0RSOAPPLT72Texts on Source System Application ComponentsData Staging
1226ERP EHP76.0RSODP41Operational Data Provider: HeaderData Staging
1227ERP EHP76.0RSODPACTIVEVERS51Operational Data Provider: Active Versions of IndexesData Staging
1228ERP EHP76.0RSODPLOAD142Operational Data Provider: LoadingData Staging
1229ERP EHP76.0RSODPLOADSEL71Operational Data Provider: Load SelectionsData Staging
1230ERP EHP76.0RSODPQUERYSEL51Operational Data Provider: Query SelectionsData Staging
1231ERP EHP76.0RSODPSEL61Operational Data Provider: Query and Load SelectionsData Staging
1232ERP EHP76.0RSODPSELHASH41Operational Data Provider: Hashed Query SelectionsData Staging
1233ERP EHP76.0RSODPSTAT111Operational Data Provider: StatusData Staging
1234ERP EHP76.0RSODP_BWA_INDEX61ODP: Information on Generated Logical IndexesData Staging
1235ERP EHP76.0RSODSACT383Activation of ODS M RecordsData Staging
1236ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTREQ105Activation table of M-requests to change-log requestsData Staging
1237ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTREQSAVE2103Activation table of M-requests to change-log requestsData Staging
1238ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTREQ_SAVE103Requests Deleted from Administration Stored HereData Staging
1239ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTSEL82Activation of ODS M RecordsData Staging
1240ERP EHP76.0RSODSACTUPDTYPE71Field Aggregation at Time of UpdateData Staging
1241ERP EHP76.0RSODSSETTINGS131Settings for an ODSData Staging
1242ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPHIECOM92Replicate of Compounding Info. for Hier.-DataSource in BWData Staging
1243ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPIBU31Which IBUs are Supported by the Source System?Data Staging
1244ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPNDP31Which NDPs are Supported by the Source System?Data Staging
1245ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCE326Replicate Table for OLTP Sources in BWData Staging
1246ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCEFDSH171Shadow Table: OLTP Source FieldsData Staging
1247ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCEFIE196OLTP Source FieldsData Staging
1248ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCEFIET94Texts for OLTP Source FieldsData Staging
1249ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCEFTSH82Texts for OLTP Source FieldsData Staging
1250ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCESEG51Segments of a DataSourceData Staging
1251ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCESEGT82Segment Texts for DataSourceData Staging
1252ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCESFI181Segment Fields of a DataSourceData Staging
1253ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCESFIT101Texts for the Segment Fields of a DataSourceData Staging
1254ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCESH161Shadow Table: Replica Table for OLTP Sources in BWData Staging
1255ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCET76Segment Texts for a DataSourceData Staging
1256ERP EHP76.0RSOLTPSOURCETSH71Shadow Table: Texts for OLTP SourcesData Staging
1257ERP EHP76.0RSOS111InfoSource (master data, texts, hierarchies)Data Staging
1258ERP EHP76.0RSOSATTFD31InfoSource attributes using all source systemsData Staging
1259ERP EHP76.0RSOSATTFDSH151Shadow table: InfoSource attributesData Staging
1260ERP EHP76.0RSOSFIELD31InfoSource fields using all source systemsData Staging
1261ERP EHP76.0RSOSFIELDMAP61Mapping Between OLTP Source Fields and InfoObjectsData Staging
1262ERP EHP76.0RSOSFIELDMAPSH41Shadow Table: Mapping between OLTPs, Fields and IOBJsData Staging
1263ERP EHP76.0RSOSFIELDSH151Shadow table: InfoSource fieldsData Staging
1264ERP EHP76.0RSOSGENMAP41Information on Mapping Generation: IS OLTP SourceData Staging
1265ERP EHP76.0RSOSGENMAPB31InfoObject <-> Field Mapping for Generating ApplicationsData Staging
1266ERP EHP76.0RSOSOATTFD151InfoSource attributes of a source systemData Staging
1267ERP EHP76.0RSOSOFIELD141InfoSource fields of a source systemData Staging
1268ERP EHP76.0RSOSOHIE182Directory for Master Data HierarchiesData Staging
1269ERP EHP76.0RSOSOHIESH131Shadow Table: Hierarchy Information in BWData Staging
1270ERP EHP76.0RSOSOHIET142Directory for Master Data Hierarchies - TextsData Staging
1271ERP EHP76.0RSOSOHIETSH141Shadow Table: Hierarchy Information in BWData Staging
1272ERP EHP76.0RSOSOLTP191InfoSources (master data, ...) in the source systemData Staging
1273ERP EHP76.0RSOSOSELFD51InfoSource selection fields of a source systemData Staging
1274ERP EHP76.0RSOSSEGFIEMAP61Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments (Fields)Data Staging
1275ERP EHP76.0RSOSSEGFIEMAPSH51Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource Segments (Fields)Data Staging
1276ERP EHP76.0RSOSSEGMAP62Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource SegmentsData Staging
1277ERP EHP76.0RSOSSEGMAPSH51Mapping between DataSource and InfoSource SegmentsData Staging
1278ERP EHP76.0RSOSSELFDSH41Shadow table: InfoSource fieldsData Staging
1279ERP EHP76.0RSOSSH171Shadow table: InfoSources (master data, ...)Data Staging
1280ERP EHP76.0RSOST61InfoSources (master data, ...) textsData Staging
1281ERP EHP76.0RSOSTSH71Shadow table: InfoSources (master data, ...) textsData Staging
1282ERP EHP76.0RSPAKPOS82Process position of the InfoPackages in InfoPackage groupsData Staging
1283ERP EHP76.0RSPATTERNMAP31Pattern AssignmentData Staging
1284ERP EHP76.0RSPCABAPASYNC72Logging for ABAP Processes(Synchronously and Asynchronously)Data Staging
1285ERP EHP76.0RSPCACTIVECHECK31Results of Active Check with PC_ACTIVE Process TypeData Staging
1286ERP EHP76.0RSPCCATEGORY21Process Type CategoriesData Staging
1287ERP EHP76.0RSPCCATEGORYT31Texts for CategoryData Staging
1288ERP EHP76.0RSPCCHAIN216Process chainData Staging
1289ERP EHP76.0RSPCCHAINATTR233Attributes for a Process ChainData Staging
1290ERP EHP76.0RSPCCHAINEVENTS91Multiple Events with Process ChainsData Staging
1291ERP EHP76.0RSPCCHAINT42Texts for ChainData Staging
1292ERP EHP76.0RSPCCOMMANDLOG51System Command Execution Logs (Process Chains)Data Staging
1293ERP EHP76.0RSPCCONTENTSTART11Process Chains To Be Scheduled Autom. When Content ActivatedData Staging
1294ERP EHP76.0RSPCENQUEUE21Dummy Table for Runtime Locks of a ProcessData Staging
1295ERP EHP76.0RSPCEXOR31Excluding Or: Log TableData Staging
1296ERP EHP76.0RSPCINFO11Special Values for Communication between ProcessesData Staging
1297ERP EHP76.0RSPCINFOT31Special Values for Communication between ProcessesData Staging
1298ERP EHP76.0RSPCINSTANCE123Generic Instance StorageData Staging
1299ERP EHP76.0RSPCINSTANCET51Texts for Generic Instance-StorageData Staging
1300ERP EHP76.0RSPCINTERRUPT311Variants for the Trigger ProcessesData Staging
1301ERP EHP76.0RSPCINTERRUPTLOG73Table for Interrupt ProcessesData Staging
1302ERP EHP76.0RSPCINTERRUPTT41Texts for Interrupt VariantsData Staging
1303ERP EHP76.0RSPCKILL51Runs to be TerminatedData Staging
1304ERP EHP76.0RSPCLOGCHAIN204Cross-Table Log ID / Chain IDData Staging
1305ERP EHP76.0RSPCLOGCROSS53Cross-Table Log ID Old / Log ID NewData Staging
1306ERP EHP76.0RSPCLOGS41Application Logs for the Process Chains (Generic Service)Data Staging
1307ERP EHP76.0RSPCLOGTIMECACHE41Cache for Runtime StatisticsData Staging
1308ERP EHP76.0RSPCPROCESSLOG178Logs for the Chain RunsData Staging
1309ERP EHP76.0RSPCRUNVARIABLES71Variables for Process Chains for RuntimeData Staging
1310ERP EHP76.0RSPCSYNCLOCK11Dummy Table for Locks for Synchronous ExecutionData Staging
1311ERP EHP76.0RSPCTRIGGER321Variants for the Trigger ProcessesData Staging
1312ERP EHP76.0RSPCTRIGGERT41Texts for the Trigger VariantsData Staging
1313ERP EHP76.0RSPCTYPESDEP62Dependencies for ProcessesData Staging
1314ERP EHP76.0RSPCTYPESPROC61Attributes of BW processes (RSSM)Data Staging
1315ERP EHP76.0RSPCVARIANT93Generic Variant StorageData Staging
1316ERP EHP76.0RSPCVARIANTATTR83Attributes of a Process VariantData Staging
1317ERP EHP76.0RSPCVARIANTT52Texts for Generic Variant StorageData Staging
1318ERP EHP76.0RSPC_ALERT_CAT41Alert Categories for Process TypesData Staging
1319ERP EHP76.0RSPC_BUFFER111Shared Buffer for Processes (Esp. Customer Programs)Data Staging
1320ERP EHP76.0RSPC_MONITOR41Monitor individual process chainsData Staging
1321ERP EHP76.0RSPC_MONITOR_SET31User-Dependent Setting RSPCMData Staging
1322ERP EHP76.0RSPROCESSTYPES151Possible Process TypesData Staging
1323ERP EHP76.0RSPROCESSTYPEST41Descriptions of Possible Process TypesData Staging
1324ERP EHP76.0RSPSADEL391Delete PSA request in batchData Staging
1325ERP EHP76.0RSRADIOMON201User-specific Settings (Radio Buttons)Data Staging
1326ERP EHP76.0RSREQARCH81Request ArchivingData Staging
1327ERP EHP76.0RSREQARCHCTRL72Archiving for Request Control RecordsData Staging
1328ERP EHP76.0RSREQARCHDATA61Data for Hash EncryptionData Staging
1329ERP EHP76.0RSREQARCHDEL91Archiving for Request Control RecordsData Staging
1330ERP EHP76.0RSREQARCHMON291Totals Record of Monitor Tables after ArchivingData Staging
1331ERP EHP76.0RSREQARCHREORG101Request ArchivingData Staging
1332ERP EHP76.0RSREQDONE5810Monitor: Saving of the QM entriesData Staging
1333ERP EHP76.0RSREQDPTID121Note TID for Request and Data PackageData Staging
1334ERP EHP76.0RSREQHIER32Data Request HierarchyData Staging
1335ERP EHP76.0RSREQICODS135Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per requestData Staging
1336ERP EHP76.0RSREQICODS_SAVE131Requests Deleted from Administration Stored HereData Staging
1337ERP EHP76.0RSREQICODS_SAVE2132Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per requestData Staging
1338ERP EHP76.0RSREQPROGS171Generated Programs for Each RequestData Staging
1339ERP EHP76.0RSREQREDUCE111Reduction of very large request lists in cubes and DSOsData Staging
1340ERP EHP76.0RSREQSTORNO82Reversal of requests in ICData Staging
1341ERP EHP76.0RSRNR21Request tableData Staging
1342ERP EHP76.0RSRULEDONE51ABAP Code for Scheduler SelectionsData Staging
1343ERP EHP76.0RSRULEPARAM101Rule ParametersData Staging
1344ERP EHP76.0RSSDBATCH531Table for batch run scheduler (new)Data Staging
1345ERP EHP76.0RSSDBATCHHIST551Table for Background Run of Scheduler - Changes/HistoryData Staging
1346ERP EHP76.0RSSDBATCHSH521Table for Batch Run Scheduler (New)Data Staging
1347ERP EHP76.0RSSDLCONVEXIT173Saving conversion exits in/outputData Staging
1348ERP EHP76.0RSSDLINIT121Last Valid Initializations to an OLTP SourceData Staging
1349ERP EHP76.0RSSDLINIT2MAP61Mapping-table for second init. from an ODS objectData Staging
1350ERP EHP76.0RSSDLINIT2ODS51Set receiver ODS to OK after second init.Data Staging
1351ERP EHP76.0RSSDLINITDEL141Last Valid Initializations to an OLTP SourceData Staging
1352ERP EHP76.0RSSDLINITSEL121Last Valid Initializations to an OLTP SourceData Staging
1353ERP EHP76.0RSSEARCHLOGS41Lock Table for Parallel Dev Trace SearchingData Staging
1354ERP EHP76.0RSSELDONE10412Monitor: Selections for executed requestData Staging
1355ERP EHP76.0RSSELDTP21Selection Conditions for Output in AdministrationData Staging
1356ERP EHP76.0RSSELMON92Monitor: Selection VariantsData Staging
1357ERP EHP76.0RSSELMONT41Reference to Selection VariantData Staging
1358ERP EHP76.0RSSHIPDVERS63After D Vers. of Shadow Packages, Rename and NoteData Staging
1359ERP EHP76.0RSSIMUDAT51Transfer table for simulation of IDocsData Staging
1360ERP EHP76.0RSSMPARTSCRATCH111Temporary Data for JoinData Staging
1361ERP EHP76.0RSSMPCATTR11Process attributesData Staging
1362ERP EHP76.0RSSMPCATTRT31Process attributesData Staging
1363ERP EHP76.0RSSMSHAREACT104ActionsData Staging
1364ERP EHP76.0RSSMSHAREMD41Master DataData Staging
1365ERP EHP76.0RSSMSHAREMDT31Master Data/TextsData Staging
1366ERP EHP76.0RSSMSHARENR11NumberData Staging
1367ERP EHP76.0RSSMWPDPSAVE61Save work process and data packet ID for editingData Staging
1368ERP EHP76.0RSSRCCHK21Temporary Storge of Source System Check for CommunicationData Staging
1369ERP EHP76.0RSSRCTYPE_ACCESS31Permitted Access Types by Source System TypeData Staging
1370ERP EHP76.0RSSRCTYPE_MAP121Behavior of Source System TypesData Staging
1371ERP EHP76.0RSSTART521Admin.Workbench start tableData Staging
1372ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANPART366Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA AdministrationData Staging
1373ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANPARTT234Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA AdministrationData Staging
1374ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANPSA214Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA AdministrationData Staging
1375ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANPSAT132Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA AdministrationData Staging
1376ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANREQMAP109Mapping of Higher- to Lower-Level Status Manager RequestData Staging
1377ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANREQMDEL1210Mapping of Higher- to Lower-Level Status Manager RequestData Staging
1378ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANSTATDEL264Status Manager Table of Deleted Request StatusData Staging
1379ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANSTATUS244Apollo Status Manager Management Table of Request StatusData Staging
1380ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMANT_SAVE2232Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA AdministrationData Staging
1381ERP EHP76.0RSSTATMAN_SAVE2365Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA AdministrationData Staging
1382ERP EHP76.0RSTCPDONE81Selection table for 3rd party; SchedulerData Staging
1383ERP EHP76.0RSTPARAM21Table for Parameter Transfer with RulesData Staging
1384ERP EHP76.0RSTPRFC21Destinations in ClientsData Staging
1385ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN373TransformationData Staging
1386ERP EHP76.0RSTRANCLUST71Table Cluster: Save Data Flow ComparisonsData Staging
1387ERP EHP76.0RSTRANCLUSTINFO121Information for a data flow comparisonData Staging
1388ERP EHP76.0RSTRANENQ21Lock Entries for TransformationData Staging
1389ERP EHP76.0RSTRANFIELD121Mapping of Rule Parameters - Structure FieldsData Staging
1390ERP EHP76.0RSTRANFIELDPROP81Field Properties Within Transformation (obsolete?)Data Staging
1391ERP EHP76.0RSTRANGROUPFIELD61Selected Grouping Fields of Transformation (Source)Data Staging
1392ERP EHP76.0RSTRANGROUPT51Transformation TextsData Staging
1393ERP EHP76.0RSTRANIF41Table for Source/Target InterfaceData Staging
1394ERP EHP76.0RSTRANROUTMAP71Rule Type: RoutineData Staging
1395ERP EHP76.0RSTRANRULE111Transformation RuleData Staging
1396ERP EHP76.0RSTRANRULESTEP61Rule Steps for a Transformation RuleData Staging
1397ERP EHP76.0RSTRANRULET72Texts for a Transformation RuleData Staging
1398ERP EHP76.0RSTRANRULE_TEST62Mapping Table for Single Rule SimulationData Staging
1399ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSEG41Used segmentsData Staging
1400ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPCNST81Rule Type: ConstantData Staging
1401ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPIOBJ51Rule Step: InfoObject AssignmentData Staging
1402ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPMAP111Mapping for Rule Step Within a RuleData Staging
1403ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPMASTER81Rule Type: Read Master DataData Staging
1404ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPMOVE61Rule Type: Direct or MOVEData Staging
1405ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPODSO71Rule Type: Read DataStore ObjectData Staging
1406ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPROUT61Rule Type: RoutineData Staging
1407ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPTIME81Rule Type: Direct or MOVEData Staging
1408ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPTYPE81Rule Step TableData Staging
1409ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPTYPET31Rule Step TableData Staging
1410ERP EHP76.0RSTRANSTEPUNIT61Rule Type: Direct or MOVEData Staging
1411ERP EHP76.0RSTRANT62Transformation TextsData Staging
1412ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_RTO51Runtime Object of TransformationData Staging
1413ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_RTO_HDR31Header Information for Transformation Runtime ObjectData Staging
1414ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_R_CURR151Currency Translations for Transformation Runtime Unit TestData Staging
1415ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_R_IOBJ121InfoObjects for UnitTest Transformation RuntimeData Staging
1416ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_R_TEST131Unit Test Transformation RuntimeData Staging
1417ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_R_UNIT111Unit Conversions for Transformation Runtime Unit TestData Staging
1418ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_STEPTPL_R21Runtime: Template STEP Type RelationsData Staging
1419ERP EHP76.0RSTRAN_STEPTYP_R31Runtime: Sections for STEP TypeData Staging
1420ERP EHP76.0RSTREECUSMON31User-Specific Tree Display MonitorData Staging
1421ERP EHP76.0RSTRFIELDSH161Shadow table: Transfer Structure FieldsData Staging
1422ERP EHP76.0RSTRRULESSH111Shadow table: Transfer Structure Transfer RulesData Staging
1423ERP EHP76.0RSTRSH101Shadow table: Transfer StructureData Staging
1424ERP EHP76.0RSTS273Transfer structureData Staging
1425ERP EHP76.0RSTSABAPSH61Shadow table: ABAP routine - source codeData Staging
1426ERP EHP76.0RSTSDOMA41General domains for transfer structureData Staging
1427ERP EHP76.0RSTSDTEL71Data element for transfer structure per logical systemData Staging
1428ERP EHP76.0RSTSDTELNEW72Data element for transfer structure per logical systemData Staging
1429ERP EHP76.0RSTSFIELD153Transfer structure fieldsData Staging
1430ERP EHP76.0RSTSFIELDSH161Shadow table: Transfer structure fieldsData Staging
1431ERP EHP76.0RSTSIDOC81IDoc Operational Data Store for the transfer structureData Staging
1432ERP EHP76.0RSTSIDOCFIELD131Fields for the IDoc Operational Data StoreData Staging
1433ERP EHP76.0RSTSODS131Operational Data Store for the transfer structureData Staging
1434ERP EHP76.0RSTSODSFIELD161Fields for the Operational Data StoreData Staging
1435ERP EHP76.0RSTSODSPART52Partitioning InformationData Staging
1436ERP EHP76.0RSTSODSREQUEST32Request directory ODS; which request is in which ODSData Staging
1437ERP EHP76.0RSTSODSREQUESTPG31Request-/packet directoryData Staging
1438ERP EHP76.0RSTSRULES101Transfer structure transfer rulesData Staging
1439ERP EHP76.0RSTSRULESSH111Shadow table: Transfer structure transfer rulesData Staging
1440ERP EHP76.0RSTSRULESTSH61Shadow table: ABAP routine - source codeData Staging
1441ERP EHP76.0RSTSSH91Shadow table: Transfer structureData Staging
1442ERP EHP76.0RSUICDONE71BIW: Selection table for user-selection update ICsData Staging
1443ERP EHP76.0RSUIDEPENDENCIES41Possible Specifications for a FieldData Staging
1444ERP EHP76.0RSUIFIELDS91Fields for Generated User InterfacesData Staging
1445ERP EHP76.0RSUIFIELDST41Fields for Generated User InterfacesData Staging
1446ERP EHP76.0RSUIVALUES41Dependencies Between Ui FieldsData Staging
1447ERP EHP76.0RSUPDDAT211Update rules key figuresData Staging
1448ERP EHP76.0RSUPDENQ21Removal of locks in the update rulesData Staging
1449ERP EHP76.0RSUPDFORM41BW: Update Rules - Formulas - Checking TableData Staging
1450ERP EHP76.0RSUPDINFO191Update info (status and program)Data Staging
1451ERP EHP76.0RSUPDKEY201Update rule: Key per key figureData Staging
1452ERP EHP76.0RSUPDROUT51Update rules - ABAP routine - check tableData Staging
1453ERP EHP76.0RSUPDSIMULD51Table for saving simulation data updateData Staging
1454ERP EHP76.0RSUPDSIMULH101Table for saving simulation data header informationData Staging
1455ERP EHP76.0RSVARI11Variants of the SchedulerData Staging
1456ERP EHP76.0RSZIELPICMON41Screen Name for Data TargetData Staging
1457ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART011Request Join Table 0Data Staging
1458ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART111Temprary RNR Table 1Data Staging
1459ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART211Request Join Table 2Data Staging
1460ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART311Request Join Table 3Data Staging
1461ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART411Request Join Table 4Data Staging
1462ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART511Request Join Table 5Data Staging
1463ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART611Request Join Table 6Data Staging
1464ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART711Request Join Table 7Data Staging
1465ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART811Request Join Table 8Data Staging
1466ERP EHP76.0TESTDATRNRPART911Request Join Table 9Data Staging
Without Description :: Without Description :: Data Warehousing Workbench
1467ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNDFP_DF_CHA31Table for Logging Changes to Data Flow PatternData Warehousing Workbench
1468ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNDFP_DF_LIN51Links of a Data FlowData Warehousing Workbench
1469ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNDFP_DF_NOD81Objects of a Data FlowData Warehousing Workbench
1470ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNDFP_DF_TXT41Table for Label/Name of a Data Flow PatternData Warehousing Workbench
1471ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNFOLDERTREE21Tools That Process a Specific AWB RequstData Warehousing Workbench
1472ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNOBJCLASS101Object Classes for TLOGO Objects in the AWBData Warehousing Workbench
1473ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNTOOLS61Tools That Process a Specific AWB RequestData Warehousing Workbench
1474ERP EHP76.0RSAWBNUTESTMTREE81Unit Tests for Model Trees of the Data Warehousing WorkbenchData Warehousing Workbench
1475ERP EHP76.0RSAWBN_NAV_TRACE101Naviagation Stack at Termination of DWB NavigationData Warehousing Workbench
1476ERP EHP76.0RSAWBN_USR_TREE101User Settings for Start of DWB: TreesData Warehousing Workbench
1477ERP EHP76.0RSAWBN_USR_VIEW21User Settings for Start of DWB: ViewData Warehousing Workbench
1478ERP EHP76.0RSAWBN_USR_VIEWD61User Settings for Start of DWB: Fcode - drawselData Warehousing Workbench
1479ERP EHP76.0RSDFDMOD191Directory of Data FlowsData Warehousing Workbench
1480ERP EHP76.0RSDFDMODDOCU41Data flow description (string)Data Warehousing Workbench
1481ERP EHP76.0RSDFDMODT41Texts for the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1482ERP EHP76.0RSDFDMOD_LOCAL31Local and version-dependent settings for data flowsData Warehousing Workbench
1483ERP EHP76.0RSDFLINKS41Links in the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1484ERP EHP76.0RSDFNODEATTR61Attributes of a Node in Data FlowData Warehousing Workbench
1485ERP EHP76.0RSDFNODEATTRLONG51Attributes of a Node in Data FlowData Warehousing Workbench
1486ERP EHP76.0RSDFNODEDOCU51Description (string) of data flow nodeData Warehousing Workbench
1487ERP EHP76.0RSDFNODES122Nodes in the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1488ERP EHP76.0RSDFNODEST51Texts for the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1489ERP EHP76.0RSGMDDMOD111Directory for Data ModelData Warehousing Workbench
1490ERP EHP76.0RSGMDDMODIDS61Node IDs in the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1491ERP EHP76.0RSGMDDMODLINKS61Links in the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1492ERP EHP76.0RSGMDDMODNODES71Nodes in the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1493ERP EHP76.0RSGMDDMODT51Texts for the Data ModelsData Warehousing Workbench
1494ERP EHP76.0RSIWADFLOW131Listing of the Data FlowData Warehousing Workbench
1495ERP EHP76.0RSIWADFLOWLINKS81Links in Data FlowData Warehousing Workbench
1496ERP EHP76.0RSIWADFLOWNODES101Nodes in Data FlowData Warehousing Workbench
1497ERP EHP76.0RSIWADFLOWT51Text Table defined for Water mark and Impact AnalysisData Warehousing Workbench
1498ERP EHP76.0RSIWA_CTRL21Impact and Water Level Display - ApolloData Warehousing Workbench
Without Description :: Without Description :: End User Technology
1499ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKF1141BDS: File Name for Last Check-OutEnd User Technology
1500ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKO1191BDS: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information ObjectEnd User Technology
1501ERP EHP76.0BDSCONT1161BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)End User Technology
1502ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIO11171BDS: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1503ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIOT1141BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1504ERP EHP76.0BDSLOPR1162BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1505ERP EHP76.0BDSLORE11103BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1506ERP EHP76.0BDSLORI11103BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1507ERP EHP76.0BDSPHF1191BDS: Files of Physical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1508ERP EHP76.0BDSPHHR11113BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsEnd User Technology
1509ERP EHP76.0BDSPHIO11241BDS: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1510ERP EHP76.0BDSPHNM11113BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsEnd User Technology
1511ERP EHP76.0BDSPHPR1162BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1512ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRE11103BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1513ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRI11103BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsEnd User Technology
1514ERP EHP76.0BDSRE11103BDS: Relationship InstancesEnd User Technology
1515ERP EHP76.0BDSREPR1162BDS: Relationship AttributesEnd User Technology
1516ERP EHP76.0BDS_CONN11163BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassesEnd User Technology
1517ERP EHP76.0RRX_USRMENU101User-defined menu entriesEnd User Technology
1518ERP EHP76.0RRX_USRMENUT71Texts for user-defined menu entriesEnd User Technology
1519ERP EHP76.0RSAOOBJ121Analysis Office: Primary Object TableEnd User Technology
1520ERP EHP76.0RSAOOBJT51Analysis Office: Object DescriptionEnd User Technology
1521ERP EHP76.0RSAOOBJXREF101Analysis Office: Dependent TLOGO ObjectsEnd User Technology
1522ERP EHP76.0RSBEXTEXTS51BW: Web / Report Designer common Customer texts poolEnd User Technology
1523ERP EHP76.0RSDAS161Directory of Data Access ServicesEnd User Technology
1524ERP EHP76.0RSDASLOC41Local Properties: Data Access ServicesEnd User Technology
1525ERP EHP76.0RSDASSERVPAR161Service Parameter of the Data Access ServiceEnd User Technology
1526ERP EHP76.0RSDASSERVPART51Descriptions for Service Parametesr of the DASEnd User Technology
1527ERP EHP76.0RSDASSERVPARVAL61Value of the Service Parameter of the Data Access ServiceEnd User Technology
1528ERP EHP76.0RSDAST41Descriptions for Data Access ServicesEnd User Technology
1529ERP EHP76.0RSDAS_PROV21Data Access Service Provider by Object Type (Tlogo)End User Technology
1530ERP EHP76.0RSDAS_PROVT31Text Table for the DAS ProviderEnd User Technology
1531ERP EHP76.0RSDAS_PROV_VAR21Variants for Data Access Service ProviderEnd User Technology
1532ERP EHP76.0RSDAS_PROV_VART41Texts for Variants of the Data Access Service ProviderEnd User Technology
1533ERP EHP76.0RSDEVPROP41Device Properties in BW Web ReportingEnd User Technology
1534ERP EHP76.0RSDEVREC51Matching of UserAgentString to Device in BW Web ReportingEnd User Technology
1535ERP EHP76.0RSDEVREND21Assignm. of Render (Device Class) to Device in BW Web ReportEnd User Technology
1536ERP EHP76.0RSERDATA51Report Designer: Database TableEnd User Technology
1537ERP EHP76.0RSERERPTTEXTS61Language-Specific Texts for Enterprise ReportsEnd User Technology
1538ERP EHP76.0RSERERPTXREF71Dependent TLogo ObjectsEnd User Technology
1539ERP EHP76.0RSERHEADER91Report Designer: Header Table BEx ReportEnd User Technology
1540ERP EHP76.0RSERTEXT41Report Designer: Text TableEnd User Technology
1541ERP EHP76.0RSER_ELEM_DATA41Report Designer: Reusable Elements (Template/Report Element)End User Technology
1542ERP EHP76.0RSER_ELEM_HEADER101Report Designer: Header Table BEx Report ElementsEnd User Technology
1543ERP EHP76.0RSER_ELEM_TEXT51Report Designer: Text Table for Reusable ElementsEnd User Technology
1544ERP EHP76.0RSEXTCUBELOOKUP41Lookup Table for the Object ID of External CubesEnd User Technology
1545ERP EHP76.0RSFEC81BW Frontend CheckEnd User Technology
1546ERP EHP76.0RSFRONTENDINIT21Data for the BW Front-End InitializationEnd User Technology
1547ERP EHP76.0RSIXRA71Reporting Agent: Cluster TableEnd User Technology
1548ERP EHP76.0RSIXWWW81Cluster Table for Storing Web Reporting ComponentsEnd User Technology
1549ERP EHP76.0RSIX_DATA81BW: Cluster table backup dataEnd User Technology
1550ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_ATTR_DEF131KPI Attribute: Header DataEnd User Technology
1551ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_ATTR_DEFT41KPI Attribute: Header Data TextsEnd User Technology
1552ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_ATTR_USAGE21Valid Attributes for Each Usage Type of KPI InfrastructureEnd User Technology
1553ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_ATTR_VAL31Values of KPI AttributesEnd User Technology
1554ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_ATTR_VALT41Values of KPI AttributesEnd User Technology
1555ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_CAT132KPI Catalog: NodeEnd User Technology
1556ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_CATT51KPI Catalog: Node TextsEnd User Technology
1557ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_CAT_ENTRY51KPI Catalog: EntryEnd User Technology
1558ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI161KPI: Header DataEnd User Technology
1559ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPIT41KPI: Header Data TextsEnd User Technology
1560ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_ATTR61KPI: AttributesEnd User Technology
1561ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_ATTRT71KPI: Language-Dependent AttributesEnd User Technology
1562ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_CMP41KPI: ComponentEnd User Technology
1563ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_CMPAL61KPI: Alias Call for Evaluation of ComponentEnd User Technology
1564ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_DAS51KPI: Data Access Services with Alias NamesEnd User Technology
1565ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_DASIN101KPI: Data Access Services Input ParametersEnd User Technology
1566ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_IN101KPI: Input ParametersEnd User Technology
1567ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_INT51KPI: Texts for Input ParametersEnd User Technology
1568ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_INVAL91KPI: Values for Input ParametersEnd User Technology
1569ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_KPI_THD41KPI: Threshold ValuesEnd User Technology
1570ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_VNT151KPI Variant: Header DataEnd User Technology
1571ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_VNTT51KPI Variant: Header Data TextsEnd User Technology
1572ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_VNT_INVAL101KPI Variant: Input Parameter ValuesEnd User Technology
1573ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_VNT_THD51KPI Variant: Threshold ValuesEnd User Technology
1574ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_WL61KPI Watchlist: Header DataEnd User Technology
1575ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_WLT41KPI Watchlist: Texts for Header DataEnd User Technology
1576ERP EHP76.0RSKPI_WL_ENTRY51KPI Watchlist: EntryEnd User Technology
1577ERP EHP76.0RSLOCALITEMVIEW71User-Defined Data ViewsEnd User Technology
1578ERP EHP76.0RSLOCALITEMVIEW2101User-Defined Data ViewsEnd User Technology
1579ERP EHP76.0RSPERSBSEG91B Segment For RSPERSHEADEnd User Technology
1580ERP EHP76.0RSPERSHEAD111Header Information for BEx Personalization DataEnd User Technology
1581ERP EHP76.0RSPERS_BOD51Data for BEx Open Dialog (Core)End User Technology
1582ERP EHP76.0RSPERS_VAR101Data for Variable Values (Core)End User Technology
1583ERP EHP76.0RSPERS_WTE41Data for Web Templates (Core)End User Technology
1584ERP EHP76.0RSPOR_T_FOLDER31KM Folder in PortalEnd User Technology
1585ERP EHP76.0RSPOR_T_PORTAL161Connected PortalsEnd User Technology
1586ERP EHP76.0RSPRECADMIN21Table for maintaining prec server workloadEnd User Technology
1587ERP EHP76.0RSPRECALCADMIN21Table for maintaining prec server workloadEnd User Technology
1588ERP EHP76.0RSRASSUSER31Assignment of users to user groupsEnd User Technology
1589ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BB_LOG171Log-Table for the Batch Runs of the ResultSet PrecalculationEnd User Technology
1590ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BB_PARAM91Parameter Table for Bucket SettingEnd User Technology
1591ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BB_PARAMT51Text Table for the BB Settings ParametersEnd User Technology
1592ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BC_AUTH31Display Auth. for Precalculated Templates by Redirect URLEnd User Technology
1593ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BC_LOG171Log Table for the Batch Runs for Precalculating TemplateEnd User Technology
1594ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BP171Global Settings for Batch PrintingEnd User Technology
1595ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BP_OBJECTS241Parts of the Batch Printing SettingEnd User Technology
1596ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BP_OBJECTST81Batch Printing Setting Column HeadersEnd User Technology
1597ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BP_RTXTF151Report Agent BP Transport Copy/Versioning of rtxthEnd User Technology
1598ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BP_RTXTH152Report Agent BP Transport Copy/Versioning of rtxthEnd User Technology
1599ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BP_RTXTL72Report Agent BP Transport Copy/Versioning of rtxtlEnd User Technology
1600ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BP_RTXTT81Report Agent BP Transport Copy Versioning of rtxttEnd User Technology
1601ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BT_PARAM91General Parameter TableEnd User Technology
1602ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BT_PARAMT51Text Table for Parameters of BT SettingsEnd User Technology
1603ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_CAM_CONT61Parameter Container for Follow-Up Action SAP Alert Mgt.End User Technology
1604ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_DRILL91Drill Characteristics for the Exception Reporting SettingEnd User Technology
1605ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_FOLLOWUP101Follow-Up Actions for Reporting Agent Exception ReportingEnd User Technology
1606ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_LOGN221Log Table for Batch Runs of Exception ReportingEnd User Technology
1607ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_PARAM91Parameter Table for Exception SettingEnd User Technology
1608ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_PARAMT51Text Table for Parameters of ER SEttingsEnd User Technology
1609ERP EHP76.0RSRA_JOB81Directory of the Report Agent JobsEnd User Technology
1610ERP EHP76.0RSRA_MESSAGE91Data for the Message ObjectEnd User Technology
1611ERP EHP76.0RSRA_MX_DATA31Data Store for Result Sets for MDX PrecalculationEnd User Technology
1612ERP EHP76.0RSRA_MX_LOG171Log Table for the Batch Run of MDX PrecalculationEnd User Technology
1613ERP EHP76.0RSRA_MX_PARAM91Parameter Table for MDX SettingEnd User Technology
1614ERP EHP76.0RSRA_MX_PARAMT51Text Table for Parameters of MDX SettingsEnd User Technology
1615ERP EHP76.0RSRA_PACKAGE551Scheduling Packages for the Report AgentEnd User Technology
1616ERP EHP76.0RSRA_PACKAGET41Text Table for the Report Agent PackagesEnd User Technology
1617ERP EHP76.0RSRA_PACKAGE_MEM51Parts of a Report Agent JobEnd User Technology
1618ERP EHP76.0RSRA_RA_PARAM91General Parameter TableEnd User Technology
1619ERP EHP76.0RSRA_SETTING192Settings for the Report AgentEnd User Technology
1620ERP EHP76.0RSRA_SETTINGT51Text Table for the Report Agent SettingsEnd User Technology
1621ERP EHP76.0RSRA_SETTING_BB71RA Settings for Calculating BucketsEnd User Technology
1622ERP EHP76.0RSRA_SETTING_BT191RA Settings for Precalculating TemplatesEnd User Technology
1623ERP EHP76.0RSRCURRDISP31Alternative Currency Display in BExEnd User Technology
1624ERP EHP76.0RSRDE_DOC41Documents for BroadcastingEnd User Technology
1625ERP EHP76.0RSRDE_DOC_ATTR51Documents for Broadcasting: AttributesEnd User Technology
1626ERP EHP76.0RSRDE_DOC_CONT71Documents for Broadcasting: ContentEnd User Technology
1627ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ATTR261Broadcasting Framework: Producer/Distributor AttributesEnd User Technology
1628ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ATTRT51Broadcasting Framework: Texts for AttributesEnd User Technology
1629ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ATTR_DEP61Dependencies Between AttributesEnd User Technology
1630ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ATTR_GROUP51Broadcasting Framework: Attribute Groups of ClassesEnd User Technology
1631ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ATTR_GROUPT61Broadcasting Framework: Attribute Groups of Classes -TextsEnd User Technology
1632ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ATTR_VALUE51Posible Values for Class Attributes in Broadcasting FramewkEnd User Technology
1633ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ATTR_VALUET61Text Table for RSRD_ATTR_VALUEEnd User Technology
1634ERP EHP76.0RSRD_CREATYPE41--- obsolete ---End User Technology
1635ERP EHP76.0RSRD_CREATYPET41---obsolete ---End User Technology
1636ERP EHP76.0RSRD_CREATYPE_CL21--- obsolete ---End User Technology
1637ERP EHP76.0RSRD_DISTTYPE81Document Types in Broadcasting FrameworkEnd User Technology
1638ERP EHP76.0RSRD_DISTTYPET41Text Table for Document TypesEnd User Technology
1639ERP EHP76.0RSRD_DISTTYPE_OF61Possible Output Formats for This Distribution TypeEnd User Technology
1640ERP EHP76.0RSRD_DOC_ATTR21Document Attributes Generated from a ClassEnd User Technology
1641ERP EHP76.0RSRD_DOC_ATTRT41Broadcasting Framework: Texts for Document AttributesEnd User Technology
1642ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ER_DOCLAY71Exception Report: Definition of Layout (XML Conversion)End User Technology
1643ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ER_DOCLAYT31Texts for Layout in Exception ReportingEnd User Technology
1644ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ER_DOCTYPE41Exception Reporting Document TypeEnd User Technology
1645ERP EHP76.0RSRD_ER_DOCTYPET31Text Table for RSRD_ER_DOCTYPEEnd User Technology
1646ERP EHP76.0RSRD_HASHSTRING61Hash Strings of BI Data during PrecalculationsEnd User Technology
1647ERP EHP76.0RSRD_HASH_CNT51Frequency of Use of Broadcast TargetsEnd User Technology
1648ERP EHP76.0RSRD_OBJTYPE51Object Types Supported in BroadcastingEnd User Technology
1649ERP EHP76.0RSRD_OBJTYPET31Object Types, Texts Supported in BroadcastingEnd User Technology
1650ERP EHP76.0RSRD_OUTFORM41Output Formats in Broadcast FrameworkEnd User Technology
1651ERP EHP76.0RSRD_OUTFORMT41Text Table for Output FormatsEnd User Technology
1652ERP EHP76.0RSRD_OUTFORM_CL111---obsolete ---End User Technology
1653ERP EHP76.0RSRD_OUTFORM_OT131Output Format per BW Object TypeEnd User Technology
1654ERP EHP76.0RSRD_PERS_STRING21Personalization of Texts - Mapping Table for Hash CodeEnd User Technology
1655ERP EHP76.0RSRD_REGISTRATN102Registration of Settings to Events (Broadcasting)End User Technology
1656ERP EHP76.0RSRD_REGISTR_USR72Permitted User for Registering Settings for EventsEnd User Technology
1657ERP EHP76.0RSRD_SETTING172Broadcasting SettingsEnd User Technology
1658ERP EHP76.0RSRD_SETTINGT41Texts for Settings in Broadcasting FrameworkEnd User Technology
1659ERP EHP76.0RSRD_SETT_NODE71Nodes from Broadcast SettingsEnd User Technology
1660ERP EHP76.0RSRD_SETT_NODE_A62Attributes for Nodes from Broadcast SettingsEnd User Technology
1661ERP EHP76.0RSRD_SETT_NODE_T71Language-Dependent Attributes for Nodes from SettingsEnd User Technology
1662ERP EHP76.0RSRFAVREPT71Text table for executable nodes in the favoritesEnd User Technology
1663ERP EHP76.0RSRFEDOCUREL51Mapping Table for BEx Topic <-> LOIEnd User Technology
1664ERP EHP76.0RSRPARAMETRIZA151Parametrization for a query, workbook, webapplication, plaEnd User Technology
1665ERP EHP76.0RSRPARAMETRIZAT61Text of parametrizationsEnd User Technology
1666ERP EHP76.0RSRRENDERER91Web Output Module DirectoryEnd User Technology
1667ERP EHP76.0RSRRENDERERATR141Web Output Module AttributesEnd User Technology
1668ERP EHP76.0RSRRENDERERDEP61Dependency Among Attributes / Attribute ValuesEnd User Technology
1669ERP EHP76.0RSRRENDERERT51Web Output Modules Texts and their AttributesEnd User Technology
1670ERP EHP76.0RSRREPORT81Nodes with URLs, links, etc.End User Technology
1671ERP EHP76.0RSRREPORTT71Text table for links, URLs and other objectsEnd User Technology
1672ERP EHP76.0RSRVTABLEDIR143Directory of all Tables for Variable Type TableEnd User Technology
1673ERP EHP76.0RSRVTABLEDIRT31Directory of all Tables for Variable Type TableEnd User Technology
1674ERP EHP76.0RSRVTABLE_TMPL11Template for BucketEnd User Technology
1675ERP EHP76.0RSRWBINDEX221List of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)End User Technology
1676ERP EHP76.0RSRWBINDEXT41Titles of binary objects (Excel workbooks) in InfoCatalogEnd User Technology
1677ERP EHP76.0RSRWBPERS51Assignment of Excel Workbooks to Personalized VersionsEnd User Technology
1678ERP EHP76.0RSRWBSTORE51Storage for binary large objects (Excel workbooks)End User Technology
1679ERP EHP76.0RSRWBTEMPLATE31Assignment Excel workbooks as personal templatesEnd User Technology
1680ERP EHP76.0RSRWORKBOOK41'Where-used list' for reports in workbooksEnd User Technology
1681ERP EHP76.0RSRXLSTEST31Tests for Excel AnalyzerEnd User Technology
1682ERP EHP76.0RSRXLSTESTB41TestEnd User Technology
1683ERP EHP76.0RSR_LKP_ATTR21Calculation with Attributes: Query Name <-> View Name FolderEnd User Technology
1684ERP EHP76.0RSR_PREC_LOGSYS91Management of Logical Systems for WB PrecalculationEnd User Technology
1685ERP EHP76.0RSR_PREC_LOGSYST31Text Table for Precalculation ServersEnd User Technology
1686ERP EHP76.0RSR_PREC_QUEUE111Persistant Precalculation QueueEnd User Technology
1687ERP EHP76.0RSR_PREC_SETT31Stored Precalculation Server Broadcasting SettingsEnd User Technology
1688ERP EHP76.0RSR_PREC_TIMEOUT21Timeout For Workbook PrecalculationEnd User Technology
1689ERP EHP76.0RSR_PREC_WB_SET71Settings for a WorkbookEnd User Technology
1690ERP EHP76.0RSSTYLES481Styles for themesEnd User Technology
1691ERP EHP76.0RSTHEMES91BEx ThemesEnd User Technology
1692ERP EHP76.0RSTHEMEST61Text table for themesEnd User Technology
1693ERP EHP76.0RSVHSUSERSETA71Value help services user setting A segmentEnd User Technology
1694ERP EHP76.0RSVHSUSERSETB161Value help services user settings List of display AttributesEnd User Technology
1695ERP EHP76.0RSVHSUSERSETB271Value help services user List of Favourites and HistoryEnd User Technology
1696ERP EHP76.0RSVHSVALUESET181Value help services user setting A segmentEnd User Technology
1697ERP EHP76.0RSVHSVALUESETTXT21Text table for Value help services personal value setsEnd User Technology
1698ERP EHP76.0RSWAD_PAGE_SIZE71Paper SizesEnd User Technology
1699ERP EHP76.0RSWAD_PAGE_SIZET31Texts for Paper SizesEnd User Technology
1700ERP EHP76.0RSWR_DATA101Runtime DataEnd User Technology
1701ERP EHP76.0RSWR_DATA_XREF41XREF for Runtime DataEnd User Technology
1702ERP EHP76.0RSWR_PERS81Personalization DataEnd User Technology
1703ERP EHP76.0RSXCLSDATA61Xcelsius DataEnd User Technology
1704ERP EHP76.0RSXCLSHEAD151Xcelsius Header TableEnd User Technology
1705ERP EHP76.0RSXCLSHEADTXT41Header Text table for Xcelsius objectEnd User Technology
1706ERP EHP76.0RSXCLSTEXT71Text elements of an Xcelsius objectEnd User Technology
1707ERP EHP76.0RSXCLSXREF61Reference objects (Dependent) of XcelsiusEnd User Technology
1708ERP EHP76.0RSZCALC221Definition of a formula elementEnd User Technology
1709ERP EHP76.0RSZCEL51Query Designer: Directory of CellsEnd User Technology
1710ERP EHP76.0RSZCHANGES41Change history of reporting componentsEnd User Technology
1711ERP EHP76.0RSZCOMPDIR182Directory of reporting componentsEnd User Technology
1712ERP EHP76.0RSZCOMPEXT41Priorities with Element CollisionsEnd User Technology
1713ERP EHP76.0RSZCOMPIC52Assignment reuseable component <-> InfoCubeEnd User Technology
1714ERP EHP76.0RSZCONTROLTEXTS31Texts for RFC clientEnd User Technology
1715ERP EHP76.0RSZELTATTR111Attribute selection per dimension elementEnd User Technology
1716ERP EHP76.0RSZELTDIR113Directory of the reporting component elementsEnd User Technology
1717ERP EHP76.0RSZELTPRIO161Priorities with element collisionsEnd User Technology
1718ERP EHP76.0RSZELTPROP961Element properties (settings)End User Technology
1719ERP EHP76.0RSZELTTXT61Texts of reporting component elementsEnd User Technology
1720ERP EHP76.0RSZELTTXT_MULTI51Multiline Texts from Reporting Components and ElementsEnd User Technology
1721ERP EHP76.0RSZELTTXT_TXV81Query Designer - Text Verticalization: Element TextsEnd User Technology
1722ERP EHP76.0RSZELTXREF83Directory of query element referencesEnd User Technology
1723ERP EHP76.0RSZGLOBV413Global Variables in ReportingEnd User Technology
1724ERP EHP76.0RSZOPRATOR81Formula OperatorsEnd User Technology
1725ERP EHP76.0RSZOPRATXT51Texts of the formula operatorsEnd User Technology
1726ERP EHP76.0RSZPRINTCNTLTXT31Texts for RFC clientEnd User Technology
1727ERP EHP76.0RSZRANGE301Selection specification for an elementEnd User Technology
1728ERP EHP76.0RSZSELECT171Selection properties of an elementEnd User Technology
1729ERP EHP76.0RSZTREESTRTXT41Text for Tree ItemsEnd User Technology
1730ERP EHP76.0RSZTREESTRUCTURE141Table with Example Description of a Tree StructureEnd User Technology
1731ERP EHP76.0RSZW30ITEMSLOCAL71Conversion of Chart Settings from BW 3.0 to BW 3.5End User Technology
1732ERP EHP76.0RSZW30ITEMSREUSE41Conversion of Chart Settings from BW 3.0 to BW 3.5End User Technology
1733ERP EHP76.0RSZWBITMDATA51BW Web Item Data (7.0)+End User Technology
1734ERP EHP76.0RSZWBITMHEAD181Header Table for BW Web ItemsEnd User Technology
1735ERP EHP76.0RSZWBITMHEADTXT41Texts for BI Web Items (7.0+)End User Technology
1736ERP EHP76.0RSZWBITMTEXT61BW Web Templates: Language TextsEnd User Technology
1737ERP EHP76.0RSZWBITMXREF61BI Template Cross references to TLOGO ObjectsEnd User Technology
1738ERP EHP76.0RSZWBOOKMARK101Header Table of the BookmarksEnd User Technology
1739ERP EHP76.0RSZWBTMPDATA71BW Web Template DataEnd User Technology
1740ERP EHP76.0RSZWBTMPHEAD201Header Table for BW HTML TemplatesEnd User Technology
1741ERP EHP76.0RSZWBTMPHEADTXT41Texts for Templates/Items/ViewsEnd User Technology
1742ERP EHP76.0RSZWBTMPTEXT61BW Web Templates: Language TextsEnd User Technology
1743ERP EHP76.0RSZWBTMPXREF61BI Template Cross references to TLOGO ObjectsEnd User Technology
1744ERP EHP76.0RSZWITEM181Header Table for BW Web ItemsEnd User Technology
1745ERP EHP76.0RSZWITEMATTR51Attribute Table of the Items (Contains Search Attributes)End User Technology
1746ERP EHP76.0RSZWITEMDATA71BW Web Item Data (7.0)+End User Technology
1747ERP EHP76.0RSZWITEMXREF31Cross-Reference Table of the ItemsEnd User Technology
1748ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDITEM231BW Web Metadata: Template Item ( Dataprovider, Item, ... ).End User Technology
1749ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDITEMDATA81BW Web Metadata: Binary and Textual DataEnd User Technology
1750ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDITEMDOCU91BW Web Metadata: Binary and Textual DataEnd User Technology
1751ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDITEMNEST51Template Groups [Item] NestingEnd User Technology
1752ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDITEMPARAM91BW Web Metadata: Item Parameter associationEnd User Technology
1753ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDITEMRTMAP61BW Web Metadata: Template Item Runtime MappingEnd User Technology
1754ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDITEMTEXT91Texts for Web-Items, Commands and GroupsEnd User Technology
1755ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDPARAM241Web Item, Dataprovider and command parametersEnd User Technology
1756ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDPARAMCONSR171BW Web Metadata: Parameter constraintsEnd User Technology
1757ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDPARAMNEST71BW Web Metadata: Parameter ContainmentEnd User Technology
1758ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDPARAMTEXT81Texts for ParametersEnd User Technology
1759ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDPARAMVALTX81Texts for ParametersEnd User Technology
1760ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDPARAMVALUE61BW Web Metadata: Fixed Values and Value Ranges for ParameterEnd User Technology
1761ERP EHP76.0RSZWMDVERSION61Map release/ehp/sps information to BI 7.x+ metadata versionEnd User Technology
1762ERP EHP76.0RSZWMIMEIOBUFFER21Buffer for Translation from Mime Repository Path Accrd to IOEnd User Technology
1763ERP EHP76.0RSZWOBJ91Storage of the Web ObjectsEnd User Technology
1764ERP EHP76.0RSZWOBJTXT61Texts for Templates/Items/ViewsEnd User Technology
1765ERP EHP76.0RSZWOBJXREF111Structure of the BW Objects in a TemplateEnd User Technology
1766ERP EHP76.0RSZWREPITEMSTORE61OBSOLETE ! Storagetable of Report Designer ReportsEnd User Technology
1767ERP EHP76.0RSZWTEMPLATE201Header Table for BW HTML TemplatesEnd User Technology
1768ERP EHP76.0RSZWTEMPLATEDATA71BW Web Template 3.x DataEnd User Technology
1769ERP EHP76.0RSZWTEMPLATETEXT61BW Web Templates: Language TextsEnd User Technology
1770ERP EHP76.0RSZWTEMPLATEXREF61BI Template Cross references to TLOGO ObjectsEnd User Technology
1771ERP EHP76.0RSZWVIEW252Header Table for BW ViewsEnd User Technology
1772ERP EHP76.0RSZW_FAVO_URL61Conversion: URLs for RolesEnd User Technology
1773ERP EHP76.0RSZW_MINI_URL41Conversion: URLs for MiniAppsEnd User Technology
1774ERP EHP76.0RSZW_ROLE_URL61Conversion: URLs for RolesEnd User Technology
1775ERP EHP76.0RSZW_WBITEMS51Table of Deleted BDS Items and ViewsEnd User Technology
1776ERP EHP76.0RSZW_WBPAGES31Table of Deleted BDS TemplatesEnd User Technology
Without Description :: Without Description :: Enterprise Search Hub
1777ERP EHP76.0ESH_BI_USER_EXTR41Table for checking if BI user for extraction is definedEnterprise Search Hub
1778ERP EHP76.0ESH_CNT_PROC_CHN61Generated process chains by content generationEnterprise Search Hub
1779ERP EHP76.0ESH_LOGSYS21Dummy-Table for Lock object for source systemEnterprise Search Hub
Without Description :: Without Description :: Metadata Repository
1780ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKF1041SDOK: File name of last checkoutMetadata Repository
1781ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKF841BW: File Name for Last Check-OutMetadata Repository
1782ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKO1091SDOK: Checkout data for physical information objectMetadata Repository
1783ERP EHP76.0BDSCHKO891BW: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information ObjectMetadata Repository
1784ERP EHP76.0BDSCONT1061BW Transaction Data: Table for Doc. Contents (Import/Export)Metadata Repository
1785ERP EHP76.0BDSCONT861BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)Metadata Repository
1786ERP EHP76.0BDSCONT961Obsolete BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)Metadata Repository
1787ERP EHP76.0BDSIDXSTA10112SDOK: Status Table for Indexing DocumentsMetadata Repository
1788ERP EHP76.0BDSIDXSTA8112BW:: Status Table for Indexing DocumentsMetadata Repository
1789ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIO10174BW Transaction Data: Instances of Log. Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1790ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIO8173BW Metadata: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1791ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIOT1041BW Transaction Data: Descriptions of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1792ERP EHP76.0BDSLOIOT841BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1793ERP EHP76.0BDSLOPR1062BW Transaction Data: Attribute Values of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1794ERP EHP76.0BDSLOPR862BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1795ERP EHP76.0BDSLORE10103BW Transaction Data: Outgoing Relationships of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1796ERP EHP76.0BDSLORE8103BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1797ERP EHP76.0BDSLOREPR108210: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1798ERP EHP76.0BDSLOREPR882Probably obsolete. Not in SBELMetadata Repository
1799ERP EHP76.0BDSLORI10103BW Transaction Data: Incoming Relationships of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1800ERP EHP76.0BDSLORI8103BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1801ERP EHP76.0BDSLORIPR108210: Attributes of Incoming Relationships of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1802ERP EHP76.0BDSLORIPR882Probably obsolete. Not in SBELMetadata Repository
1803ERP EHP76.0BDSPHF1091SDOK: Files of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1804ERP EHP76.0BDSPHF891BW: Files of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1805ERP EHP76.0BDSPHHR10113SDOK: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objectsMetadata Repository
1806ERP EHP76.0BDSPHHR8113BW: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsMetadata Repository
1807ERP EHP76.0BDSPHIO10241SDOK: Physical information object instancesMetadata Repository
1808ERP EHP76.0BDSPHIO8241BW: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1809ERP EHP76.0BDSPHNM10113SDOK: Use of target anchors in physical objectsMetadata Repository
1810ERP EHP76.0BDSPHNM8113BW: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsMetadata Repository
1811ERP EHP76.0BDSPHPR1062SDOK: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1812ERP EHP76.0BDSPHPR862BW: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1813ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRE10103SDOK: Outgoing Links of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1814ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRE8103BW: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1815ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRI10103SDOK: Physical information object incoming relationshipsMetadata Repository
1816ERP EHP76.0BDSPHRI8103BW: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1817ERP EHP76.0BDSRE8103BDS: Relationship InstancesMetadata Repository
1818ERP EHP76.0BDSREPR862BDS: Relationship AttributesMetadata Repository
1819ERP EHP76.0BWCONTHIER61Table for Document Content BW HierarchiesMetadata Repository
1820ERP EHP76.0BWCONTMAST61Table for Document Content BW Master DataMetadata Repository
1821ERP EHP76.0BWCONTTMPL61Table for Document Content BW Web TemplatesMetadata Repository
1822ERP EHP76.0RSBWLA11Dummy Table for TLOGO Object BWLA (Language Import)Metadata Repository
1823ERP EHP76.0RSDAREA122Directory of InfoAreasMetadata Repository
1824ERP EHP76.0RSDAREAT52InfoArea textsMetadata Repository
1825ERP EHP76.0RSDATRNAV71Navigation AttributesMetadata Repository
1826ERP EHP76.0RSDATRNAVSID51Assignment: Navigation attribute -> SID field nameMetadata Repository
1827ERP EHP76.0RSDATRNAVT62Navigation AttributesMetadata Repository
1828ERP EHP76.0RSDATRNAVT_TXV101Navigation Attributes - Text VerticalizationMetadata Repository
1829ERP EHP76.0RSDBCHATR81Master data attributesMetadata Repository
1830ERP EHP76.0RSDCHA481Characteristic CatalogMetadata Repository
1831ERP EHP76.0RSDCHABAS532Basic characteristics (for chars, XXL, time-chars and units)Metadata Repository
1832ERP EHP76.0RSDCHABASLOC51Basic chars system-local properties (not transport.)Metadata Repository
1833ERP EHP76.0RSDCHATHJ31Characteristics for Temporal Hierarchy JoinMetadata Repository
1834ERP EHP76.0RSDCOBPROTSTMPL21Time Stamp for Buffer Management Class CL_RSD_DTAMetadata Repository
1835ERP EHP76.0RSDCUBETMP41Temporary Properties: InfoCubes (InfoProviders)Metadata Repository
1836ERP EHP76.0RSDDPA381Data package characteristicsMetadata Repository
1837ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATBCACT61BW Statistics: Activate Business ContentMetadata Repository
1838ERP EHP76.0RSDDTALOC41Local directory of all InfoProvidersMetadata Repository
1839ERP EHP76.0RSDG_S_SBSC_NAME51Help Table with InfoObject Maintenance Screen FieldsMetadata Repository
1840ERP EHP76.0RSDHIECHA31Characteristics that occur in hierarchiesMetadata Repository
1841ERP EHP76.0RSDICE71Elimination of Internal Business Volume for Key FiguresMetadata Repository
1842ERP EHP76.0RSDINFHINT51Table Used to Append Remarks on Informix QueriesMetadata Repository
1843ERP EHP76.0RSDINFOPROVDATA61Time of Last Data Change in an InfoProviderMetadata Repository
1844ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBC121InfoObject catalogsMetadata Repository
1845ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBCIOBJ32InfoObjects in InfoObject catalogsMetadata Repository
1846ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBCT52Texts of the InfoObject catalogMetadata Repository
1847ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBJ181Directory of all InfoObjectsMetadata Repository
1848ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBJCMP51Compound (dependencies) of InfoObjectsMetadata Repository
1849ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBJESR31InfoObject Reference to ESR Object (BON / CCTS)Metadata Repository
1850ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBJFIX161Delivered Fixed System InfoObjectsMetadata Repository
1851ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBJHIE41Hierarchy Attributes for InfoObjectMetadata Repository
1852ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBJT52InfoObject textsMetadata Repository
1853ERP EHP76.0RSDIOBJT_TXV91Texts of InfoObjects - Text VerticalizationMetadata Repository
1854ERP EHP76.0RSDIX51BW: Cluster table info. systemMetadata Repository
1855ERP EHP76.0RSDKYF201Key figuresMetadata Repository
1856ERP EHP76.0RSDMASITAB51Model Table: Attributes SID Table (Non-time-dependent)Metadata Repository
1857ERP EHP76.0RSDMASTTAB71Model Table: Attributes SID Table (Non-time-dependent)Metadata Repository
1858ERP EHP76.0RSDMCHNTAB42Model Table: Master Data Table (Time-dependent)Metadata Repository
1859ERP EHP76.0RSDMCHTTAB61Model Table: Master Data Table (Time-dependent)Metadata Repository
1860ERP EHP76.0RSDMHIETAB102Obsolete from APOLLO -> RSDMHIERTABNEWMetadata Repository
1861ERP EHP76.0RSDMHIETABNEW102Model Table: Hierarchies of a Characteristic (from 3.0B)Metadata Repository
1862ERP EHP76.0RSDMHINTAB51Obsolete from APOLLO -> RSDMHINTABNEWMetadata Repository
1863ERP EHP76.0RSDMHINTABNEW51Model table: Hierarchy intervals of a characteristicMetadata Repository
1864ERP EHP76.0RSDMHSITAB62Obsolete from APOLLO ->RSDMHSITABNEWMetadata Repository
1865ERP EHP76.0RSDMHSITABNEW62Model table: Conversion of hierarchy nodes - SIDMetadata Repository
1866ERP EHP76.0RSDMHSITABTHJ82Model Table: Conversion Hierarchy Nodes - SID (THJ)Metadata Repository
1867ERP EHP76.0RSDMINCTAB82Model table: SID structure of the hierarchies of a charact.Metadata Repository
1868ERP EHP76.0RSDMSIDTAB52Model table: Master data IDs of a characteristicMetadata Repository
1869ERP EHP76.0RSDMSIDTABTHJ62Model Table: Master Data IDs of a Characteristic (THJ)Metadata Repository
1870ERP EHP76.0RSDMTXTCHANGES21Last change to the text table of an InfoObjectMetadata Repository
1871ERP EHP76.0RSDMTXTTAB71Model table: Texts of a characteristicMetadata Repository
1872ERP EHP76.0RSDNAIP31Navigation Attributes of Characteristics as InfoProviderMetadata Repository
1873ERP EHP76.0RSDREFOBJ71Reference Objects for InfoObjectsMetadata Repository
1874ERP EHP76.0RSDTIM151Time characteristicsMetadata Repository
1875ERP EHP76.0RSDUNI111UnitsMetadata Repository
1876ERP EHP76.0RSD_MT_TABLES71Mega Tenancy Evaluation of TablesMetadata Repository
1877ERP EHP76.0RSESH_RELOBJ41Relationships Between Searchable ObjectsMetadata Repository
1878ERP EHP76.0RSESH_RELOBJMAP61Relationships Between Searchable Object AttributesMetadata Repository
1879ERP EHP76.0RSESH_RELOBJT51Relationship Texts Between Searchable ObjectsMetadata Repository
1880ERP EHP76.0RSIM_HC21Health Check Registration tableMetadata Repository
1881ERP EHP76.0RSIM_HCT31Text table for HC propertiesMetadata Repository
1882ERP EHP76.0RSIM_HC_HEADER21HC header table.Technical names and responsible ClassesMetadata Repository
1883ERP EHP76.0RSIM_HC_INCIDENT81Maintenance of Incidents raised by BI HealthChecksMetadata Repository
1884ERP EHP76.0RSIM_HC_RESOLVER31Health Check Resolver RegistrationMetadata Repository
1885ERP EHP76.0RSLTIP161Directory Transient ProvidersMetadata Repository
1886ERP EHP76.0RSLTIPBASE31Directory of Transient ProvidersMetadata Repository
1887ERP EHP76.0RSLTIPLOC21Local Properties: TransientProvidersMetadata Repository
1888ERP EHP76.0RSLTIPT52Texts for TransientProvidersMetadata Repository
1889ERP EHP76.0RSLTIPXREF52TransientProvider: Cross ReferencesMetadata Repository
1890ERP EHP76.0RSMDCONVEXIT31Conversion Exit with PropertiesMetadata Repository
1891ERP EHP76.0RSOA1SUPGBUFFER51BW Upgrade Buffer for BYD SystemsMetadata Repository
1892ERP EHP76.0RSOASCGUID51BW Metadata Repository: GUI für Association Classes (XML)Metadata Repository
1893ERP EHP76.0RSOBCINSTALL21BW Repository: Objects to be transferred from Business ContMetadata Repository
1894ERP EHP76.0RSOBCTRANSPORT21BW Repository: Objects to be transferred from Business ContMetadata Repository
1895ERP EHP76.0RSOBEXREQUEST21BEx Requests for Special Development ClassesMetadata Repository
1896ERP EHP76.0RSOBIXP141Header Data for BIXP Conversion ObjectsMetadata Repository
1897ERP EHP76.0RSOBIXPSTATUS51Status Table for BIXP Conversion ObjectsMetadata Repository
1898ERP EHP76.0RSOBIXPT41Text Table for Table RSOBIXPMetadata Repository
1899ERP EHP76.0RSOBI_MF_MODEL51SOBI Model Factory: Configuration Model StoreMetadata Repository
1900ERP EHP76.0RSOBI_MF_VERI21SOBI Model Factory: Test Objects for VerficationMetadata Repository
1901ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_DISP_PARS41Object Services: Display ParameterMetadata Repository
1902ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_INIT_PRMS111Object Services: Init ParametersMetadata Repository
1903ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_INIT_TEXT41Object Services: Texts for the ObjectsMetadata Repository
1904ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_OBJ_TYPES141Object Services: Object TypesMetadata Repository
1905ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_OBJ_TYPET31Object Services: Texts of Object TypesMetadata Repository
1906ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_OBJ_VIEWS41Object Services: Views of the Individual Object TypesMetadata Repository
1907ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_OBJ_VIEWT51Object Services: Text Table for Object TypesMetadata Repository
1908ERP EHP76.0RSOBJS_UNION21Object Servces: Unions (Combin. of individual OBJ_TYPES)Metadata Repository
1909ERP EHP76.0RSOCLASS91BW Metadata Repository: ClassMetadata Repository
1910ERP EHP76.0RSOCLASSATTR111BW Metadata Repository: Attributes for a ClassMetadata Repository
1911ERP EHP76.0RSOCLASSINH21BW Metadata Repository: (Multiple) Inheritance from ClassesMetadata Repository
1912ERP EHP76.0RSOCLASSREF111BW Metadata Repository: References for a ClassMetadata Repository
1913ERP EHP76.0RSOCOLLECTGRP41BW Repository: Object Type GroupingMetadata Repository
1914ERP EHP76.0RSOCOMP21Obsolete - Replaced by Switches - Do not Delete because UsedMetadata Repository
1915ERP EHP76.0RSOCOMPT31Obsolete - Replaced by Switches - Do not Delete because UsedMetadata Repository
1916ERP EHP76.0RSOCONTCHNGABLE31Changeable Objects in Customer/ Partner Content SystemMetadata Repository
1917ERP EHP76.0RSODADMIN21Document AdministrationMetadata Repository
1918ERP EHP76.0RSODADMIN_INT111Indexing/Search Administration - MetaData SearchMetadata Repository
1919ERP EHP76.0RSODCHKFMA41BW Master Data: File Name of Last CheckoutMetadata Repository
1920ERP EHP76.0RSODCHKFTM41rsod: File Name of Last CheckoutMetadata Repository
1921ERP EHP76.0RSODCHKOMA91BW Master Data: Checkout Data for Physical InformationMetadata Repository
1922ERP EHP76.0RSODCHKOTM91rsod: Check-Out Data for Physical Information ObjectMetadata Repository
1923ERP EHP76.0RSODCONTENT61BW: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)Metadata Repository
1924ERP EHP76.0RSODDOCGENLIST31List of objects to be indexedMetadata Repository
1925ERP EHP76.0RSODDOCGENQUEUE51Queue of Changed TLOGO Objects (for Reindexing)Metadata Repository
1926ERP EHP76.0RSODESCRREF51BW Metadata Repository: References to DescriptionsMetadata Repository
1927ERP EHP76.0RSODIDXSTAMA112BW Master Data: Status Table for Indexing DocumentsMetadata Repository
1928ERP EHP76.0RSODIDXSTATM112rsod: Status Table for Indexing DocumentsMetadata Repository
1929ERP EHP76.0RSODLOIOFO174BW Folder: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1930ERP EHP76.0RSODLOIOMA173BW Master Data: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1931ERP EHP76.0RSODLOIOTFO41BW Folder: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1932ERP EHP76.0RSODLOIOTM174RSOD: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1933ERP EHP76.0RSODLOIOTMA41BW Master Data: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1934ERP EHP76.0RSODLOIOTTM41RSOD: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1935ERP EHP76.0RSODLOPRFO62BW Folder: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1936ERP EHP76.0RSODLOPRMA62BW Master Data: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjsMetadata Repository
1937ERP EHP76.0RSODLOPRTM62RSOD: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1938ERP EHP76.0RSODLOREFO103BW Folder: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Inform. ObjectsMetadata Repository
1939ERP EHP76.0RSODLOREMA103BW Master Data: Outgoing Relationships of Log. Info. ObjectsMetadata Repository
1940ERP EHP76.0RSODLOREPRFO82SDOK: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for LOIOsMetadata Repository
1941ERP EHP76.0RSODLOREPRMA82SDOK: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for LOIOsMetadata Repository
1942ERP EHP76.0RSODLOREPRTM82TM: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1943ERP EHP76.0RSODLORETM103RSOD: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1944ERP EHP76.0RSODLORIFO103BW Folder: Incoming Relationships of Log. Information ObjsMetadata Repository
1945ERP EHP76.0RSODLORIMA103BW Master Data: Incoming Relationships of Log. Infor. Objs.Metadata Repository
1946ERP EHP76.0RSODLORIPRFO82SDOK: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for LOIOsMetadata Repository
1947ERP EHP76.0RSODLORIPRMA82SDOK: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for LOIOsMetadata Repository
1948ERP EHP76.0RSODLORIPRTM82TM: Attributes of Incoming Relationships of LOIOsMetadata Repository
1949ERP EHP76.0RSODLORITM103RSOD: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1950ERP EHP76.0RSODMETACTOID51Document IDs still to be TransportedMetadata Repository
1951ERP EHP76.0RSODMETADOCSTATE41Status of Generated DocumentationMetadata Repository
1952ERP EHP76.0RSODPHFMA91BW Master Data: Files of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1953ERP EHP76.0RSODPHFTM91rsod: Files of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1954ERP EHP76.0RSODPHHRMA113BW Master Data: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsMetadata Repository
1955ERP EHP76.0RSODPHHRTM113rsod: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsMetadata Repository
1956ERP EHP76.0RSODPHIOMA241BW Master Data: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1957ERP EHP76.0RSODPHIOTM243rsod: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1958ERP EHP76.0RSODPHNMMA113BW Master Data: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsMetadata Repository
1959ERP EHP76.0RSODPHNMTM113rsod: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsMetadata Repository
1960ERP EHP76.0RSODPHPRMA62BW Master Data: Attributes of PHIOsMetadata Repository
1961ERP EHP76.0RSODPHPRTM62rsod: Attributes of PHIOsMetadata Repository
1962ERP EHP76.0RSODPHREMA103BW Master Data: Outgoing Relationsh. of Phys. Info. ObjectsMetadata Repository
1963ERP EHP76.0RSODPHRETM103RSOD: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Informatio ObjectsMetadata Repository
1964ERP EHP76.0RSODPHRIMA103BW Master Data: Incoming Relationships of Phys. Info. ObjsMetadata Repository
1965ERP EHP76.0RSODPHRITM103RSOD: Incoming Relationships of Phys. Information ObjectsMetadata Repository
1966ERP EHP76.0RSODUSERSETTINGS61BW Documents: User SettingsMetadata Repository
1967ERP EHP76.0RSOD_MIGRATION81Log for Migration of Documents to PortalMetadata Repository
1968ERP EHP76.0RSOHTML51BW Repository: Intermediate Memory for Generated HTML PagesMetadata Repository
1969ERP EHP76.0RSOHTMLLINKS31BW Repository: Hyperlinks for Saved HTML PagesMetadata Repository
1970ERP EHP76.0RSOHTMLOBJ11BW Repository: Intermediate Memory; W3 Objects of HTML PagesMetadata Repository
1971ERP EHP76.0RSOOBJXREF72TLOGO Framework, Where-Used ListsMetadata Repository
1972ERP EHP76.0RSOPROPERTIES41BW Repository: Properties Per UserMetadata Repository
1973ERP EHP76.0RSOPROPERTIESTAB31BW Repository: Data for Properties With More Than One ValueMetadata Repository
1974ERP EHP76.0RSOSCHNOBJLIST61List of TLOGO Objcts whose details Must be IndexedMetadata Repository
1975ERP EHP76.0RSOSCHNOBJQUEUE114Queue for changed Objects (Search)Metadata Repository
1976ERP EHP76.0RSOSC_CONFIG21Scoping ConfigurationMetadata Repository
1977ERP EHP76.0RSOSC_SWT_REPL41Switches replicated in BI (Texts)Metadata Repository
1978ERP EHP76.0RSOSC_SW_REPL31Switch replicated into BI (including Status)Metadata Repository
1979ERP EHP76.0RSOS_CHG_LST_ALL31Table to hold the list of all objects to be delta indexedMetadata Repository
1980ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_ASSO_ATR31Association attributesMetadata Repository
1981ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_ATRPRP41Enterprise Search specific attribute propertiesMetadata Repository
1982ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_AUTH_ATR41Attribute mapping for authorization objectMetadata Repository
1983ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_OBJTYPE41Object types in Enterprise SearchMetadata Repository
1984ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_OBJ_ASSO81Associations between object typesMetadata Repository
1985ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_OBJ_ATR131Attributes of an object typeMetadata Repository
1986ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_OBJ_AUTH61Authorization objects for object typeMetadata Repository
1987ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_REGISTRY31Registry for object typesMetadata Repository
1988ERP EHP76.0RSOS_ES_REQUESTT61Text of Object Types for Enterprise SearchMetadata Repository
1989ERP EHP76.0RSOS_OBJT_CONF21Configuration of Object Types for searchMetadata Repository
1990ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGOCOPY91Copying TLOGO Objects (Old and New Names)Metadata Repository
1991ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGOEXEC31Automatic Execution of TLOGO ObjectsMetadata Repository
1992ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGOHISTORY111Table of Metadata Object VersionsMetadata Repository
1993ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGOIMPACT41TLOGO Object Relationships for Impact AnalysisMetadata Repository
1994ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGONSPDEL32Delivery and Customer Namespaces for BW ContentMetadata Repository
1995ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGOSEARATR111Searchable attributes for Object TypesMetadata Repository
1996ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGOXMLALIAS31Aliases for better readability of TLOGO XMLMetadata Repository
1997ERP EHP76.0RSOTLOGOXREFCFG51Relationships of BI TLOGO Objs for Generic Where-Used ListMetadata Repository
1998ERP EHP76.0RSOXMIID22BW Metadata Repository: ID for XMI Data Exchange ModelMetadata Repository
1999ERP EHP76.0RSOXMLIMP51BW Metadata Repository: Import of XML (CWM) DataMetadata Repository
2000ERP EHP76.0RSOXMLIMPCONT51BW Repository: XML (CWM) Import: File ContentsMetadata Repository
2001ERP EHP76.0RSOXMLIMPPROC61BW Metadata Repository: Import of XML (CWM) DataMetadata Repository
2002ERP EHP76.0RSO_CNT_STATE_A71TLOGO Framework Status of Active Content ObjectsMetadata Repository
2003ERP EHP76.0RSO_CNT_STATE_D61TLOGO Framework Status of Delivered ObjectsMetadata Repository
2004ERP EHP76.0RSO_MMR_MIMES91BI Metadata Repository: Documents Calculated in BackgroundMetadata Repository
2005ERP EHP76.0RSO_TECH_CONTENT61Technical Content: Changeability...Metadata Repository
2006ERP EHP76.0RSPSPACE41Partner Namespace for BW ObjectsMetadata Repository
2007ERP EHP76.0RSQFOBJ131Field Objects in the InfoSetMetadata Repository
2008ERP EHP76.0RSQISET321Directory of all InfoSetsMetadata Repository
2009ERP EHP76.0RSQISETT52Texts for InfoSetsMetadata Repository
2010ERP EHP76.0RSQTOBJ171Table Objects in the InfoSetMetadata Repository
2011ERP EHP76.0RSSSY_SWCLA21System Classes and ReleasesMetadata Repository
2012ERP EHP76.0RSSSY_SWCLAT41System Classes and Releases, TextsMetadata Repository
2013ERP EHP76.0RSTLOGOHISTCUST41Automatic Historical TLOGO VersionsMetadata Repository
2014ERP EHP76.0RSTLOGOPROP371BW TLOGO Objects PropertiesMetadata Repository
2015ERP EHP76.0RSTPCHECKEXC41Exception Table: Before Export CheckMetadata Repository
2016ERP EHP76.0RSTRACTIVE31BW CTO Status - Content Can Not Be ChangedMetadata Repository
Without Description :: Without Description :: OLAP Technology
2017ERP EHP76.0ARCH_IDX_PROT61Index Table for Log Archiving for BI AuthorizationsOLAP Technology
2018ERP EHP76.0QUERY_TABL_MODEL11Template for Query ProcessingOLAP Technology
2019ERP EHP76.0RRAMBIADIR62Analytical Model: Directory for InfoProvider and BIA IndexOLAP Technology
2020ERP EHP76.0RRAMBIAIOBJ51Analytical Model: Mapping of InfoObject to TREX AttributesOLAP Technology
2021ERP EHP76.0RRAMDIR72Directory of Generated Analytic ModelsOLAP Technology
2022ERP EHP76.0RRAMFIE111Fields of ModelOLAP Technology
2023ERP EHP76.0RRAMIOBJSHM51Shared Memory for Analytical ModelOLAP Technology
2024ERP EHP76.0RRKMULTIPROVHINT51Control of MultiProvider HintOLAP Technology
2025ERP EHP76.0RRT_MDX_CMD_INFO41Directory of MDX CommandsOLAP Technology
2026ERP EHP76.0RRT_MDX_FUNCTION51MDX functions rowsetOLAP Technology
2027ERP EHP76.0RRT_MDX_FUNCTIOT51Functions in MDX (Texts)OLAP Technology
2028ERP EHP76.0RRT_MDX_LOG41Log for MDX InterfaceOLAP Technology
2029ERP EHP76.0RRT_MDX_SCHEMA21Fixed Schemata for XML for AnalysisOLAP Technology
2030ERP EHP76.0RRT_MDX_TEST31MDX Commands for TestingOLAP Technology
2031ERP EHP76.0RSADMINA251Control Table That Customer Can Change (Tenant-Specific)OLAP Technology
2032ERP EHP76.0RSADMINC961Customizing Table General BWOLAP Technology
2033ERP EHP76.0RSADMINS191System SettingsOLAP Technology
2034ERP EHP76.0RSBBSCUBE151BW: InfoCube ReceiverOLAP Technology
2035ERP EHP76.0RSBBSCUBEDIR91BW: Directory of the InfoCube SenderOLAP Technology
2036ERP EHP76.0RSBBSCUBEMAPPING121Fixed Mapping for BW-R/RIOLAP Technology
2037ERP EHP76.0RSBBSCUBET61BW: Texts for InfoCube ReceiverOLAP Technology
2038ERP EHP76.0RSBBSIX71BW: Cluster Table Info. SystemOLAP Technology
2039ERP EHP76.0RSBBSQRYMAPPING131Fixed Mapping for BW-R/RIOLAP Technology
2040ERP EHP76.0RSBBSQUERY161BW: Query ReceiverOLAP Technology
2041ERP EHP76.0RSBBSQUERYDIR101BW: Directory of the Query SenderOLAP Technology
2042ERP EHP76.0RSBBSQUERYT71BW: Texts for Query ReceiverOLAP Technology
2043ERP EHP76.0RSBBS_RSRR_URL21URL for Transaction RSRR in the Source SystemOLAP Technology
2044ERP EHP76.0RSCDSLOCKTABLE21Lock Table for Summarization (DB with Dirty Read)OLAP Technology
2045ERP EHP76.0RSCDSMVREFORA51Control Table for Conversion of ICs with ncumtim = parttimOLAP Technology
2046ERP EHP76.0RSCDSREQDELTAB121Administration of Requests to be Deleted When CompressingOLAP Technology
2047ERP EHP76.0RSCDSSHMCLUSTTAB81Table for RSCDS SHM ClusterOLAP Technology
2048ERP EHP76.0RSCDSTC51Contains Test Scenarios for Program RSDR_ARCH_CHECKOLAP Technology
2049ERP EHP76.0RSCDS_ACTIONLOG51Actions that were triggered for the summarizationOLAP Technology
2050ERP EHP76.0RSCDS_LOADLOG71Table for load managerOLAP Technology
2051ERP EHP76.0RSCURR121Conversion Table for Euro ConversionOLAP Technology
2052ERP EHP76.0RSCURTRACE51Trace: Currency TranslationOLAP Technology
2053ERP EHP76.0RSCURTRT321Currency Translation TypesOLAP Technology
2054ERP EHP76.0RSCURTXT41Texts for currency translation keysOLAP Technology
2055ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGR31Status of the active aggregates in the InfoCubeOLAP Technology
2056ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRCHECKDIR121Management Table for the Aggregate CheckOLAP Technology
2057ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRCHECKSEL81Selection Options for the Aggregate CheckOLAP Technology
2058ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRCHECKT51Text Table for the Aggregate CheckOLAP Technology
2059ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRCOMP131Description of the aggregatesOLAP Technology
2060ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRDIR371Directory of the aggregatesOLAP Technology
2061ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRENQUEQUE21Table to define lock argumentOLAP Technology
2062ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRMODSTATE81Status of change run for aggregatesOLAP Technology
2063ERP EHP76.0RSDDAGGRT51Aggregate textsOLAP Technology
2064ERP EHP76.0RSDDBICOBJS31InfoObjects of BIA Index Type (Where-Used List)OLAP Technology
2065ERP EHP76.0RSDDBIDXSTAT111Status Table of Index in BIAOLAP Technology
2066ERP EHP76.0RSDDBMDJOBPROT31BIA Master Data Indexing Job LogOLAP Technology
2067ERP EHP76.0RSDDBMDJOBSTAT61Master Data Indexing Job - StatusOLAP Technology
2068ERP EHP76.0RSDDBOBJDIR91BIA Index ObjectsOLAP Technology
2069ERP EHP76.0RSDDBOBJENQUEUE11Table to define lock argumentOLAP Technology
2070ERP EHP76.0RSDDBOBJPROP31Properties of BWA InfoProvidersOLAP Technology
2071ERP EHP76.0RSDDBOLDVERS21XSTRING in the most recent version of the BWA objectOLAP Technology
2072ERP EHP76.0RSDDB_WINDEX81WRITEINDEX Class for a TableOLAP Technology
2073ERP EHP76.0RSDDB_WOPTIONS91BWA Index-Specific Indexing OptionsOLAP Technology
2074ERP EHP76.0RSDDCHNGPROT71Table with InfoObject whose master table has been changedOLAP Technology
2075ERP EHP76.0RSDDCOPR101Composite Provider DirectoryOLAP Technology
2076ERP EHP76.0RSDDCOPRBASE21Composite Provider DirectoryOLAP Technology
2077ERP EHP76.0RSDDCOPRT51Texts for Composite ProvidersOLAP Technology
2078ERP EHP76.0RSDDCOPRXREF31Composite Provider: Cross ReferencesOLAP Technology
2079ERP EHP76.0RSDDCVERREPAGGR11Aggregates that should be refilled after correctionOLAP Technology
2080ERP EHP76.0RSDDICREPARTREQ292Parameter for a Repartitioning RequestOLAP Technology
2081ERP EHP76.0RSDDINCTEMPL31Temporary table for the results of a hierarchy queryOLAP Technology
2082ERP EHP76.0RSDDLOGITIP31(Obsolete)OLAP Technology
2083ERP EHP76.0RSDDLTIPTREXCONN21TREX Destinations for Analytical IndexesOLAP Technology
2084ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATAGGR162Statistics data BW for aggregate selection and accountingOLAP Technology
2085ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATAGGRDEF122Statistics data OLAP: Navigation step / aggregate definitionOLAP Technology
2086ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATBIAUSE81Counter for BIA Usage per InfoProviderOLAP Technology
2087ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATCOND121BW Statistics: Data on Condensing Run InfoCubeOLAP Technology
2088ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDATAUSE111Filter vals during query execution for selected InfoObjectsOLAP Technology
2089ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDELE151BW Statistics: Data on Deletion of Data in InfoCubeOLAP Technology
2090ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDETLEV11OLAP Statistics: Detail LevelOLAP Technology
2091ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDETLEVT41OLAP Statistics: Detail Level, TextsOLAP Technology
2092ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDM221Data Manager Query Statistic RecordsOLAP Technology
2093ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDM_CLUST41Datamanager Query Statistic Records for Clustered AccessOLAP Technology
2094ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDTP173Table for WHM Statistics. Details DTPOLAP Technology
2095ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDU_IO31Query Filter Statistics: Monitored InfoObjectsOLAP Technology
2096ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATDU_IP11InfoProvider for Query Filter StatisticsOLAP Technology
2097ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATEVDATA71BW Statistics (OLAP), Key Figures for the EventsOLAP Technology
2098ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATEVENTS31OLAP Statistics EventsOLAP Technology
2099ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATEVENTST41OLAP Statistics Events, TextsOLAP Technology
2100ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATEXTRACT41Extractor BW statistics: Time of last delta loadOLAP Technology
2101ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATHANDLTP11OLAP Statistics:Handle Types (Runtime Objects)OLAP Technology
2102ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATHANDLTPT41OLAP Statistics: Handle Types (Runtime Objects), TextsOLAP Technology
2103ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATHEADER82BW Statistics (OLAP), Information by Runtime ObjectOLAP Technology
2104ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATINFO82BW Statistics (OLAP), Information by Navigation StepOLAP Technology
2105ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATLOGGING161Logging Table for OLAP StatisticsOLAP Technology
2106ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATLOGUSER31User Names for which Logging in the OLAP Stats Is OnOLAP Technology
2107ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATOBJLEVEL41Objects for Query Runtime and Their Statistic PropertiesOLAP Technology
2108ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATPPLINK22Link from SAPPASSPORTGUID to Query Runtime StatisticsOLAP Technology
2109ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATSTEPTP11OLAP Statistics: (Navigation) Step TypesOLAP Technology
2110ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATSTEPTPT41OLAP Statistics: (Navigation) Step Types, TextsOLAP Technology
2111ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATTREX122Statistic Data for Process for TREX AggregatesOLAP Technology
2112ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATTREXQAPI91Detailed Statistics from TREX Server During Query CallsOLAP Technology
2113ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATTREXSERV91Detailed Statistics for the TREX ServerOLAP Technology
2114ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATTREXS_MM141TREX Statistics Table for DB Buffer (Detail)OLAP Technology
2115ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATTREX_MM171TREX Statistic Table for DB BufferOLAP Technology
2116ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTATWHM142Statistics Data: BW for Warehouse ManagementOLAP Technology
2117ERP EHP76.0RSDDSTAT_WRITE111Statistics for InfoCube WriteOLAP Technology
2118ERP EHP76.0RSDDTMPPROGS41Generated (Temporary) Programs from area RSDDOLAP Technology
2119ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS31Date and Language for PolestarOLAP Technology
2120ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPSFML31Selected CKFs/RKFs for ProvidersOLAP Technology
2121ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPSFMLVAR71Variables for CKF/RKFOLAP Technology
2122ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_AUTH41Authorized Users for PolestarOLAP Technology
2123ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_AUTHCLS21List of Implementations for AuthorizationsOLAP Technology
2124ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_AUTHGRP21User Groups for SBO ExplorerOLAP Technology
2125ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_CONV41Conversion Indices in PolestarOLAP Technology
2126ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_EXCLUDE31MultiProvider for Polestar - Unused ObjectsOLAP Technology
2127ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_FILTER61MultiProvider for Polestar - FilterOLAP Technology
2128ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_HIER_HNM52Hierarchies for Use in PolestarOLAP Technology
2129ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_HIER_IDX101Polestar Hierarchy IndexesOLAP Technology
2130ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_HIER_IP62Assignment of Hiers to InfoProvider/InfoObject CombinationOLAP Technology
2131ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_IOBJ21Dependency of InfoProvider to ChabasnmOLAP Technology
2132ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_IPRO31InfoProvider in Polestar and Batch JobOLAP Technology
2133ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_KYF21Hidden Key Figures per ProviderOLAP Technology
2134ERP EHP76.0RSDDTPS_PROVRQ31MultiProvider Delta Criteria for PolestarOLAP Technology
2135ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXADMIN21Additional Settings for Indexing an HPA IndexOLAP Technology
2136ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXBVIP21Virtual InfoProviders with BIA Cache and Class NameOLAP Technology
2137ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECKID101Header for BIA Checks for Data ConsistencyOLAP Technology
2138ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECKSET31Settings for BIA Monitor Check SetOLAP Technology
2139ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECK_A31Settings for 'A' CheckOLAP Technology
2140ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECK_K31Settings for 'K' CheckOLAP Technology
2141ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECK_K121Settings for 'K' Check - Key Figure SelectionOLAP Technology
2142ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECK_Q31Settings for 'Q' CheckOLAP Technology
2143ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECK_Q121Settings for 'Q' Check - Key Figure SelectionOLAP Technology
2144ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECK_R21Settings for 'R' CheckOLAP Technology
2145ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCHECK_Z31Settings for 'Z' CheckOLAP Technology
2146ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXCRFIX51InfoObjects for BIA Indexes Reindexed After Change RunOLAP Technology
2147ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXDIRTABL41No longer used as of BI 7.10; now for lock object onlyOLAP Technology
2148ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXEMAIL11E-Mail-Addresses = Recipient for Canceled HPA QueriesOLAP Technology
2149ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXHPAFAIL31Error Recording for Queries on HPAOLAP Technology
2150ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXNEWDID_R31DIMIDs Required for BIA RecoveryOLAP Technology
2151ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXNEWDIMID31New DIMIDs for Dimensions in HPA AggregatesOLAP Technology
2152ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXNEWMD31MD Upload: SIDs for InfoObjects in TREX AggregatesOLAP Technology
2153ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXNEWSID31New SIDs for InfoObjects in TREX AggregatesOLAP Technology
2154ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXNEWSID_R21SID Queue for Backup and RecoveryOLAP Technology
2155ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXNEWTEXT31CHAVLs of New Text for BIA IndexOLAP Technology
2156ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXPS51InfoProvider BIA Index also for PolestarOLAP Technology
2157ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXSNAPSHOT61List of BIA Data SnapshotsOLAP Technology
2158ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXSNAPSTXT21Text Table for BIA Data SnapshotsOLAP Technology
2159ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREXZAACTRUN51Actions Triggered from the HPA Monitor and Its StatusOLAP Technology
2160ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREX_BICSTAT31Get status (RNSID) of a BIA index during backupOLAP Technology
2161ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREX_BSSYSID31R/3 System ID from Which BIA/TREX Statistics Are ReadOLAP Technology
2162ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREX_CHKMSGS141Messages from the BIA Index CheckOLAP Technology
2163ERP EHP76.0RSDDTREX_WINDEX91WRITEINDEX Class for a TableOLAP Technology
2164ERP EHP76.0RSDDTZA_ACTIONS41BW Accelerator Monitor ActionsOLAP Technology
2165ERP EHP76.0RSDDTZA_ACT_LOG51Logging of BWA Admin ActionsOLAP Technology
2166ERP EHP76.0RSDDTZA_ACT_RUN61BWA Action Currently Executed from BWA MonitorOLAP Technology
2167ERP EHP76.0RSDDTZA_CHECKS31BW Accelerator Monitor ChecksOLAP Technology
2168ERP EHP76.0RSDDTZA_DETAILS31BW Accelerator Monitor Detail HeadingsOLAP Technology
2169ERP EHP76.0RSDDTZA_LOCK21Lock Table for BWA ActionsOLAP Technology
2170ERP EHP76.0RSDDTZA_STATIST121TREX Service StatisticsOLAP Technology
2171ERP EHP76.0RSDD_TMPNM_ADM41Administration table for persistent locks on temporary no.OLAP Technology
2172ERP EHP76.0RSDPLU_TMPTAB21DM-API: Administration of Temporary TablesOLAP Technology
2173ERP EHP76.0RSDRATCOST191Runtime Estimation CheckOLAP Technology
2174ERP EHP76.0RSDRBATCHPARA61Listcube: Transfer of Parameters in Batch ModeOLAP Technology
2175ERP EHP76.0RSDRBATCHREP21Reports of Deletes Started in the BackgroundOLAP Technology
2176ERP EHP76.0RSDRCRM_SEG_EXAO82Execution Plan: Recording Additional Data for MRI OperationsOLAP Technology
2177ERP EHP76.0RSDRCRM_SEG_EXEC123Execution Plan: Recording TableOLAP Technology
2178ERP EHP76.0RSDRCRM_SEG_EXNV62Execution Plan: Rec. Add. Data for Generic OperationsOLAP Technology
2179ERP EHP76.0RSDRCRM_SEG_EXST182Execution Plan: Recording Additional Data for Step CallsOLAP Technology
2180ERP EHP76.0RSDRCRM_SEG_QSI41RSDRCRM Segmentation - Job - QSI AdministrationOLAP Technology
2181ERP EHP76.0RSDRCRM_SEG_TEST71Test Parameter (CRM Segmentation)OLAP Technology
2182ERP EHP76.0RSDRC_DS_BASE_TC61Test Data for RSDRC DS TestOLAP Technology
2183ERP EHP76.0RSDRC_PART_TC41Test Data for RSDRC PartitioningOLAP Technology
2184ERP EHP76.0RSDRC_TC121Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)OLAP Technology
2185ERP EHP76.0RSDRC_TC_BACK121Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)OLAP Technology
2186ERP EHP76.0RSDRC_TC_LOG141Test Data RSDRIOLAP Technology
2187ERP EHP76.0RSDRDLOGHEADER111Log Delete Actions (Header Table)OLAP Technology
2188ERP EHP76.0RSDRDLOGPOSITION91Log Delete Actions (Positions)OLAP Technology
2189ERP EHP76.0RSDRDREQDELTAB121Management of Requests to be Deleted with Request DeletionOLAP Technology
2190ERP EHP76.0RSDRDTC51Test Scenario for Archiving CheckOLAP Technology
2191ERP EHP76.0RSDRHLRUBUFFER123LRU-Buffer for the Hierarchy ProcessingOLAP Technology
2192ERP EHP76.0RSDRHLRUDELETE11Table for Lock Object E_RSDRHDELETE (1 Deletion Job Only)OLAP Technology
2193ERP EHP76.0RSDRHSEQNR21Table for Calculating Unique Sequence NumbersOLAP Technology
2194ERP EHP76.0RSDRHTREXBUFFER123LRU-Buffer for the Hierarchy ProcessingOLAP Technology
2195ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_DF_CONFIG21Data Federator: ConfigurationOLAP Technology
2196ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_TC131Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)OLAP Technology
2197ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_TC_BACK121Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)OLAP Technology
2198ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_TC_LOG201Test Data RSDRIOLAP Technology
2199ERP EHP76.0RSDRI_TC_TST21Test Data RSDRI (External Read Interface)OLAP Technology
2200ERP EHP76.0RSDRM_TC141Test Data RSDRM (Multiprovider Split)OLAP Technology
2201ERP EHP76.0RSDRM_TC_LOG171Test Results RSDRMOLAP Technology
2202ERP EHP76.0RSDRP_TC_LOG161Test Data RSDRP (Parallelizes Query)OLAP Technology
2203ERP EHP76.0RSDRS_TC131Test Data RSDRSOLAP Technology
2204ERP EHP76.0RSDRS_TC_BACK131Test Data RSDRSOLAP Technology
2205ERP EHP76.0RSDRS_TC_LOG141Test Data RSDRSOLAP Technology
2206ERP EHP76.0RSDRTAPACCESS121Apache Access LogOLAP Technology
2208ERP EHP76.0RSDRV_ODS_TC41DataStore Test Data Without BEXFLOLAP Technology
2209ERP EHP76.0RSDRV_TC121Test Data RSDRV (Virtual Cubes)OLAP Technology
2210ERP EHP76.0RSDRV_TC_BACK121Test Data RSDRV (Virtual Cubes)OLAP Technology
2211ERP EHP76.0RSDRV_TC_LOG121Test Data RSDRVOLAP Technology
2212ERP EHP76.0RSDRW_TC_LOG91Test Data RSDRP (Parallelizes Query)OLAP Technology
2213ERP EHP76.0RSECAUTHGENERATD31BI AS Authorization Reporting: Generated AuthorizationsOLAP Technology
2214ERP EHP76.0RSECAUTHTRUSER11Analysis Authorizations BI: Logging Active for UserOLAP Technology
2215ERP EHP76.0RSECBIAU101Header Table for TLOGO BI Authorization BIAUOLAP Technology
2216ERP EHP76.0RSECHIE141Status of Authorization HierarchiesOLAP Technology
2217ERP EHP76.0RSECHIE_CL191Authorization Hierarchies Changes Change LogOLAP Technology
2218ERP EHP76.0RSECLOG71Storage for Authorizations Logs xmlOLAP Technology
2219ERP EHP76.0RSECLOG_CL41Analysis Authorizations BI: Logging Active for UserOLAP Technology
2220ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDIOBJ31LOPD: Maintenance of LOPD GroupsOLAP Technology
2221ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDIP31LOPD: InfoProviders with Personal DataOLAP Technology
2222ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDLOGC71Store for LOPD LogsOLAP Technology
2223ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDLOGF91LOPD Protocol: FilterOLAP Technology
2224ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDLOGH92LOPD Logs: Control DataOLAP Technology
2225ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDLOGI61LOPD Log: DetailsOLAP Technology
2227ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDQFILTER81Filter within QueriesOLAP Technology
2228ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDQIOBJ41LOPD-Relevant Objects Within QueriesOLAP Technology
2229ERP EHP76.0RSECLOPDQSTAT41LOPD-Relevant Objects Within QueriesOLAP Technology
2230ERP EHP76.0RSECLOWDATE_CL11RSEC: Table contains the last archived dateOLAP Technology
2231ERP EHP76.0RSECSESSION_CL41Session IDsOLAP Technology
2232ERP EHP76.0RSECTXT61Authorization TextsOLAP Technology
2233ERP EHP76.0RSECTXT_CL111Change Documents for Document TextsOLAP Technology
2234ERP EHP76.0RSECUSERAUTH21BI AS Authorizations: Assignment of User AuthOLAP Technology
2235ERP EHP76.0RSECUSERAUTH_CL71BI AS Authorizations: Assignment of User Auth (Change Log)OLAP Technology
2236ERP EHP76.0RSECVAL71Authorization Value StatusOLAP Technology
2237ERP EHP76.0RSECVAL_CL121Authorization Value Change (Change Log)OLAP Technology
2238ERP EHP76.0RSEC_ARCHD_AUTH11RSEC: Table with Archived AuthorizationsOLAP Technology
2239ERP EHP76.0RSEC_ODYN21Buffer for Migration Data: Authorization ObjectsOLAP Technology
2240ERP EHP76.0RSEC_OMIG21Intermediate Storage for Migration: UserOLAP Technology
2241ERP EHP76.0RSEC_UMIG11Intermediate Storage for Migration: UserOLAP Technology
2242ERP EHP76.0RSEQ_DIR101Query/Easy Query AssignmentOLAP Technology
2243ERP EHP76.0RSHIERTHJT121"Temporal Hierarchy Join" - TypesOLAP Technology
2244ERP EHP76.0RSHIERTHJTTXT51Texts for the "Temporal Hierarhcy Join" TypesOLAP Technology
2245ERP EHP76.0RSIX81BW: Cluster table info. systemOLAP Technology
2246ERP EHP76.0RSIX_MANDTINDEP71BW: Cluster table info. systemOLAP Technology
2247ERP EHP76.0RSLHNODE51Workspaces: Folder (Tree Structure)OLAP Technology
2248ERP EHP76.0RSLHNODELOC41Local System Data for Workspace FoldersOLAP Technology
2249ERP EHP76.0RSLHNODET41Workspaces: Folder, DescriptionsOLAP Technology
2250ERP EHP76.0RSLHNODEWSP42Workspace/Folder AssignmentOLAP Technology
2251ERP EHP76.0RSLQUERYMAP71Mapping from Original to Transient QueryOLAP Technology
2252ERP EHP76.0RSLUIMAPHIST91Historical Link Proposal ResultsOLAP Technology
2253ERP EHP76.0RSL_BACKUP102Backup HeaderOLAP Technology
2254ERP EHP76.0RSL_BACKUP_D91Backup DataOLAP Technology
2255ERP EHP76.0RSL_MI_RUN62Execution Instances for Import ProcessesOLAP Technology
2256ERP EHP76.0RSL_OBJXREF52References (with Any Object Types)OLAP Technology
2257ERP EHP76.0RSL_STAT162Statistical Data for Processes for an ObjectOLAP Technology
2258ERP EHP76.0RSMPRORQTS41Fill level of a MultiProvider and its PartProvidersOLAP Technology
2259ERP EHP76.0RSRA_BT_PARAMS61Parameter Table for Template SettingOLAP Technology
2260ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_LOG101Log Information for an RA SettingOLAP Technology
2261ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_LOG_DATA121Table of Logged Data CellsOLAP Technology
2262ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_LOG_ENTR141Log Entries for every ExceptionOLAP Technology
2263ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_LOG_IX81BW: Cluster Table for Report Agent Exception LogOLAP Technology
2264ERP EHP76.0RSRA_ER_PROP71Details of Follow-up ActionsOLAP Technology
2265ERP EHP76.0RSRA_IXDS81Cluster table for storing the key for the DataStoreOLAP Technology
2266ERP EHP76.0RSRA_SETTING_BTT41Text Table for Template RA SettingsOLAP Technology
2267ERP EHP76.0RSRDELREPORTS31Table with deleted report programsOLAP Technology
2268ERP EHP76.0RSRHIEDIR_OLAP341OLAP Relevant Information for the HierarchiesOLAP Technology
2269ERP EHP76.0RSRHIEDIR_SHORT21Structure for Appropriate Lock Object for HierarchiesOLAP Technology
2270ERP EHP76.0RSRHIEDIR_TIMDEP31Time Intervals with Time-Dependent HierarchiesOLAP Technology
2271ERP EHP76.0RSRHINTAB_OLAP81(obsolete) Hierarchy interval for the OLAP /XPRA -> 7.40 relOLAP Technology
2272ERP EHP76.0RSRNEWSIDS51(obsolete >= 7.4) SIDs, that are not in the inclusion tablesOLAP Technology
2273ERP EHP76.0RSRQPROV_TST_FLD121Position Table: Test RunsOLAP Technology
2274ERP EHP76.0RSRQPROV_TST_HDR123Header Table: Test RunsOLAP Technology
2275ERP EHP76.0RSRREPDIR623Directory of all reportsOLAP Technology
2276ERP EHP76.0RSRREPDIR_STAT151Generation Status for Non Client-Specific QueriesOLAP Technology
2277ERP EHP76.0RSRREPDIR_STATUS141Status of Query GenerationOLAP Technology
2278ERP EHP76.0RSRR_HRNP_SERVER21SAP Portals Unification Server for BW Source SystemOLAP Technology
2279ERP EHP76.0RSRTSDIRMETADATA41Directory of the implementations for transient meta dataOLAP Technology
2280ERP EHP76.0RSRTS_R3IS_MAP21InfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) CustomerOLAP Technology
2281ERP EHP76.0RSRVARIANT121Variant ValuesOLAP Technology
2282ERP EHP76.0RSRVARIANTDIR91Directory of Variants for Queries and Selection ObjectsOLAP Technology
2283ERP EHP76.0RSRVARIANTTXT41Texts for VariantsOLAP Technology
2284ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE31OLAP: Table Lock ArgumentsOLAP Technology
2285ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_ADMIN21Administration Parameters for OLAP CacheOLAP Technology
2286ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_CLU81Cache Cluster Storage for DataOLAP Technology
2287ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_DATA_B81BlOB Table: Data StoreOLAP Technology
2288ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_DATA_C112Cache, Cluster Table: Data StorageOLAP Technology
2289ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_DAT_SH121Cache: Data Store, Pattern for Shared Memory and BufferOLAP Technology
2290ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_DBS_BL31BW: Blob Table CacheOLAP Technology
2291ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_DBS_IX61BW: Cluster Table CacheOLAP Technology
2292ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_DB_BL51BW: Blob Table CacheOLAP Technology
2293ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_DB_IX81BW: Cluster Table CacheOLAP Technology
2294ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_FFB162Cache, BLOB Tables: Storage for SelectionsOLAP Technology
2295ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_IX51BW: Cluster Table CacheOLAP Technology
2296ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_LOG151OLAP Cache Table for Saving Log EntriesOLAP Technology
2297ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_QUERY51Cache: Storage for Query and Time of CreationOLAP Technology
2298ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_S11OLAP: Table Lock ArgumentsOLAP Technology
2299ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_STATS142Statistics for Cache EntriesOLAP Technology
2300ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_STATSO171Statistics for Cache Entries for Shared ObjectsOLAP Technology
2301ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_ST_SHO181Statistics for Cache Entries for Shared ObjectsOLAP Technology
2302ERP EHP76.0RSR_CACHE_VARSHB132Cache, BLOB Tables: Storage for Variables and HierarchiesOLAP Technology
2303ERP EHP76.0RSR_MDX_UI_MODEL21MDX: Dialog: Store for ModelOLAP Technology
2304ERP EHP76.0RSR_MDX_UI_STMT51MDX: Dialog: Store for StatementsOLAP Technology
2305ERP EHP76.0RSR_MDX_UI_STMTT41MDX: Dialog: Store for Statements (Text Table)OLAP Technology
2306ERP EHP76.0RSR_TRACE43OLAP TraceOLAP Technology
2307ERP EHP76.0RSR_TRACE_POS61OLAP TraceOLAP Technology
2308ERP EHP76.0RSR_TRACE_USER21OLAP: Trace UserOLAP Technology
2309ERP EHP76.0RSR_TS_HEADER31Transient Sources for BExOLAP Technology
2310ERP EHP76.0RSR_TS_HEADERT31Texts for Transient Source EnginesOLAP Technology
2311ERP EHP76.0RSSAUTHHIER141Definition of the Authorizations for HierarchiesOLAP Technology
2312ERP EHP76.0RSSAUTHHIERNODE51BW Reporting Authorizations: Hierarchy NodesOLAP Technology
2313ERP EHP76.0RSSBAUTHGEN31BW Reporting Authorizations: Generating AuthorizationsOLAP Technology
2314ERP EHP76.0RSSBAUTHGENERATD31BW Reporting Authorizations: Generated AuthorizationsOLAP Technology
2315ERP EHP76.0RSSBAUTVAL61Authorization Check Reporting: Single Values in AuthorizatnOLAP Technology
2316ERP EHP76.0RSSTOBJDIR31Management Table for Authorization ObjectsOLAP Technology
2317ERP EHP76.0RSTDDAT31Maintenance Areas for TREX IndexOLAP Technology
2318ERP EHP76.0RSTTU_TRANS31Transformations for Test UtilitiesOLAP Technology
2319ERP EHP76.0RSUDOLOG71Logging for Execution As Other UserOLAP Technology
2323ERP EHP76.0RSUOMTRT251Quantity Conversion TypesOLAP Technology
2324ERP EHP76.0RSUOMTXT51Texts for Quantity Conversion TypesOLAP Technology
2325ERP EHP76.0RSWSP71List of WorkspacesOLAP Technology
2326ERP EHP76.0RSWSPBASE11List of WorkspacesOLAP Technology
2327ERP EHP76.0RSWSPLOC21Local Properties: WorkspacesOLAP Technology
2328ERP EHP76.0RSWSPLREF72Workspaces: Local ObjectsOLAP Technology
2329ERP EHP76.0RSWSPPROF61Workspace: Authorization ProfilesOLAP Technology
2330ERP EHP76.0RSWSPSETTINGS181Workspace: PropertiesOLAP Technology
2331ERP EHP76.0RSWSPT41Workspaces: TextsOLAP Technology
2332ERP EHP76.0RSWSPUSER21Workspace being edited by the userOLAP Technology
2333ERP EHP76.0RSWSPXREF82Workspaces: Cross ReferencesOLAP Technology
2334ERP EHP76.0RSWSPXREFEX71Workspaces: Cross References of Excluded InfoObjectsOLAP Technology
Without Description :: Without Description :: Technical Content
2335ERP EHP76.0RSBOOLT31Texts: Characteristic Truth ValueTechnical Content
2336ERP EHP76.0RSPL_IOSAMEFAC11Same Factors for All Key FiguresTechnical Content
2337ERP EHP76.0RSPL_IOSAMEFACT31Texts: Same Factor on ConversionTechnical Content
2338ERP EHP76.0RSTCCADMIN31Admin Cockpit SettingsTechnical Content
Without Description :: Without Description :: Universal Data Integration
2339ERP EHP76.0RSCAF_BEI31CAF Entity service metadataUniversal Data Integration
2340ERP EHP76.0RSSDKCON41Description of SDK ConnectionsUniversal Data Integration
2341ERP EHP76.0RSSDKGENMETA41Table Stores Generic UDConnect Mapping InfoUniversal Data Integration
2342ERP EHP76.0RSSDKRA51Information on SDK Resource Adapters in BWUniversal Data Integration
Without Description :: Basis System and Installation :: BW Database platforms :: BW DB2 for OS39
2343ERP EHP76.0RSDB2LOCKTABLE11Lock Table for DB2-z/OS TablesBW DB2 for OS39
Without Description :: Basis System and Installation :: BW Database platforms :: BW DB2 Universal Database
2344ERP EHP76.0RSDUDB6LCKTBL11Table for Serialization of Catalog AccessBW DB2 Universal Database
Without Description :: Basis System and Installation :: BW Database platforms :: BW MaxDB
2345ERP EHP76.0RSDUADACUBES11InfoCubes read according to system typeBW MaxDB